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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(2616) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 1 : 25 : 27

blumeaniandglove 2006/11/5 - 1:49:29
The word Blower.

Trust him. He knows his stuff. Been in this racket a long, long time.

</3 Blu
sabii 2006/11/5 - 2:3:57
scary :o
i like the words. you've captured a spooku mood :p
cinder303 2006/11/5 - 14:27:43
That green lighting really suits this picture :p Although I can't really figure out what the word is... "Aerociey?" "Yiecorea"? :/ Either way, good job! =D
blumeaniandglove 2006/11/5 - 17:21:23
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:49:5
Great painting. wonderful coloring,and effects.moody, I like it.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:32:17
Gotta love that radiation poisoning skinjob and the liquid looking letters, niice!....:)
blacklight 2006/11/12 - 19:31:20
love the black eyes, and shiny skin.
naty 2006/11/23 - 10:23:40
That is wicked.. o-o love his broken nose somehow XD.. and his empty eye. Great job on the colors ^_^
twinkledraak 2006/11/24 - 6:45:18
cool and original *thumbs up* :D

(2615) (link) Oekaki by anjiira, total drawing time 2 : 55 : 10

anjiira 2006/10/21 - 23:16:24
whooaaa, been so long since I've come here. o_o
my style's changed completely too xD;
anyways, kind of quick doodle, littered with tv watching and food breaks. hope this is in the right room. `w`;
golden 2006/10/22 - 1:31:22
Wow, I love the painterly style and the colors.. O_O Nice job.
umi-chan 2006/10/22 - 14:25:31
O_O so pretty ! i dont even like clowns or anything that has to do with clowns , but i think this is so cute >.<
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:39:18
.... ;_; i am *so* jealous of people like you, with such control over colors. ;_;
sabii 2006/10/23 - 12:8:17
i love how you know the deliacte line between messy and elegant! beautiful details c:
happywaterbottle 2006/10/25 - 14:45:47
that is so beautiful! i love the painting style and colors... this is so going into hall of fame :P
coconut 2006/10/27 - 17:13:1
ohwows this is amazing *0* i love her face so much :D
ryoanna 2006/10/29 - 15:9:28
very cool... love the colors you've used :)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:50:21
Doodle? MOre like a painting that should be in a gallery; where did you learn to paint like this? Fantastic.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:34:26
Now that's the way to do watercolour! I've seen similar styles to this hanging on people's walls.....and this certainly wouldn't go amiss hanging next to them.....excellent!..:)
hannah 2007/6/8 - 15:39:50

(2614) (link) Oekaki by cinder303, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 38

cinder303 2006/10/20 - 21:58:38
I was cold when I did this :P
And still am... I'm not very acclimatized to the weather yet XD
golden 2006/10/22 - 1:32:26
She doesn't seem to be very cold.. XD Great pic, it really looks like snowing!
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:39:33
my goodness this is wonderful! one of your best maybe!
ryoanna 2006/10/30 - 16:42:44
nice work :) i like how all the colours seem so soft ^-^
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:51:17
Oh, my, I love this. Congrats!!You just caught it; wonderful execution,and mood, too.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:36:2
Totally captures that wintery feeling we're all trying to get used to at the moment...well done...:)

(2613) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 8 : 44 : 15

tayley-chan 2006/10/17 - 18:2:58
Dear GOD how I've missed Oekaki ^_^

Last time I touched the applet was... well... whenever the last time I drew HERE was. Wow, s'been a while, yeah? How've you guys been? *waves to TACo*

I didn't realize until about halfway through this that I was redesigning an old charcter of mine for the umpteenth time :p either way, here she be. Her name is Jezell and if I EVER actually get off my rump and draw R:IDCS with some kind of regularity then you just might see more of her (provided you elected to actually read R:IDCS :p lol)
blumeaniandglove 2006/10/18 - 5:36:34

Still amazing, Taley.
i don't think that'll change
blumeaniandglove 2006/10/18 - 5:37:1
woops, Tayley.
sabii 2006/10/18 - 7:28:34
oh *o*
so perfected and worked on! i can't see aaaaany flaws :p
love the motheness on the lines.
kelli 2006/10/18 - 14:33:27
good to see you back.....I miss seeing your super smooth lineart
ryoanna 2006/10/18 - 16:0:49
awesome! luv the colours.. nice work :)
coconut 2006/10/18 - 17:8:55
ooh great lineart~ :D I really like the blue highlights :]
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:39:44
you are amaaaaaazing :)
jakusama 2006/10/30 - 9:14:0
TAAAAAYLEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!! You're back! Yay! I've missed your stuff and now I getta see more of it!! This is oodles of yumness as per usual. Yay! You're back! *happy dance*
senobdec 2006/11/1 - 22:19:54
Very nice. Incredibly smooth, yet good, simple small details that combine to make a very polished, complex whole.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:52:45
Amazing; gee, gosh. Definitely skilled, and also youknow what you like to do. Great mood,and skill, too. She is wicked!!heh eheh.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:38:28
Well what can you say!?
A totally sock knocking off pic as always from the amazing Miss Chan, your linework is definatly some of the best I've seen if not the best....:)
blacklight 2006/11/28 - 17:37:21
I love all the little skulls on each part of her outfit, and the way you always get the lighting just right.

(2612) (link) Oekaki by umi-chan, total drawing time 2 : 21 : 11

umi-chan 2006/10/14 - 20:51:15
titled: love hurts and sometimes kills...

girl killed by her lover, i just finished watching a few episodes of Basilisk >.< its so sad, i almost cried, almost -_-
xhewasnt--x 2006/10/15 - 16:6:8
Is it wrong to think this is beautiful?
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:39:58
absolutely not. it is gorgeous.
jakusama 2006/10/30 - 9:14:25
This makes me want to cry.. and I really love her eyes...
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:54:53
It really is beautiful ; even with the pain,it just makes it more so. Not many people can express pain and hurt so well, did you know? Darn good. Yes, love the eyes,and I even like the blood. Tsk. Just right.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:44:41
An excellent piece, and you didn't go crazy with the blood which is good.....and you have caught the sadness extraordinarily well......cooo-el...:)
emsalig 2007/1/9 - 6:39:29
gorgeous! Love it!

(2611) (link) Oekaki by xhewasnt--x, total drawing time 11 : 46 : 30

xhewasnt--x 2006/10/3 - 18:49:52
Let his flesh not be torn
Let his blood leave no stain
Though they beat him
Let him feel no pain
Let his bones never break
And however they try
To destroy him
Let him never die:
Let him never die:

I worked especially hard on this piece, and I believe it's my favourite oekaki I've ever done. I put a lot of effort into it, and I hope it's good enough for the polished room.
sankyu 2006/10/4 - 8:57:31
It certainly is good enough, thankyou for this peice : )
jakusama 2006/10/7 - 9:16:8
ELPHIE! <3<3<3 I like it... I really do. Then of course, I'm a Wicked addict. ^.^ Do Galinda too please! ^.^
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:40:22
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:56:4
Very nice. good color in the face,and the hair is great too.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:46:58
Oooooo-err missus!
She's one scary lookin' lady.....I can almost feel her contempt for whatever she's looking at.....great job on the expression!...:)

(2610) (link) Oekaki by saffira, total drawing time 3 : 11 : 34

saffira 2006/10/2 - 13:53:51
Kind of a deviation from my usual style, but good fun all the same :D

(Mmm, Eve!)
sankyu 2006/10/4 - 9:11:2
I think the hair looks incredibly real
lorelai 2006/10/23 - 10:41:1
eve's got GREAT hair :)
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:57:7
Good face,and nice shadowing too.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:50:13
Deviating is fun....and damn good practice, I just spotted that really cool looking apple up there in the corner......no wonder she was tempted, a great picture which warrants further deviation experiments in the near future.....:)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 5 : 7 : 7

bleau 2006/9/29 - 22:17:46
I'm sick of not being able to rely on my friends.
I'm tired of people not calling.
I miss seeing mika-kun around this place.
My hand really hurts and it shouldn't.
Took one bathroom break.
mika 2006/9/30 - 13:48:55
Aaaah! ....I am still lurking in the background, alas it is where I shall remain for the time being (but thanks for the mention...:)).
There is definately a lack of original art these days, thankfully you and a few others still experiment and work outside the generally accepted 'rules of art' to produce something truly outstanding..... :)

char 2006/10/1 - 14:19:39
Those clouds are too cool! *Oggles* And the skin shading is really nice too, great use of solids!
golden 2006/10/4 - 7:55:32
OMG, where are the comments on this? It's so unique! I love the abstract feeling of it.
blacklight 2006/10/4 - 14:52:46
whoa, pretty arts! but she's split up in parts. And your shading is cool. The smoke looks alive.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/10/9 - 5:53:58
Yes,I love the abstract feel of this,too;kind of surreal.Yep,it's true,there is not not enough very original art nowadays.Everywhere.But this is very good.
treespirit 2006/10/10 - 8:27:22
this is beautiful....i love the background, i love the colors, and i love the figure...i love it all
ryoanna 2006/10/14 - 17:9:17
nice.. luv the colours... very cool :)
emsalig 2007/1/9 - 6:32:17

(2609) (link) Oekaki by bleau, total drawing time 4 : 38 : 2

bleau 2006/9/23 - 21:35:22
Yay for made up muscles.
purrdy 2006/9/26 - 17:12:41
Your shading makes me happy. *.* Reminds me of a monkey of some sort. Awesome.
treespirit 2006/10/10 - 8:25:35
whoa this is awesome....I love the hand foot. :D :D
dorothyblueeyes 2006/10/12 - 2:1:26
You handle 3 dimensional space,and sculpting of figures very well. Good command of them. And,the figure stands out from the background very well.Even the colors are nice. Very inventive, too.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:51:54
lol.......have I ever told you how much you scare me!?....well you do.....and I demand you keep on doing it because it rocks, this piece is bloody awesome......:D

(2608) (link) Oekaki by elolinon, total drawing time 3 : 58 : 16

elolinon 2006/9/23 - 9:47:55
Oh my... this sure took long xD Gotta learn to make some proper backgrounds instead of just white and speechbubbles ( but i like speechbubbles T.T) I was very happy with her eyes :) She was meant to be an elf from the beginning, just in case you wonder about her green-kinda-looking skintone :D

blumeaniandglove 2006/9/23 - 13:57:59
what beautiful hair. I wish i had somma that. :)
happywaterbottle 2006/9/23 - 14:12:16
*eyes roll out of sockets of over-amazing-ness*
I'm defenitively jealous of the smoothness of the shading on the skin. Her face is so amazing. I need your talent right now ;_;
coconut 2006/9/27 - 18:34:56
i love your colouring and great hair~ :D your handwriting is cool too ^___^
flarefira 2006/9/28 - 17:5:16
She looks like a porcelien doll!
golden 2006/9/30 - 10:45:50
She looks kinda elfish in the face... but in general she looks like a doll like flarefira said before. I think your pictures look great without backgrounds, and your colors work really well together as usual.
sabii 2006/10/3 - 8:25:6
oh, i love her hair c:
ryoanna 2006/10/14 - 17:11:15
very cool.. luv the smoothness of it all :)
jakusama 2006/10/30 - 9:15:40
I want hair like that. THe hair rockeths. Her face is very pretty, but I'm so diggin' the hair.
dorothyblueeyes 2006/11/8 - 5:58:20
Yep, very clean, sharp,and great skill on the smooth skin tones. Good control. Very nice, beautiful.
mika 2006/11/12 - 4:55:8
Not only a damn fine job on the pic...that hair is almost too good on it's own......but damn fine work on the lettering too, the whole thing has that Spanish ethnicity feel going on, hope there's more on the way!?...;)

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