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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(83) (link) Oekaki by p_b, total drawing time 43 : 12 : 35

p_b 2005/10/9 - 20:31:25
My interpretation of how the white and red queens (not the queen of hearts x_X) from Alice through the looking glass would look. I changed some stuff so sue me :-P
the original -->[link]
And the timer's wrong because as we all know paint wont safety save
kelli 2005/10/10 - 1:28:46
good gravy, thats awsome!
lorelai 2005/10/10 - 21:9:32
Super! I love this one a ton more too! :)

(82) (link) Oekaki by enshoku, total drawing time 1 : 34 : 1

enshoku 2005/10/7 - 16:26:52
I finally have an excuse to redo one of my drawings. Beware, this will blind you. XD [link]
happywaterbottle 2005/10/7 - 16:34:38
holy cheese, what improvement o_o
this is so lovely! I really adore her face!
aah I wish I had patience to redo one of my pics... I tried, but it just doesn't want to work ><
lorelai 2005/10/7 - 20:23:24
Holy smack that is some serious improvement. I'm in awe!
p_b 2005/10/10 - 14:48:31
she's so cute ^_^
such an improvement wowzers. i really like your style now *nodnodnod*
phil 2005/10/13 - 14:16:19
i really love the eyes!
jakusama 2005/10/23 - 19:7:20
I love this theme, guys, because you gods-for-artists really were mortal at one time. It gives me such hope. n.n I love it its so soft and pretty, and its inspired me to continue to try and improve.

(81) (link) Oekaki by phil, total drawing time 1 : 7 : 52

phil 2005/10/6 - 20:55:2
For the evo theme i decided to redo the first pic i ever did here...[link]
excellent theme idea btw:)
lorelai 2005/10/7 - 5:54:41
phil 2005/10/10 - 15:24:53
You never said if i ahd improved *cries*
p_b 2005/10/10 - 18:3:40
well DUH you improved x__________X look at the difference
her hair looks so cool like oil pastels :)

(80) (link) Oekaki by candy_bird, total drawing time 0 : 29 : 30

candy_bird 2005/9/28 - 9:26:20
oh my!! i've haven't been here in AGES! Anyways...
i already know that i suck at using a mouse to draw--so i choose to do something simple and cute~!! XD
hvnboundelyx 2005/9/28 - 15:30:17
Cute yes, simple... in a way, But really very detailed for being simple... I envy your mouse writing abilities... and you abilities in general... Good Job :hugs the mouse:
lorelai 2005/9/28 - 16:18:29
Adorable! I just wish i could see it better, it's so light X_X
candy_bird 2005/9/29 - 10:16:25

(moved) (link) Oekaki by marine, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 2

marine 2005/9/21 - 5:54:32
I like mouse line art.But,I'm too tired...><
marine 2005/9/21 - 5:59:29
OMG!I'll post to Theme Board...I posted to default board by mistake>_< Sorry!
mika-kun 2005/9/21 - 12:14:6
Moved to theme room.
Nice mouse work indeed, love all the little details...:)
snoopywar 2005/9/21 - 21:35:25
She has such lovely eyes. =)
lorelai 2005/9/22 - 5:2:33
Oh wow! such wonderful work!
marine 2005/9/23 - 23:54:25
Thanks Mika-kun^^

(79) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 12 : 35 : 50

artanis 2005/9/17 - 21:34:12
I forgot how difficult mouse art is. >o<;

for anyone who's having a bad day <3
lorelai 2005/9/17 - 22:8:15
Oh wow, awesome! I love the feeling from this picture.
syzygy 2005/9/17 - 23:9:3
I officially love you, Artanis. In a very platonic way, just so we're clear.

But love nonetheless.

You make me happy. Oh so very happy.
snoopywar 2005/9/18 - 9:47:23
Awesome colors.
Just gotta love'em. <:D
happywaterbottle 2005/9/18 - 9:48:23
waah this makes me want to hug somebody for some reason... I haven't had lots of good days lately ._.
*looks around* *hugs a pillow*
heavenlystrike 2005/9/18 - 10:56:46
the colors are just woaH! lol I am such a groupie xD I guees its okay when its a wonderful artist like you :3
kougra_girl 2005/9/18 - 23:38:55
oh jeeze. ;-; *huggles it and feels better* she's so pretty. i love the coloring and the hair....so nice...
maggie_sue 2005/9/19 - 0:10:23
believe it or not, I tried out my tablet the other day and it looked pretty much like this. I need to adjust the sensativity, I know..but it felt so wierd to me compared to the mouse. Love the colors in this...nice and light.
mika-kun 2005/9/19 - 13:1:35
At first glance, chaotic and random.
Ultimately though, awesome and simply beautiful...:)
kaiomi 2005/9/20 - 23:10:17
So shiny and pastel-y ^^

(78) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 45

shadrad 2005/9/17 - 14:12:42
Mmmhmm...Boredom. But as it was drawn with a mouse (just like everything I've ever drawn) I'm just gonna shove it in here :D C/C would be nice, please
lorelai 2005/9/17 - 22:9:8
Really cute! :) I'd critique the hands most, I think. It looks like she's patting her head rather than saluting (salutes go by the forehead I believe), and her other hand is angled funny (both easily remedied by a quick look in the mirror) :)
snoopywar 2005/9/18 - 9:47:55
Ahaha. This is adorable. xP
::salutes back::
mika-kun 2005/9/19 - 12:58:58
Instantly recognisable as The Shad's work ....you've got such an adorable style I hope to see many more like this.....wonderful work!...:D

(77) (link) Oekaki by naty, total drawing time 1 : 16 : 43

naty 2005/9/16 - 22:18:53
SO not used to mouse anymore x_X;
first theme room submission, i'm not a fan of chobits but wanted to try the style n stuff :P
used couple pics off google for ref but mainly this one--> [link] and this one -->[link] and ya sorry the hair is so plain [like everything else o-0] ^^'' been up since 5~
mika-kun 2005/9/17 - 6:33:44
Can't exactly say I know much about cho-bits....but I certainly know good art when I see it, and see it I just have.....:)
lorelai 2005/9/17 - 22:7:16
If someone can manage Chii's hair with a mouse, they're batty. I think you did a wonderful job!

(76) (link) Oekaki by ultra, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 56

ultra 2005/9/15 - 5:51:55
Owwie, I think my wrist exploded. Enjoy teh cuteness! *wrist falls off* Oh crap.
lorelai 2005/9/16 - 14:36:25
No good, we can't have any wrists falling off here... XD nice work!!!
naty 2005/9/16 - 22:20:17
hee hee i love that pokemon movie that featured this little guy oxO forget what its called.. chu something <.<; anyways i love how hes popping out from an egg very cute!!! ^_^!
mika-kun 2005/9/17 - 6:35:25
With those big sad eyes how can you not love him....:)
ultra 2005/9/26 - 2:41:37
Nat, just so you know, Pichu. I'm not tring to sound like you know thing and I know everything. Yur obviously smarter ^-^; Ok, if you liked this so much, I'm giving out pokemon and neopets requests

(75) (link) Oekaki by mmbaroque, total drawing time 0 : 38 : 6

mmbaroque 2005/9/14 - 17:9:42
And the caption reads: "But . . . I'm so BEAUTIFUL."


Anyway, yeah. just remembering the ol' days before my tablet . . .
lorelai 2005/9/14 - 23:28:35
hahaha!!! the caption is PERFECT for this picture. XD
mika-kun 2005/9/17 - 6:37:23
I concur, the caption fits the pic perfectly, he looks like an actor type to me....so yeah, fits perfectly....:)

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