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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by berdo, total drawing time 1 : 12 : 5

berdo 2004/7/13 - 8:40:4
for James
kougra_girl 2004/7/13 - 14:45:44
thats soo cute! XD i like the outfit. very sweet! ^.^
blahzey 2004/7/13 - 15:7:42
This is such a nice smooth picture, and her outfit is truly interesting. Very nice.
mitsu 2004/7/13 - 16:44:9
Cute and whimsical! >:D The colorscheme is unexpected but very nice. *winks back at her*
kiwi 2004/7/13 - 17:9:24
Cute! I love her dress, with all of those weird thingies around it ^.^ I love her face too, she seems very sweet. I love the colouring on this and I like how you textured the moon too! Nice ^__^

(210) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 1 : 4 : 25

purrdy 2004/7/10 - 3:49:19
This is for rock_n_roller(Ashley)! I just thought that she was such an awesome fairy and I really wanted to draw her ^.^
o.o I hope she looks ok.
heavenlystrike 2004/7/12 - 16:34:11
She's so adorable! Ouh lala i love pink too n_n go pink go! and her look is so soft ! great job!
rock_n_roller 2004/7/16 - 2:16:0
OMG its soooo beautiful!!! wow i told u that u would do a better job of her than me..lol!
wow thank u so much purrdy! i really love it...all the colors and pinkness...^_~ he he thank u again! ^_^
violet 2005/3/25 - 3:38:17
Too cool I love her face!!(And hair) and the sparkly stuff on her wings!!! =D

(208) (link) Oekaki by elvish-samaurai2004, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 8

elvish-samaurai2004 2004/6/30 - 15:42:36
again from mom's bf's comp for now ....this is my gift art to kougra girl for her support and help....sorry if you think its crappy, but I worked my best on it. C&C is greatly appreciated.... I know the hair is and clothes are mixed colors, that was intentional... unfortunately the pixels going through the hair in that one part was not. >_<

time taken on pic: about 49 minutes (just in case the timer isnt working, this is for mods so it isnt deleted because of a timer that might be off because I resumed twice...)
kougra_girl 2004/6/30 - 20:18:52
wow...thanks! ^.^; this is good! ^.^ i like the eyes alot. and the blue and red hair is cool XD just make the shoulders a bit wider. thanks a lot! ^.^ you are gettin better with each picture.

(207) (link) Oekaki by kiwi, total drawing time 2 : 5 : 40

kiwi 2004/6/28 - 15:59:8
Finally did a congrats pic for Draco_Plato...I'm sorry it sucks so much T_T I hate the hair...that's the worst thing in the whole pic...blargh, I'm so sorry!!
draco_plato 2004/6/28 - 17:7:31
*wags tail* THANK YOU!!! *glomps*
Geez, everyone puts themselves down so much, but I think this is great!! I absolutely love her face!! Those lips are gorgeous and the way you shaded, ahhh >_< So awesome! I wish I could do eyes like that, they're like my ideal!! And I think the hair is perfect the way it is! Thank you again and again!!
cutie_1 2004/7/29 - 15:41:9
perty!! I love the face, and I think the hair is great

(206) (link) Oekaki by skee, total drawing time 5 : 20 : 40

skee 2004/6/27 - 20:26:20
BECCA-CHAN YOUR SO LUCKY. This is one of my bests and i wanna put it in polished BUT its a gift for you!*pouts* Ya i kinda messed up on the face he look slike a chick, lol its suppose to be the Black Magician, haha its awsome dont ask about he like things on the left they are just space fillers!
bbh 2004/6/27 - 21:15:48
Awwwwww, this makes me so happy! You did GREAT! I will save it! Now I have to draw you something....Thank you soo soo much! *huggles you!*

(205) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 3 : 27 : 33

tayley-chan 2004/6/26 - 11:45:49
Well, it's rather late, and I'm not even sure if it's ANYTHING like what you expected/wanted/hoped for, but...

Here it is. *Ta-daaa!*

To: Jakusama
From: Tayley-chan
heavenlystrike 2004/6/26 - 15:17:41
waou Oo this is so prettyy I really like both of them and it kinda makes me think of Dr Jekyll and MR Hyde! hahahaha *ok i'll shut up now...*
jakusama 2004/6/26 - 15:57:3
O.O OMIGOD I LOVE IT ITS SO PRETTY!!!! THANK YOU It's more pretty than I could have EVER imagined!!!! O.O *worships* *saves picture; makes it her desktop* *drool* *worships more* I LOVE YOUR STYLE.... My goal in life is to become this good. And it is so perfect!!! It is their personalities exactly!!!! omfg I love it thank you so much!! thank you thank you!!! *huggles it*
kiwi 2004/6/28 - 20:39:41
omfg lookit the SWIRLIES!!! major awesomeness in this pic *nodnod* I love those wingies!!! *steals* XD
syzygy 2004/6/30 - 16:31:47
omg! You arent human I swear.. ><! So good.. the hair is so yummy.. *pets hair* XD! The wings.. *attaches the feathered wings to her back* Booyah.
jellybean 2004/7/5 - 18:3:54
waow. thats like, amazing. you know what i mean? AMAZING!! can you make some world famous manga or something of the sorts so i can stare at your amazing work wherever i feel like it, say, in the car? ahahahahahah *bows*

(204) (link) Oekaki by saturnraven, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 39

saturnraven 2004/6/23 - 20:33:7
I present Kiri and Konika!! There two of my earlier origional characters, twins and gorgouse XP Im thinking of making a mini hentai with em, ahh! Insest is ok as long as the people arn't real. Anyway, this is for Loggie, cause there just sooooo cute ^^=

Konika's the bigger one , hehe
saturnraven 2004/6/23 - 20:34:28
eep, its suppost to be in gift...oh well.
saturnraven 2004/6/23 - 20:35:8
O_O; ooh...yay?
syzygy 2004/6/23 - 20:39:40
omg why did you not play them?!
saturnraven 2004/6/23 - 23:5:54
Dont worry love, Kiri's the one following you.
syzygy 2004/6/24 - 17:43:22
XD Excellent...
syzygy 2004/7/3 - 19:22:43
must express this, but mmm yummy XD Tis sad you stopped because it was boring, some things start out like that.. like summer reading books.. lol ^^;;

(203) (link) Oekaki by milkshake, total drawing time 6 : 47 : 32

milkshake 2004/6/23 - 4:9:23
For the fuego people! 'tis everyone this time...at least I hope I didn't miss anyone out, eek.

Ignore the timer, left it up a couple of times.
skee 2004/6/23 - 22:37:42
Who are Fuego?
milkshake 2004/6/24 - 14:5:24
XD fuego are my college friends
applesauce 2004/6/29 - 18:52:38
YAY OMG. *is glad to be part of Fuegosoft*. I'm the one writing "fuego", yes? This rocks. This rocks so much. You rock.
syzygy 2004/6/30 - 16:32:45
thats so cool.. lol ^_^
thong_of_thunder 2004/7/3 - 14:56:27
You Dont know Who i am, but i Wish i was in Fueago, Few thngs Meaning i cant :( Binng 14, And in Birmingham England :( i know 3 of the PPl in Fueago.... Ste neil and Jay... Thats it............
milkshake 2004/7/6 - 15:34:38
aww, shame you can't be in fuego, it does rule! But I think I've actually heard of you, perhaps from the addresses in all the quizes people have been sending lately! XD well, nice to meet you :)
coffee-bean 2004/7/6 - 15:40:21
Fuego! OMG FUEGO! (sorry for the late response..) Anyway, yey! I like my loo bee doo sign :D

And thong_of_thunder, I have also heard of you, lol! You must be like a lingering presence in fuego! :)
thong_of_thunder 2004/7/7 - 16:28:59
ya, i know Ste, neil, Jay and i think i meet mat!, lol Yhea i took Steves Quiz.and Signd it as Thong of Thunder, i know Who u r! lol april! :Dlol.. i Whish i lived Doewn there!, ill be coming Down next yere in hope, Ste and neil are COming i thoink j is too.WHEEEEEEEEEEE!add me to MSN if oyu Want its Thong_Of_Thunderhotmail.com, lol u probably knoew.he he! i cant upload my art here! :(
thong_of_thunder 2004/7/7 - 16:41:15
Thong_Of_Thunder@hotmail.com sorry
thong_of_thunder 2004/7/8 - 13:39:9
wot am i on about april? i mean Alice! jeesus! i Was coming down with this hen i Wrote that im MEGA ill
thong_of_thunder 2004/7/16 - 12:57:57
:D! IVE BEEN MADE A MEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D!!!!

(202) (link) Oekaki by sweater-morph, total drawing time 5 : 29 : 47

sweater-morph 2004/6/19 - 18:39:25
For BlueFlame~ because he is such a cool guy!

Please comment and critique! please! *puppy eyes*

sweater-morph 2004/6/19 - 18:40:5
erk! its way out of proportion, isnt it? T~T I sorry.
kodocha 2004/6/19 - 23:24:9
The ears are extrememly low, they should be near the top of the eye. Plus, the hand is backwards. The thumbs go toward you. Not away.
skee 2004/6/20 - 1:7:34
Ether my hands are werid or something but the hand is in the right position your seeing hte back of her hand. But yes the ears a a tit bit to low, but all in all a very very cute pic^_^
bbh 2004/6/20 - 22:12:2
Bleflame IS a cool guy! Her hand looks just fine, beautiful! ^^
blueflame0 2004/6/20 - 23:22:46
I <3 it ^__^ It's great!!! gj too. But yes.. the ear is JUST a tad bit low heehee ^_^ But.. the hand looks right to me.. XD GJ Sweater!
sweater-morph 2004/6/21 - 10:37:19
Thanks! I'm glad you like it BlueFlame! :D :D :D
syzygy 2004/6/24 - 18:44:47
Its really pretty and soft, almost a Clamp-like Chobits style ^_^ Her ears *are* low but its okay, it doesnt look *bad*. Her hand is *perfect*, but her arm comes in at a weird angle at the elbow, it looks too thin and curves sort of oddly to me. Her eyes are *gorgeous* and I really like it ^_^
shleigh 2004/7/14 - 18:38:22
lmfao! Ididnt see this until now! Wow, your getting better! ^-^ Yay!

(201) (link) Oekaki by rock_n_roller, total drawing time 2 : 53 : 19

rock_n_roller 2004/6/18 - 17:31:42
This is for cutie_1..or christiney lol! its us camping woop woop..i really hate the bg...didn't wanna draw the tent..but yes! hope ya like it!
cutie_1 2004/6/18 - 17:34:18
sweeet! I have a pink shirt! heheh thank you so much! bring popcorn camping so it is true! and we will eat smores hehe

(200) (link) Oekaki by purrdy, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 28

purrdy 2004/6/16 - 17:15:41
This is for Stargazer ^.^ I told her I was going to draw him for her... X.x Doesn't really look like him... >.>
stargazer 2004/6/16 - 19:18:20
OMG OMG OMG!!!!! -tackles him!!!!!- HE'S SO CUTE! He looks a lot like himm! My Nakatsuuuuu!!! Tankies tankies tankies deary! I'd draw you sano buh i can't... lol maybe on paper though ;) You'll have to deal with the dollies.. lol aie aie -snuggle snuggle-
bbh 2004/6/23 - 15:23:42
This is really cute! ^^

(199) (link) Oekaki by applesauce, total drawing time 2 : 8 : 39

applesauce 2004/6/12 - 12:43:41
For Milkshake. Here is your tophat girl I promised you like 4 months ago *ahem*. ^___^;;;;
milkshake 2004/6/12 - 14:1:0
eeeeeeeee! okay, I already said that, but I say it again XD It's so darn cool!! I want that top hat, nay, I must have that top hat!! *saves*
embo 2004/6/12 - 20:31:45
holy crap, this is so HOT. your colors and the outfit and the style is way outta my league. love it. <3
kodocha 2004/6/14 - 22:21:58
Great job! Very colorful!

(198) (link) Oekaki by syzygy, total drawing time 1 : 38 : 14

syzygy 2004/6/11 - 23:29:46
For Jakusama- I cant wait for you to come! Yay sun!
embo 2004/6/12 - 4:47:47
woah, cool shading! :D
jakusama 2004/6/12 - 10:45:23
... dernit! Now time is gonna pass even slower *siiiiigh* Lovely pic. I love it. Makes me want to go swimming.. only... THE WATER IS STILL TOO COLD HERE. u.u Is that your swimsuit? O.o It's scantier than mine. u.u; We are SO going shopping.... I'm getting tan though.. oddly. *nodnod and huggle* thankie. If I could draw I would make you one, too!

(197) (link) Oekaki by lenapo, total drawing time 1 : 43 : 31

lenapo 2004/6/11 - 19:34:26
finally Ive gotten a chance to do this! my computer hasn't been working for a week and im so glad to have my internet back! ee! ^_^ the character belongs to surreal. she was fun to draw :} I used some refrence for the body: [link]
surreal 2004/6/11 - 22:16:44
OMG. That is so beautiful. Omigod, you did her better than I did! XD Aiieeee, shank you so much! Its..its..superb. ;3; Nyaaa, her hair, her eyes, her body structure, her wings, EVERYTHING about her is so beautiful! Omg, I love you. LOL. I'm just speechles, words cannot describe how beautiful this is. Lol, I can't even begin to describe how much I love this. XB
lenapo 2004/6/12 - 9:32:8
^_^ I love you toooo! lol thanks & your welcome!

(196) (link) Oekaki by evilragdollsrock, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 10

evilragdollsrock 2004/6/11 - 16:54:51
ok it isnt that good but i did my very best. this is for megan! i mean, er.. kougra girl, yeah. thanks for your help ;) it was much need! if i could pick you a rose i would, but cant because im afraid of the thorns.
kougra_girl 2004/6/11 - 17:1:34
thanks lol. you could use scissors to cut the rose and then use gloves to hold it ;>.>

very nice snowflakes...lol. just make the whole ground white if its snowing next time, ok? ^.^;
evilragdollsrock 2004/6/13 - 16:23:16
shut up! i said i did my best now be thankful! and it just starting snowing, duh!

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