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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(195) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 6 : 15 : 10

kiwi 2004/6/10 - 21:52:58
I resumed this many times, so it was much longer than what the timer says *eats timer* For Nakisa, here's your Itachi! Hope I captured his...Itachi-ness ... I think I'll do a Naruto cast of pocky people...I was spelling pocky like pockey...why didn't anyone tell me?!?
nakisa 2004/6/11 - 11:57:12
... @.@
I'm all speachless! *stares*
This is for me?! You've made my day (and most likely my week X3) *pounce-huggles* ^____^
*keeps starring* Man.. he looks awsome! I love the angle you've drawn him from - it really *does* capture his Itachi-ness well and you even did his cute lil necklace XD Love the usage of tones too.. you rule! ^-^
*saves kaki* (hope you don't mind ^-^)

...ok... so maybe I'm not speachless afterall X3
*cheers for a pocky Kakashi 'kaki next* ^^
Thanks again! :D
skee 2004/6/11 - 22:28:3

(194) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 1 : 45 : 18

happywaterbottle 2004/6/6 - 12:54:5
HeavenlyStrike! 'tis for you!!!^o^
She was always asking around for a Squall, and nobody would draw one for her... :(
This took me around 2 hours... I accidently presed the refresh button so the timer must be screwed...
hope you'll like him ^^

and yeah, it's the first time I draw Squall, and I never played FF8, so obviously, I used a couple of references... If you want me to post them, just tell it...
heavenlystrike 2004/6/6 - 12:58:36
OH MY SQUALL FINALLY *_* i love ittt! specially with no rinoa next to him * Gyahahaha* HES SO HOT! you should give him a bad boy look *grins* ohhh i loove him thank you soo much XD im making you and oekaki next :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 2 : 51 : 52

artanis 2004/6/5 - 8:26:7
For Embo- a finished one ^_^ <3 The coloring's a little rushed, but I'm leaving on vacation in 3 minutes O_O heehee Tidus ^_^
happywaterbottle 2004/6/5 - 12:8:14
*points* it's sexy Tidus!!! hihi, he's soo adorable ^^ I love his expression, and the way you color ^o^
that sun looks really shiney oO eee, tidus should put sum sunscreen if he doesnt want a sunburn oO
great job ^o^
laurie-kay 2004/6/5 - 12:15:29
sjkfsafsjkl dj AUGH TIDUS! *spazzes*
heavenlystrike 2004/6/5 - 12:26:46
really really hot tidus *faints* If i drown, will he come and save me? lol i love it ;) do a squall next! go squall go squall! hihi i love the coloring technique for your skin is gorgeous *_*
embo 2004/6/5 - 22:54:43
OMG WHAT!?! thank you, thank you. TT_________TT

i love his gorgeous hands and eyes and the cute little whatever it is! hehe :3 you're so amazing! i hope you have a nice vacation. :D
maggie_sue 2004/6/12 - 1:40:3
omg, EMBO! It's a RADDISH!!! can't you see that? lol, he's holding a little raddish for the tabletless oekaki raddish!
embo 2004/6/12 - 4:49:1
OH MY GOD!! maggie_sue you're RIGHT! crap, i thought.....I DUNNO. lol radishes are red so i got confused.

BUT NOW this makes me melt even more. cute little tidus protecting a radish! ;3;
artanis 2004/6/24 - 14:36:27
*blush* I really have no idea what a radish looks like XD I mean, I even tried looking it up online and all I could find were recipes involving radishes XD

(193) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 1 : 31 : 55

purrdy 2004/6/5 - 0:58:7
This is for Stargazer ^.^
My mouse got sticky stuff on it and it started being weird.. ;_; evilness
stargazer 2004/6/5 - 19:0:57
Awwwww!!!! Thanks so much Purrdy! Its so cute! The background is awesome! I luv the kitty as well. You're so good with solid shading :) Thanks sweetie! -huggle-

(192) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 9 : 16 : 18

kiwi 2004/6/3 - 20:45:28
For Happywaterbottle! Sorry it's so late, but school and everything has been killing me lately, so I just did it now. Here you go, Link-ie goodness! and thanks again ^_^
draco_plato 2004/6/3 - 21:45:4
Woah, that's awesome tonage right there.
ri-su 2004/6/3 - 22:19:13
thats amazing....
embo 2004/6/3 - 23:47:6
yeaaaaaah. O___________O this is hall of fame material right here. Bg, character pose, coloring and composition absolutely amazing.

+fixates jaw on kiwi's head+ :O :O :O

:3 <33333333
naty 2004/6/4 - 0:41:12
:P~~~ Happywaterbottle is darn lucky to get Linky-puu! x3!!! Kick arse picture, the tones are astonishing. ^_________^!
pie 2004/6/4 - 13:46:37
Dandilions like that just scream to be picked up and blown away ^.^ The tones in this amaze me, and Link rules!
happywaterbottle 2004/6/4 - 17:37:46
OMFG! OMFG! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It's sooo freaking greaat! I looooooove it! *jumps around* LIIIIINK! you draw him soooo perfectly! omg! Thank you soooo much! words cannot express how I feel right now! *big hug to kiwi*
kiwi 2004/6/4 - 18:56:0
I'm glad you like it! ^__^ *huggles happywaterbottle back* I heart Link too...
bbh 2004/6/4 - 20:24:39
Ahh Link is sexah! And...This picture is quite sexah!
heavenlystrike 2004/6/5 - 18:15:24
*faints* Holly...?$/%?/$! so good! lol theres a seagull XD what a funny coincidence*winks at HWB* yayyy link n_n mmm so cuutee lucky lucky you *winks again*

(191) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 8

jakusama 2004/6/1 - 19:19:0
"Even when the greatest fall, they will have another to lift them." To Loggy, as a farewell piece from Jaku, since I probably wont come back to TACo. Just to let you know that I'll always be there for you. Luffs. (C&C welcome) ~
pie 2004/6/1 - 19:27:33
Strong words. And a girl with great hair.
heavenlystrike 2004/6/2 - 17:5:21
OO her hair! its its uber awesome, the shape of it is like WOAH! you LEAVING? you CANT leave you're improving so muchh...why do you hve to go ;.; its sadd...*snif*
jakusama 2004/6/2 - 21:25:12
..it's not so much that I'm leaving... I'm just going back to pencil and paper, because, despite how much I love layers, I see no improvement. And when I see no improvement, I see little point in continueing it. I shall float around here. You may see a couple pop up in the test room, but I won't be oekakiing one per room per day like I used to. but I'm still here. Sorta. ^.~
z1ggy 2004/6/3 - 11:47:29
Hey it's cool you'll still be drawing! Maybe you'll be using pencil crayons too? I really like your choice of colours for this pic. Hope to see you back when you're ready ^^
lorelai 2004/6/4 - 9:25:6
Have faith in yourself Jaku, improvement is very slow in coming and you don't notice improvements for months, sometimes years~ lay out your past works and your current ones, and I know there will be improvement if you have the heart to improve.

However, I do agree that nothing beats the control pencil and paper XD

(190) (link) Oekaki by stargazer, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 56

stargazer 2004/5/30 - 22:6:40
This is for Purrdy ^.^ Luv ya sissie -huggles-
purrdy 2004/5/30 - 22:32:17
Awww! This is the cuteness!! Muwahahaha Bunny Snape ^.^ with a fluffy-wuffy-uffy tailll. Your shading is always so awesome! *snuggles bunny Snape*
Thankies ^.^ *hugggsss*

(189) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 1 : 31 : 14

mika-kun 2004/5/26 - 14:20:48
For Simone (Twinkledraak)
Love Mika-kun
Hope you like....;)
embo 2004/5/29 - 18:26:33
gah! why must you make every oekaki with such precision.

>:O >:O >:O
kiwi 2004/6/3 - 21:32:0
Shiney blue thing!! *pokes it* you draw 3D things so well!! *jealous*
naty 2004/6/4 - 0:42:31
dude! those eyes rock on!!! :}!! Ace work Mika!
Yay for people than can actually draw mechas! >xD!
twinkledraak 2004/6/14 - 15:36:44
Thank you thank you *Sorri that i,m so late ...-__-*

I love it :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
twinkledraak 2004/6/14 - 15:37:35
much hugs & loves for you btw ;) :D!!!

I,m so happy with this gift :D!!!

(188) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 2 : 10 : 20

happywaterbottle 2004/5/25 - 19:51:31
milkshake! 'tis for you! ^o^
I'm sorry I didn't do a top hat as you asked, but I had a great idea and had to do it ^o^
she's my character, her name's Krysta. She doesn't look quite like that... i mean, the hairstyle and clothes are different...
I had lots of fun with the coloring and the background ^o^
hope you'll like it!

p.s. : seems like my finger wasn't so dead after all... XD
heavenlystrike 2004/5/25 - 20:0:16
lucky milkshake...teehee the shadinf is so great :D im so proud of my lil water bottle <3 great work, great look and all that with a dead finger XD hehe you make me so proud :3
milkshake 2004/5/26 - 10:16:18
eeeeeee! yey, omg yey!! And spaaaaarklies! *bounces* I love the shading on the hair, so shiney and golden! *saves*

(187) (link) Oekaki by twinkledraak, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 52

twinkledraak 2004/5/25 - 17:38:14
This is a *crappy* gift for mika-kun XD!
I hope you like it ;)!
I don't draw often anymore at taco because my better mouse is broken ;__; & i,m a lil busy in real live!
I stil hope you like it ;) :)!

Because i,m happy that youre here on taco! :D!

hughs & smiles

mika-kun 2004/5/26 - 12:27:38
I sure do like it.....*saves* & *hugs* and I am humbled by the fact you did a pic for me, thank you sooooo much you don't realise how happy this made me *smiles big*
twinkledraak 2004/5/29 - 12:55:15
thanx :)

(186) (link) Oekaki by surreal, total drawing time 1 : 25 : 15

surreal 2004/5/24 - 21:21:47
Yayz! I'm done with your piccie, HeavenlyStrike! :D I hope j00 likers! Yeah, I fergot to add the stripes on her hat thingie, so please forgive m3h! ._.; But, yes, this took a large amount of time and effort, and its all for you HS! I hope she's pretty enough! Enjoys! ^-^
heavenlystrike 2004/5/24 - 22:8:30
omg! I LOVE ITTT! :D :D :D *dance of joy* omg omg omg ITS SO GREAT! HER EYES HER OUTFIT! YOUR WAY OF DRAWING HER IS TO DIE FOR :O omg omg omg omg *faints* I SO LOVE IT! Miiiiiiiiine all miiiiiiiine BWAHAHAHA
surreal 2004/5/24 - 22:42:54
XDD!! I'm SO glad you likes it! Wow, I've NEVER had someone freak out just because I drew them a piccie. Well, it feels great to know someone appreciates my work. ^_^ I'm very glad you likes! Aieee, now I'm SPAZZING out! XB! YAAAY. :D
lenapo 2004/5/25 - 13:54:53
its gorgeous! HS's character is so pretty and this drawing is really pretty... yay!
embo 2004/5/30 - 19:20:49
so lovely! solids really bring out your wonderful lineart. Great job at a side view. :D

(moved) (link) Oekaki by irkyturkey, total drawing time 23 : 18 : 47

irkyturkey 2004/5/22 - 7:10:22
hey, this is for HeavenlyStrike(its her character), thankyou so much for letting me draw her!! i didnt know what the bottom of her skirt looked like so i just guessed, i hope i did her justice.. ahh im scared please dont hit me!! :P
heavenlystrike 2004/5/22 - 12:4:42
IT IS SUCH THE NICEST EVER :D thats how I saw her too :D but with long white boots...but who cares its wonderfully wonderful and and *snif* its such an honor to see one of my characters drawn by youu ;.;! its gorgeooooooouusss :D I love love love it *saves and saves it again :D*
milkshake 2004/5/22 - 15:52:16
wow, this is wonderful, I am in awe *_*
bbh 2004/5/22 - 16:46:6
Lol this is pretty. I wish my characters were cool enough where people would want to draw them x_x

(185) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 1 : 48 : 16

jakusama 2004/5/19 - 21:38:9
For Loggy, because I love her so... and I wish I could be as good as she. I hope she accepts this piece of unworthiness as a sign of our friendship. I heart you, my best tomodachi!!
syzygy 2004/5/20 - 13:56:49
Jaaakkku!!! I luffs it!! ><! And you said you were bad... *huggle* I luffs it!you were so detailed! I mean, theres even the shadow on the rings!! And teh moons! You have all of those moons! But my favorite has to be the solar flare XDXDX Thats cool my friend.. *huggles* Thankies soooo much! As soon as I finish this next one youve got a gift comin ><!

(184) (link) Oekaki by ri-su, total drawing time 1 : 35 : 1

ri-su 2004/5/14 - 23:41:3
this is for Buttermilk-elf, for teaching me many things on drawing ^^
i was going for extra shiney....though it looked better while it was in the drawing veiwer thing. hope you like buttermilk.
buttermilk-elf 2004/5/15 - 4:43:15
aww, now that's just too cute. i love the little butter and milk things and the colouring is kawaii. nice eye, nice ear, nice shinyness. thanks!!
muffinpoodle 2008/7/9 - 4:9:33

(183) (link) Oekaki by buttermilk-elf, total drawing time 0 : 38 : 33

buttermilk-elf 2004/5/14 - 11:28:1
just a little pressie thing for ri-su, my bestest friend. i was being creative, and veering off from my anime-ish starting point. i like the effect in the hair a lot, but the background was last minute. hope you like! c&c is welcome.....
ri-su 2004/5/14 - 11:41:44
naaaw. its the back of a person! its so cute. i like the part dow the middle of his head. i wish he was facing me tho....oh well. cute, thankyou sooo much elf :p. much loved. now i will save it ^^.

i gotta draw u a gift now ^^
embo 2004/5/15 - 22:30:29
Please remember that gift room pictures should be 45 minutes long next time.
buttermilk-elf 2004/5/21 - 3:54:41
yeah, okay embo, but i dont think 5 minutes either way should make a difference, really.
embo 2004/5/22 - 20:7:19
if you mean six minutes and thirty seconds, you might be surprised. unlike most activities, artistic expression is always morphing and changing. You might find that adding one thing towards the end of you picture can help, whereas you would have never thought that when you began your picture.

Rules are rules. They're normally set down for a reason. It's not like TACo has some sort of totalitarian regime.
skybird_lost 2004/5/29 - 5:33:20
u know, perhaps it dont belong here. if there is a problem with it being here, then they should just take it down. but i dont see them doing that.... do you?
embo 2004/5/30 - 19:19:8
Look, if you have a problem with what i'm saying, i suggest you email me. No they're not "taking it down" because i see no need to move it. All i gave her was a warning. I am one of the moderators here so please think about what you're saying before you say it. end of discussion.

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