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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by nekolee, total drawing time 4 : 49 : 51

lorelai 2003/9/28 - 2:3:39
Another beauty rescued by Dorm, whoot! And I must say I'm glad he did O_o *drool* Sorry i stole first comment, nekolee!! :(
mushynoodles 2003/9/28 - 2:8:58
i love the color scheme...and the backround...it all fits together so well!
hikari_sukunami 2003/9/28 - 5:9:55
wow, That is amazing! so sexsay ^_________^
nekolee 2003/9/28 - 5:59:41
No problem about stealing the first post! ^_^ THANK YOU SOU MUCH, Dormando!!! *life has been saven'd*

This is Ten from my manga NamelessHeaveN. I spent yesterday night (and morning) working on this picture and it got lost and I mourned and now it's back *grin-grin* (happy) Was worth the time I spent. Was sou tired when I finished. *clings to recovered picture with joy :heart:
leafylisa 2003/9/28 - 7:26:52
oooh, me likes... his wings are especially awesome, and the bg, and his expression.... I wish i couls draw hands *sniff*
woefulinfinity 2003/9/28 - 11:36:16
Whoa, I definetely saw this on deviantart! I was going to comment, but it was dinnertime. Awesome pose . I like people with crossed arms. Very snazzy and simple, in both background , wings, and outfit. I really like his hair. Yumbish ^.^ I will check out your manga when it's up.
insomniel 2003/9/28 - 19:37:43
i love the arms and glasses the most! very cute and stylish. man, i must see your manga sometime!
coleslaw 2003/9/29 - 6:18:2
wow!!! i LOVE the shading on the shirt!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 9

mitsu 2003/9/24 - 19:29:54
I'm sure I'll end up hating this in about an hour but...
I've always thought the default palette seemed rather ugly, but after seeing all the colors together, it looks kinda neat. X]
firetiger59 2003/9/24 - 19:53:31
Um... that's AMAZING! *passes out of a heart attack*

Regards. ^_^
sanjiyan 2003/9/24 - 20:9:35
You're right, the defauly palette really is ugly, tthat's why I never use it. Just a shame that the oekaki doesn't have a save settings option so I could save my own palette and brush settings.

However, you did a wonderful job here, I can't believe it, AWESOME.
purple-panther 2003/9/24 - 20:56:0
that's FREAKIN AWESUM!!! HOW DID U DO IT IN THAT AMOUNT OF TIME????? arrrrggg!!!! ur talent makes me look like i am nothing but a puny little no talent, amature artist (which i am)...*also passes out due to heart attack* Some one call an abulance or something! dont just leave us here!! lol
she's soooooooooooo pretty. how u did it, i shall never know. SOMEONE MOVE THIS TO THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!
cessy 2003/9/24 - 20:57:37
OMG,I love this sooo much! It looks as if it was done with just colored pencils! I <3 the colors! :O And wow! I love the eyes, and the smile! And I'm so very saving this! XB!
treespirit 2003/9/24 - 23:8:3
Mitsu, you are a genius! I would have never thought to use those ugly colors. You did such a good job with it,, and made it so beautiful. You are such an amazing artist. ^_^
mitsu 2003/9/24 - 23:12:53
Awww... *feels embarassed*
Buuut, I was thinking, I wonder if there's a way to get an animated Oekaki App on TACo? I really have no idea at all about implementing that kind of thing, but it would be really cool! Judging from comments on this pic and others, I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes seeing how others work. *crosses fingers*
Then again, I'm not sure I want to everyone to see the embarassingly bad prelim sketches I make. =p
mushynoodles 2003/9/24 - 23:22:30
beautiful beautiful colors!!!!!!!!
treespirit 2003/9/24 - 23:57:10
Yeah, I love being able to watch animations. I get embarrassed about people seeing mine, but I still choose that option, because it's just so neat to watch.
embo 2003/9/25 - 0:1:6
this is SUCH a beautiful pic, and i really agree with you on when you put all those colors together, they look so nice. GOD this is so the kind of picture i could imagine seeing on my calendar for the month of july. its such a happy lighthearted picture. wonderful job!!! :o)
sanjiyan 2003/9/25 - 0:15:14
Oekaki has gotten so advanced, you know. I think TACo should look into upgrading to some of the newer versions of oekaki.

Let us come back and work on the picture using a password. This allows collabs as well. Whiteboards allow group participation, and will also display how an artist draws, step by step.

But all that cool stuff is up to the staff of TACo. And frankly, who am I to complain. I'm not, really, just suggesting. :)
insomniel 2003/9/25 - 1:32:35
like people said, a work of art you could hang on your wall and people would be like, "whooaaa..." and you'd be like "whoaaaa... that's oekaki, dude." and they'd be like... "whoaaa..." yeah...
padalyn 2003/9/25 - 7:54:1
*cant take eyes off this* @_@
lorelai 2003/9/25 - 12:45:50
new applets is definitely in serious consideration :D :D
hitotsu 2003/9/25 - 15:23:34
WOW! *0* ~~~~!!!!! *is at a lost for words to describe its greatness*
coleslaw 2003/9/25 - 19:11:49
omfg! that's so cool! i've never thought of using those hideous colors besides when i was just starting (aka when i sucked and depended on those colors for all pictures) also, i love animation... i love using it, even though i'm a little shy about people seeing how i draw .. it's kinda nerve racking. also, i'd love to do a collab. w/ someone someday.. i'm not sure who, really, but that would be cool! i'd do one with anyone who asked :) i really hope we can get animation soon! that would be MONDO cool!! no lie!!

i can't get over how incredibly amazing this is, i could never ever ever ever draw anything like this, especially not make all those colors look as perfectly natural and believable as you did. it looks as though i could walk outside and see someone like her out on the street, that's how perfect the shading of the picture is. WOAH!
twil 2003/9/25 - 21:36:46
So pretty!!! that's just so cool and very colorfuly! Makes me think of Mermaids for some reason. I like the markings on er face, and definatly her eyes. ^_^
psychowithagun 2003/9/25 - 22:9:57
I'm really blown away by this one. It came out really great. I love everything about it.
gleeful1 2003/9/26 - 20:18:24
i can't believe that u managed to pull this off! using all those really nasty colors and blending them is SUCH a great idea. not only did u manage to draw something out of them, but u managed to make it very beautiful. u are just oozing w/ talent. ^.^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kyo_kusanagi, total drawing time 3 : 8 : 3

kyo_kusanagi 2003/9/22 - 21:19:4
umm take about an hour off of that...I was eating and washing dishes and all...and talking. But this one is to Sidren because he is so freaking cool and I fell for him ^__^ WHEEE!
midnighttailmon 2003/9/22 - 21:27:2
Awww. That's adorable. And your linelessness is sweet. But... shouldn't this be in the gift room? Well, whatever. I like that sundae. *eats cherry* =D and I love that dress...
sakura 2003/9/22 - 21:35:11
Yes! I agree.. the no black lineys are KAWAII! -saves-
kaji_halo 2003/9/22 - 21:37:13
KAWAII!!!! THAT'S SO CUTE DUDE!!!!! I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!. . . . . . . . .ah man. . . . . . now i'm hungry *runs off to get sundae* mmmmmmmm sundae.....
kyo_kusanagi 2003/9/22 - 21:40:4
oops I thought I only send gift art to people that are on the boards...oops well if it needs moving please move it to the gift section...gracias! ^_^
draco_plato 2003/9/22 - 21:48:48
Man....I couldn't do the no lineness look in like a million years!! Let alone make it look this frickin' good!! (*sweatdrop* woah....that's alot of slang for me, gomen....). Anywho, I really like this pic ^^ it's funny and cute and has an ack sign (can't beat that).
padalyn 2003/9/22 - 22:57:46
aww i love it! adorable adorable
treespirit 2003/9/22 - 23:52:26
That is so nicely done! And so cute too!
naty 2003/9/22 - 23:54:35
LOL! That's so cool! i love the perspective! XD poor girl! No black lines too! 0.0!!
sanjiyan 2003/9/23 - 0:14:40
You need to teach me how you do that, Kyo. Holy jebus!
She is so cute that my brain's getting cavities, if that's even possible.
lorelai 2003/9/23 - 10:32:41
you're inspiring!!
purple-panther 2003/9/23 - 21:24:14
i luf ur style!! =^.^=
cute!!!!!! poor clumsy grl. kinda reminds me of lettuce from tokyo mew mew (manga by Mia Ikumi & Reiko Yoshida).
hitotsu 2003/9/24 - 19:18:31
lol...KAWAII! her expression is truly priceless XD~~~!!
spriggan_us 2003/9/27 - 11:5:0
^cute^ i like the lack of black lines in someplaces looks good
enshoku 2003/9/28 - 0:2:45
So cute. XD Oh no! The ice cream float!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 1 : 28 : 53

treespirit 2003/9/24 - 23:14:20
If looks could kill they probably will in games without frontiers......

hehe you got me started there XD
Awesome pose on that pic. The pose AND the perspective are awesome. ^_^ Great colors as well. I stink at picking out colors. <must work on this>
emmylou 2003/9/24 - 23:39:38
Cute Maggie Sue! I love the people and the poses you do! =)
embo 2003/9/24 - 23:55:57
WOAAHH!!! that is SO different from your usual style! but i think the composition for this came out REALLY well...it just stands out so much and has so much motion to it. I really admire your foreshortening on the arms and the shading is really nice. EEE great great job!!!!!! :D :D :D
embo 2003/9/24 - 23:57:11
WOAH itys maggie sue's pic!! hahah my bad! cross out the "its usual from your different style" and apply everything else x2 lol ;D
maggie_sue 2003/9/25 - 0:2:20
Omg.. Dormando, you found it... I guess Tayley can have 2 of these to choose from... (look up). Sorry, I guess.. oops.
maggie_sue 2003/9/25 - 0:14:21
Yeah, keep this one, the lines are smoother and I like the hair better. I did this one with a laser-optics mouse, so it's smoother.
dormando 2003/9/25 - 0:42:29
They're both pretty good dude!

Yeah. I should have th escrow code fixed soon. If anyone else has "lost" a picture, let me know ... The code is already half fixed though.
insomniel 2003/9/25 - 1:29:3
wow, both of them are awesome. the pose just rocks! and the scythe, even better. tayley-chan is lucky!!!
lorelai 2003/9/25 - 11:55:30
wow maggie you have such determination ;_; anyhow, i didn't want to delete the other one so I moved it to the Test Room. they're both incredible, but this one is nicer IMHO...
hitotsu 2003/9/25 - 15:18:22
wow..i saw both version, and they are both AMAZING!!! ^_^ i love the pose, and the shading is nicely done =D ur art rocks XD
purple-panther 2003/9/25 - 16:37:58
HOLY FREAK! it looks almost EXACTLY like the other one! how do u have the patience to draw it TWICE????
mitsu 2003/9/25 - 17:36:29
WOOOW! So dynamic! My eyes tell me she's moving but my brain says otherwise. Great job ^o^
cessy 2003/9/25 - 21:55:25
This looks sooo cool! You have ALOT of patience to do this twice! XD; Awsome coloring, I love the pose! Yea... the pose is amazing o.o!
tayley-chan 2003/9/25 - 22:12:10
My love for this picture knows no conceivable bounds! ^____^ Thank you so much! *dances for joy*

Celestite has gotten so much love from TACo lately, it's great ^____^ I love you guys! SQUEE! *explodes from happy overload*
enshoku 2003/9/28 - 0:7:4
O_O I would never have that much patience to do this. Great job.
woefulinfinity 2003/9/28 - 11:42:7
Sezzy pose and nice bg - good for bloody murderers XD She's pretty. I envy your forshortening (especially with hands!) and mousework.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 2 : 16 : 54

kiwi 2003/9/18 - 18:23:29
Bleh.....Hate BG. Hate hair. Like staff and shading...that's it.
kyo_kusanagi 2003/9/18 - 18:25:34
She is gorgeous!! ^__^ ahh soo pretty love the power up lines looking thing in the back ground.The way she looks is all adorable like! great job! ^__^
purple-panther 2003/9/18 - 18:41:58
OMFG!! WUT R U TALKING ABOUT?? u crazy person! this is freakin awesum!! i luv it! this should deffinently b moved to polished. THIS IS GREAT!
The backround is beautiful, the staff is awesum, and the girl is soo pretty!! i luv! i must save!! *saves* WOW!
coleslaw 2003/9/18 - 18:53:54
i LOVE the girls face and hands, and the staff is incredible! nice shading on the hair, as well ^_^
padalyn 2003/9/18 - 19:21:13
omg... 'tis wonerful *staggers around* te shading is awsometastic, and the staff... im stealing that staff, right now. i dont CARE if its not concrete and just in the picture, its miiiine! (*steals staff and gaurds it*
crys 2003/9/18 - 20:8:3
wow...the whole concept of the pic..is soo spell like...and uh...elvish..yea thats it!!...kinda reminds me of LOTR evl chick that the other guy liked..or something..i have no idea but still this is gorgeus(CANT SPELL WORTH A CRAP)

cessy 2003/9/18 - 20:12:19
oooo. my. god. This looks SO COOL! I love the pose! And I love the coloring! And I love, like, her staff-thinger! And nice profile. And the shading on the shirt! And! and! Wow. :O
treespirit 2003/9/18 - 23:5:21
whoa 'o' beautiful line work and shading
i really like how you used the background color to do the shading....everything looks so good together
the linework is amazing also
the hands and the staff are probably my favorite parts
kaiomi 2003/9/19 - 1:36:7
What the heck are you talking about that it isn't good? It's totally awsome!!! Lighting and background is really cool ^.^
sanjiyan 2003/9/19 - 2:45:9
She's got a beautiful face... X)
*falls in love*
luck 2003/9/19 - 2:50:8
DEFINITELY reminds me of Zelda... And, I, too, love that staff-y thing... And the background is soooo nice... Much nicer than anything I could ever concoct... I <3.
hitotsu 2003/9/19 - 10:59:17
i *heart* the lineart! and ur colouring ability is really cool XD me likes the background lots too! this definately should be polished work ^.^
hitotsu 2003/9/19 - 11:8:5
XD wow, moments after my comment, it got moved ^_^
lorelai 2003/9/19 - 13:1:47
That's cuz I stalk you, Hitotsu :D
kiwi 2003/9/19 - 16:2:7
Thank you all so much for your support! It really means a lot to me and even more that lorelai put it in the polished room!(thankies!) I luvs you all!! *huggles everyone*
gleeful1 2003/9/20 - 16:35:38
eeeps!! am i too late to be hugged?!!! -_- lol!
her hands are very slender and the whole pic itself is elegant and the anatomy is very good. not to mention the shading and choice of colors... the blue shading is nice and i like the highlights in her hiar; they really bring it out. she has such a sweet face and the blush adds to the emotion of concentrating in the pic. also, i think that bg is perfect for this pic. it really draws me in!! oh yeah, one more thing... i also think that the shading on her skirt looks very proffesional. ^^
alex 2003/10/6 - 0:3:23
I can't see why you hate the bg! I think it's great.. It shows off her powers!! Her hair is excellent and that's a gorgous profile!!! She draw ultra cool!!!! I love this!!!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by cessy, total drawing time na

cessy 2003/9/22 - 17:0:3
Wah, thank you SOOOO MUCH DORMANDO! (and all TACo staff!) I was sure I lost my pic but it's heeeere! Yay! I was trying a new style/coloring, and this turned up! <p>*continues bowing to TACo staff*
greeny 2003/9/22 - 17:3:12
I love the way you color... I should really learn how to do that... would make my stuff look a lil bit better... she so perty... that fanart of Rei from Evangelion?
cessy 2003/9/22 - 17:10:17
I color this way because I'm too lazy for watercolors~ :3; She's just an original character, she was supposed to look like me but I changed halfway~
dormando 2003/9/22 - 17:40:2
Looks pretty cool. glad I could catch it :(

Pictures are initially stored in a fake "escrow" board, where you then decide where they go (this also fixes a security hole all oekaki BBS's have). There might be some bugs with how the information is passed around though, so your pic got stuck. I'll look into fixing it.
gleeful1 2003/9/22 - 17:54:0
i'm glad he got it back ^^ this is a very neat pic! her outfit is cute =)
insomniel 2003/9/22 - 19:43:26
she's so cute! i love her expression, i'm glad you got it back, too. yaaay!!!!
mushynoodles 2003/9/22 - 21:3:46
I love the way you colored her ^_^
draco_plato 2003/9/22 - 21:55:48
Geeez....yeah I'm really glad you didn't lose this!! This is awesome, I love the shading and the BG and the character! She's just the cutest lil' thing ^^ *heheh*, why'd you want it in the doodle room though? ~_~
treespirit 2003/9/22 - 22:3:8
Cessy, that's so pretty. Her hair style is really cute, and all of the colors work very well together. Cute pose and I like the background as well.
Oh yes, and I can't forget to mention the lines. Great linework.
emmylou 2003/9/22 - 22:43:33

I love it! THe background is so cute and I love the way you shade, no matter if it's out of laziness or not!
sanjiyan 2003/9/23 - 0:11:46
*pulls fire alarm*
lorelai 2003/9/23 - 10:33:31
yey glad he was able to fix it ! :D
purple-panther 2003/9/23 - 21:30:23
there r a million wonderful comments i could write about this, but i dont wanna take uop room. so to make a long story short...THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOM!!!!!!!!! =0.0=
kiwi 2003/9/24 - 5:14:33
wai... that is awesometastic! her outfit is really well done! kinda reminds me of nakururu...I think that's how you spell it but ya! luv that little blush too! The background is amazing!...as usual. I really like how you've also given her the white outline against the blue of the bg too...tis prettiful! ^__^
hitotsu 2003/9/24 - 19:22:36
woot! dormando rules for saving this piccy XD lovish the outfit, and the bg is tres cool =D hehehe, cute face too ^~

(moved) (link) Oekaki by alex, total drawing time 5 : 37 : 13

alex 2003/9/14 - 22:54:51
I'm...... done....... *twitch*.. finally done.... he.. hehe... heeeh.... HA... HA... HAH!!!!...... Oh.. ahem.. Sorry... well I think I'm done... I wish I could go back and sign it.... but to late it is.. alive I be... blah blah blah.... If you guys can figure this out I applaued thee... b/c I don't.. and I made the damn thing... oi... I wish I could smooth the girl out some but I just couldn't.. It got worse and worse... but other then that.. I like it... it's a good 5+ hrs worth I think.... (ME SLOW!) C&C welcomed!! ENJOY!
embo 2003/9/15 - 0:8:37
ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg you scare me with your talent ;___; i abs LOOVE the sky and the sea ;___; and the red dressed girl is a great focal point for the picture, and you made it look all 3D and WOW ;___;
mushynoodles 2003/9/15 - 0:23:4
wow....the BACKGROUND!!!!!!! It's amazing...u must have crazy patience(and talent!)
coleslaw 2003/9/15 - 6:35:20
woah... if i had this kind of patience.... O_O if i had this kind of patience, i bet my pictures would turn out like that, too!! but alas......... they don't... T_T
lorelai 2003/9/15 - 10:43:40
HOLY @)#(*@$&!)(* O_____O!!! *picks up socks and eyeballs*
ayadragonsheart 2003/9/15 - 15:15:19
wow skecthcy 2pnt lines are starting to make my eyes hurt. i love the concep! the whole diff world thing is kewl!
purple-panther 2003/9/15 - 16:56:24
*droooooooool* gawd! this is freaking awesome!! how did u stay awake?? i sooooooooooooo luv it!!! eek!! so kewl!!!!!! i MUST SAVE! I JUST HAVE 2! if i dont, i'll go crazy!! how do u do it?? jeez!!! how dare u b soooo good at stuff like this!!
knightfighter 2003/9/15 - 17:7:11
ooo very nice :D i love everything about it ^-^
midnighttailmon 2003/9/15 - 18:1:18
so... pretty. Just... wow. That's all I can say. *saves* I envy your bg-drawing skillz, especially with the water there. And those moons remind me of something...
insomniel 2003/9/15 - 20:24:47
wow, i feel like i'm in the picture, too. i love the little light sparkles. awesome work with all the textures.
luck 2003/9/16 - 0:16:50
*stares* Wow. Wow. I don't even have a comment really... Just, wow.
jenzee 2003/9/16 - 4:53:55
oooh that's absolutely gorgeous! The contrast between her dress and the night sky/sea is wonderful *_*!
coleslaw 2003/9/18 - 6:25:18
lol-- you knocked lore's socks off! XD actually, i posted this to say that i just noticed all the rainbow colored dot things on the right... and hte thing in her hand... that's ... well, cool XD
padalyn 2003/9/18 - 7:46:50
*blinks* *falls over* wow
gleeful1 2003/9/20 - 15:54:52
the bg looks like that stary night thing of that painter... van gough (yes, absolutely NO IDEA how to spell his name). i just luv all ur artworks b/c they are so creative and magical. her dress looks SOOOO incredibly well shaded and real. gosh... *takes out notebook and begins to take notes this beautiful painting... i mean, oekaki.*
kaira 2003/12/8 - 1:26:6
omg!!! That is sooooo beautiful!!! *dies from looking at beautifulness*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 25

azure 2003/9/8 - 23:54:48
Its a picture of a toucan, I used an image from a magazine as a reference, so I cant put a link. Anyway, I was thinking about putting it in doodle room because I already have a few pictures on the page right now, so I dunno what to do..its up to you guys...^_^
sakura 2003/9/9 - 6:55:37
WOW! This is... goregous! The fuzziness, the beak, everything! This is truly amazing. o.o
coleslaw 2003/9/9 - 16:5:19
FUZZY!!! (was it even necessary to ask if you should move it? it's here, so here it shall stay. ^_^)
purple-panther 2003/9/9 - 17:45:45
*turns green in envy* i drew a picture of a toucan that looked ALOT like this at school last year w/ pastels, and its pathetic compared 2 this! great job! despite my raging jelousy, i'm going to save it!
jenzee 2003/9/11 - 14:26:51
wow *_* I loooove Toucans.... I used to try to draw them all the time when I was younger... you totally outdo me ;_;. Beautiful colours d00de!
padalyn 2003/9/11 - 16:35:43
wow! the colours are lovely
sandra 2003/9/11 - 19:36:29
so cuuuute! ^^
mikazukineko 2003/9/12 - 18:15:46
Ahhhhh! fuzzy wuzzy Toucan *reachs for shaver*
Very good pic indeed ~ BUZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
ayadragonsheart 2003/9/14 - 16:39:55
wow 0_0 it so life like! i'm truely amzed here! keep up the kewl realism!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by nakisa, total drawing time 23 : 14 : 14

nakisa 2003/9/21 - 16:28:10
Note: Timer's waaaaaaay off ^_^;;
Urr.. yea, I actually tried *really* hard on this... But now I feel ill :'(
I *think* need more practice with bg's XP
C&C welcome ^_~
purple-panther 2003/9/21 - 16:53:40
WOAH! OMFG! THIS IS EXCELLENT! im gunna save this 4 sure! this is great! the castle kinda reminds me of a sand castle!
mushynoodles 2003/9/21 - 16:54:34
WOw...the castle is so pretty! i LOVE the colors u used for the bg
midnighttailmon 2003/9/21 - 18:0:28
wowwww. I love that bg. I also like the girl's outfit, and her hand. Also, I love how you drew her arm, it makes it look like there's actually bones under her skin, instead of just a tube with a hand attatched (as so many of us do it like... *raises hand sheepishly*) the shading on her skin and clothes is excellent, and I envy your ability to draw hands... and, of course, that castle is awesome.
treespirit 2003/9/21 - 21:20:36
This is really great Nakisa. That background is crazy good. I also love the set-up of the picture, with that girl in the front. Extremely nicely done.
padalyn 2003/9/21 - 21:30:20
coleslaw 2003/9/22 - 6:20:41
it's really pretty!!! i like the castle and background alot, and the way her little arm rag thing ties... the little tie thingy for it.. it's SO cool i can't stand it ^_^ i really like it, maybe i'll try drawing her again since the last time she sucked so bad XD
embo 2003/9/22 - 18:14:3
Nakisa!!! wow your bg's are getting better and better!! O___O you also draw the coolest outfits ;__; gaaah i wish i had her clothes! i love how the castle bg pops out of the black frame...makes it more interesting. and i like how her head blends in with the black...great job!!! :D
kiwi 2003/9/24 - 5:16:59
That background ROCKS!!! It looks like somthing out of a movie or an illustration from a book! The clouds look so whispy and fluffy...fluffy...and the girl's outfit is really cool! I love how it's pretty much only red and black...her outfit that is and the bandages are really well done too! I love her eyes and her hair! she looks so innocent too! wai!!!
gleeful1 2003/9/26 - 20:40:45
wonderful, WONDERFUL job on this! such a nice bg. i think the clouds look JUST like an oil painting! WOW. *_*
sfresh 2003/10/14 - 13:22:16
holy moly!! i really like this one... and i'm in LOVE with that castle!! how much for it!? XD

(moved) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 2 : 22 : 33

tayley-chan 2003/9/18 - 16:31:1
Ultamiel, an old character of mine that I really need to draw more often, for I love him ever so. ^-^ I was inspired to draw him today and am extremely happy with the result.
kodocha 2003/9/18 - 16:51:18
padalyn 2003/9/18 - 18:3:52
i want him *steals him away weeeeeeeee!!*
i also like the colour sckeem (the blue and purples) and i think they would be awsome for my room. XD
kiwi 2003/9/18 - 18:44:10
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love the background, the black linelessness looks absolutely incredible and his wings!!!! WAIIII Ultimate BISHIE!!!! I love how you've shaded his body and his hair! I love that shade of blue...and the WINGS!!!! They are so god damned prettiful!!!! Also, his name sound really cool! kinda like it's sacred or somethin! I really love your style too! ...and your webcomic *huggles pic* I wanna plushie of him!
coleslaw 2003/9/18 - 18:57:54
woah!! i LOVE that his eye lashes are the same color as his hair, no one really does that.. i also love the smoothness of the lines (they must be solid! they simply must!!) and the blacklessness!!! it's AWESOME!!! cool background and wings and stuff... wow ^_^
cessy 2003/9/18 - 20:3:33
Sooo pretty... and smoooooth *touches screen* o.o Ooooh, aaaah. Awsome lineart, and great coloring! Nyu, it looks so very cool! T-T I like his hair, such a pretty blue! I just noticed now that my pics pose ressembles yours alot (I didn't mean to! I swear! Pleasedon'thurtmeI'llgiveyoucookies! :O) Aiyeee!
embo 2003/9/18 - 20:51:29
oh WOW.......great great GREAT color scheme and his expression just radiates such calmeness O____O i am in love wtih the hair O____o wow this is probably your best piece yet! :D
treespirit 2003/9/19 - 9:26:20
the smoothness of your work amazes me 'o'
i love how you did the lines with color
a very nice piece of work here
love the background as well!
hitotsu 2003/9/19 - 11:10:22
kirei! firstlly, that hair rocks XD and so does the transparent wings ^_^ u have a really soft style of colouring that blends really nicely =D great work
milkshake 2003/9/19 - 15:36:2
geeeee geeeeee geeeee, so gooooood *_*
how do you shade so smooooth??
starrbroken 2003/9/20 - 8:26:50
Amazing line art as always, Tayley. I like the tone effect on his wings, as well. His hair is spiffylicious, as well... And for some odd and incomprehensible reason, he reminds me of Clay Aiken, that Idol person. O_o; Scary, man.
gleeful1 2003/9/20 - 16:25:34
soooo soft.... the outline of his hair is inhumanly smooth and the bg fits really well with him - unique and very pleasing to the eyes. oh! btw, i absolutely think that feather near his name is very sweet. ^o^

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