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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(4823) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 12 : 57

russianruler 2008/9/3 - 18:19:20
russian ruler !!! im here just joind could ppl fill me in on whos the boss and stuff im just a no0be here but ull see a lot of my artwork <not as crapy as this cus i was speeding needed to getoff> see my web page www.ivanspic.ucoz.com
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:24:25
Haha, how neat! Such a unique style. Welcome to the boards. Make sure you glance over the rules, and check out the breakdown of the boards, but you seem to have that part down. I love the crown and the mayhem of the piece. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
russianruler 2008/9/4 - 14:49:54
thx, yea i did glance over and ill be posting more ppl like you inspire me to,

(4822) (link) Oekaki by orangisque, total drawing time 10 : 0 : 44

orangisque 2008/8/26 - 21:1:13
I haven't oekaki'ed in ages, so something simple first ):.

And I have no idea why it says 10 hours, definitely didn't take 10 hours o__o.
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:26:17
Haha. 10 hours. heh. Love your shading. it's so soft. And I love the hair. It's really smooth, and I kinda wish my hair could go that color. ;)
artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:9:24
i absolutely love the angle her face is at. there's so much depth in your shading, especially right around her eyes and nose :)

(4821) (link) Oekaki by kaiomi, total drawing time 3 : 56 : 16

kaiomi 2008/7/24 - 1:45:40
sketchy sketchy doodle :P
embo 2008/7/30 - 11:0:51
fun hair, nice skull structure
trentik 2008/8/1 - 2:19:48
Intense for Online US
mika 2008/8/1 - 9:10:14
Trentik = Casino bot!

jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:27:15
Nice! I really, really like the sketchy feeling of this. It actually sort of gives it a finished, polished feel. The whispyness of the hair catches my eye, too, sort of wind-tossed. And I've always loved your profile-style. Lovely.

(4820) (link) Oekaki by jakusama, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 32

jakusama 2008/7/20 - 0:40:49
Oh God. Yes, her again. Doodling away before bed.
artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:9:52
what pretty soft doodles :)

(4819) (link) Oekaki by digital87, total drawing time 3 : 9 : 25

digital87 2008/7/10 - 16:46:27
Why not to anger an electric Pokemon. And because Luxio is cool.
I haven't been around for a couple years, I hope it's still okay to post here, I'm not sure if this board has gone private or not....
z 2008/7/11 - 11:32:46
Nope, not private. Also:
Awesome! ^^ I love Luxio. I'm a big Pokemon nerd. o: Like..really big. <3
kaira 2008/8/1 - 0:26:7
Kyaaa! Luxio~ It's been too long since I've played pokemon.
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:29:4
Heh neat! I like the clouds. Like, a lot. The effect of the lightning reflecting off of the clouds is really neat, and excellent shading on the Pokemon.

(4818) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 4 : 41 : 8

artanis 2008/7/3 - 11:56:55
oh my god i finally have internet
i've missed you rydia <3 <3 <3
kelli 2008/7/4 - 19:10:29
wow! way to modulate those lines...especially in the hair *drools* I am also a fan of the less traditional cropping you used...it has a more causal feel that way...sort of like a quick, yet fun, snapshot taken by a friend-- a feeling which is further conveyed in the pose/ clothing. overall, a very fun oekaki =)
ellinora2 2008/7/8 - 14:24:49
looks kinda kingdom heart (ish). I like!!
blumeaniandglove 2008/7/11 - 10:33:18
hurray kingdom hearts!
kaiomi 2008/7/24 - 1:54:55
I miss seeing your art here!
Wonderful use of solids. I love how just a couple of changes in the lineart resulted in two different people.
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:30:47
God I love your stuff. I always have. Wow. The angle is amazing, just for the record. Just. Wow. And she kinds reminds me of Yuna. The mahogany one. Pity you didn't finish. It's lovely.
artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:7:41
aw thank you so much <3 it's interesting that you thought of yuna, jakusama, because she has always been one of my favorite characters to draw. :)

(4817) (link) Oekaki by maemay, total drawing time 0 : 38 : 26

maemay 2008/6/24 - 19:30:14
artanis 2008/7/3 - 11:57:23
cute, i love her skirt!
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:31:23
Your ability to do wrinkles in fabics is amazing. I'm rather jealous. The hair is pretty cool, too.

(4816) (link) Oekaki by diezombiedie, total drawing time 0 : 48 : 20

diezombiedie 2008/6/22 - 16:47:44
While I love the face, I'm having trouble with the hair and what to do with the rest of the picture.

So I'm just dumping it.
sankyu 2008/6/22 - 17:13:35
You're welcome to dump here anytime, keep it up and we'll all be rich. I could learn alot from you about drawing faces, this is lovely
nice seeing more from you x
artanis 2008/7/3 - 11:58:22
haha yeah i do that a lot ^^;
it's a lovely picture though, and has such a nice painty feel... i especially like that curl in her hair
mangadragon 2008/8/27 - 0:47:47
Hai there zombie ^_^ Yeah, it's me from MOB. I love the shading on this, it is so nice to look at. Is it just my computer or does this oekaki take a ridiculously long time to upload?
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:32:16
Wow. It's... beautiful. Somehow, even in this unfinished form, it's still... kind of completed. I love where you were going with the hair, even if you didn't like it, and you're right - the face is amazing. Love the lips!

(4815) (link) Oekaki by diezombiedie, total drawing time 0 : 34 : 51

diezombiedie 2008/6/17 - 14:36:3
Blah. Was going to be Mermaid Melody fanart, but I'm not feeling it.

C&C is coolio.
artanis 2008/7/3 - 11:59:22
pretty swirlies :3
mermaid melody is so cute! i just saw it for the first time the other day. it's kind of an odd premise, but i liked it anyway ^^;
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:33:5
How neat! I hope you attempte it again. I love the hair, it sort of reminds me of Sailor Moon's style.

(4814) (link) Oekaki by larstar, total drawing time 0 : 55 : 10

larstar 2008/6/17 - 11:32:42
Yeah...new pic. C+C welcome :) I know there's a slight amount of colourbleed already though and the hair is odd :/
larstar 2008/6/17 - 12:46:33
Also yay for inconsistant colouring XD
artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:1:31
lol, well, it may be a little inconsistent, but at least you've got good visible shading. i always make the mistake of shading wayyy too lightly! and i love the hair and eye color combination :)
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:36:13
Inconsistence is good - consistency is boring. It's all good. Just blame it on the lighting. ;) And you can't get any better without practice, so keep drawing!

(4813) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 0 : 43 : 24

blumeaniandglove 2008/6/13 - 22:39:19

it is quite possible that I have lost the ability to oekaki, or even draw anything.

artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:3:35
god i know how you feel D: sometimes i go look back at my drawings and am like i was better 3 years ago =___= this is a cool sketch though, really somber. it sounds kind of weird but i really like the shapes... the composition, her body - they have a neat sort of flow.
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:37:2
This is so... chill. I love it. I agree. The contours and the flow of the body are ridiculously chill. Love it.

(4812) (link) Oekaki by larstar, total drawing time 0 : 44 : 6

larstar 2008/6/9 - 8:47:14
I've never actually posted a pic here before (I know it says 4 pics in my profile but that was because I escrowed this a few times) because I didn't think I was good enough :/ Hope this is alright!
This is a picture showing part of the junior schools play. Yes the background and flowers were like that :S
Sorry about the arms and legs I sorta got lazy....
diezombiedie 2008/6/14 - 9:42:44
Haha, fancy meeting you here~

larstar 2008/6/15 - 8:38:6
What a coincidence :D
Thanks :)
artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:4:46
HAHACUTEASTRAWBERRY >:3 super super cute, love the colors. his expression is priceless.
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:38:3
Awwww It's so cute! The expression is fabulous! Looks kinda sad.. like "Hohum... there's a flower. Boo." But I just wanna huggle it! xD

(4811) (link) Oekaki by cretin, total drawing time 0 : 35 : 55

cretin 2008/6/9 - 8:44:2
artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:6:54
nice profile!! i always have such a hard time with them, but this one is super pretty. she reminds me of arwen :)
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:38:50
Love the eyes! Beautiful color, and lovely eyeshadow shading. Beautiful.

(4810) (link) Oekaki by blacklight, total drawing time 0 : 16 : 48

blacklight 2008/6/7 - 18:45:50
so... It's been a while since I've been here. XD and while this isn't what i've been doing the whole time, i have been playing this really addicting game. It's called Fancy pants adventure, and then there's a world 2 version also. Today I got all the trophies and pants colors, so yeah, I feel like my business is done, complete. Like, i've gotten the whole pants experience. and now, I must study for 2nd semester finals. woot.
lorelai 2008/6/9 - 1:37:8
artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:17:33
lol oh my god i went and googled it right away, what a fun game!!! the little pants guy is too cool. it's almost like a mario throwback! i love your picture too :D
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:39:38
I want to play. I'm going to go find it now. The purple pants are awesome. Haha!

(4809) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 0 : 11 : 26

tayley-chan 2008/5/27 - 17:4:21
Started trying to draw a lady with tentacle hair... there are parts that I don't groove on but I like the idea so I decided no to utterly trash it
sankyu 2008/5/28 - 5:35:4
It's beautiful like this, and the sketching is brilliant. Your method is sound anyway.
lorelai 2008/6/9 - 1:36:52
always great to get an inside look at how you start. sometimes I swear you just kinda go .... *BLOOP* finished picture!

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