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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(9992) (link) Oekaki by izzi-ink, total drawing time 3 : 5 : 59

izzi-ink 2009/1/17 - 11:46:34
Subtract about 3o minutes only.
I had to wash and fold the laundry.

Um, my entry for a contest somewhere else.
C&C please ?
blacklight 2009/1/18 - 8:47:0
very cute! I like all the green.
artanis 2009/1/24 - 2:50:45
yes very cute :D love the shiny hair!! one very nifty trick when you have something in the background that you want us to look at (the girl) and something in the foreground that is less important (her hand), is to blur the thing in the foreground - it will make your picture look like a photo that's focused in on the person, giving it a lot of depth, will draw the viewers' attention to the background, and also just looks neat! :D

(9991) (link) Oekaki by ellinora2, total drawing time 1 : 25 : 23

ellinora2 2009/1/14 - 13:18:5
A Cat eye! <:3 Yez!! feel free to C.c !! x)
mika 2009/1/16 - 13:30:46
I love how you did the fur, the bit above the nose/forehead is...............dare I say...Purrr-fect!
The only crit I have is......do cats have eyebrows?, wouldn't the hairs go with the fur?...........shall grab the next cat I see to find out.
blumeaniandglove 2009/1/18 - 22:15:16
not so much eyebrows as they have whiskers coming out above their eyes. like catfish whiskers, only no fish.

(i'm a cat lady. haha)
ellinora2 2009/1/20 - 11:40:24
eh.. what?? x)

(9990) (link) Oekaki by angie, total drawing time 1 : 58 : 15

angie 2009/1/7 - 18:3:35
I want to rape Light Yagami. Unfortunately I can't draw him. So you get my fave shinigami Ryuk instead XP

Happy New Year!
snoopywar 2009/1/7 - 23:5:42
Very nicely done!
Ryuk's one of my favorites too. :D
jakusama 2009/1/8 - 20:51:58
I love the way you use just black and get so much more texture. The shiny shirt, the slick hair, the metal... it's so amazing how you can do that! I love the contrast of the pink polkadots too.
blumeaniandglove 2009/1/11 - 19:47:19
apples in the human world are.... juicy.

I <3 Ryuk. (sp?)

mika 2009/1/16 - 13:32:17
No idea who the guy is, what I do know is this is one awesome pic, love the b/w!
winds-of-fate 2009/2/11 - 12:28:31
I must say I'm not a huge Death Note fan, but love the character design of the guy. You captured it well.

(9989) (link) Oekaki by blacklight, total drawing time 2 : 20 : 35

blacklight 2008/12/30 - 13:31:58
This is Punky the Poppet. He was your average voodoo doll made but with bones inside. 222 years later, another girl awakened him and he came to life (size!), and ...he's kind of mad at humanity for sticking pins in him all those years. So yeah.
dekutree64 2008/12/30 - 17:22:24
Nifty character design. I like his eyes. But he ought to yank some of those pins out, that one in his knee looks especially uncomfortable to walk around with T_T
jakusama 2009/1/1 - 12:0:42
Whooooa! Massive creeptacular! I have nightmares about this sort of thing. LOVE the design, and the coloring and background are really quite phenomenal. I like the shading for some reason - I'm utterly entranced by that. Beautiful work! (Creepy, but beautiful!)
mika 2009/1/16 - 13:34:2
Creepy is right, pretty darn cool to though.....nice!

(9988) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 0 : 20 : 54

blumeaniandglove 2008/12/23 - 2:37:33
ha. hope i made the time limit.

This is me, standing in snow that's up to my waist, wondering just how i'm supposed to get to work. True story.

Moscow, Idaho. Don't move there.
blumeaniandglove 2008/12/23 - 2:37:58
also i did this with my laptop touch pad. cause' i'm lazy and don't want to find my mouse X)
snoopywar 2008/12/23 - 8:27:32
You have a cute nose. :U
jakusama 2008/12/27 - 19:53:40
Love the expression. Sorry about the snow - ours just melted, and now there is freezing rain.... Oh boy. love how she, er, you, look a touch chilly, and the hair is gorgeous, Excellent job on the hair. :D
jennybets 2009/1/2 - 15:24:24
awesome pic! I went to college in Moscow and I live 50 miles north of there :)
blumeaniandglove 2009/1/3 - 0:50:47
yeah, i'm attending college.


it's seriously snowing here guys.
mika 2009/1/16 - 13:36:33
Do what I do....just take the day off and drink hot chocolate all day.....hey you could also do some more cool pics while you were off too.
winds-of-fate 2009/2/11 - 12:30:19
You could purchase highly concentrated amounts of sulfuric acid and put it on the snow. So what if it distorts the ecosystem, pollutes the runoff, and may melt your skin?
So does most politics!

(9987) (link) Oekaki by maemay, total drawing time 5 : 38 : 49

maemay 2008/12/22 - 6:11:23
Like my makeshift background.
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:34:32
There's something odd about this pic......but can't put my finger on it -the pose maybe -the anatomy -the shading.........well whatever it is it makes it interesting, and that's good in my book.
jakusama 2008/12/22 - 22:35:8
I'm ridiculously fond of the makeshift background. Actually. And I love the skirt. Something wild and crazy and awesome about the folds, and I totally want the boots. Shading is flawless, and I love the perspective. Very cool.

(9986) (link) Oekaki by dekutree64, total drawing time 6 : 32 : 11

dekutree64 2008/12/21 - 21:20:25
*jumps on the Sailor Moon bandwagon*
frosty_glow and piffle's pictures inspired me to watch through the first season again, and then I just had to do a picture too.
frosty_glow 2008/12/21 - 23:10:22
YAAAAY I love this! well done!!!!!
piffle 2008/12/22 - 12:22:9
oh my gosh i LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! this is what it looks like outside my window hahaha. we got like half a foot of snow and it's freaking everyone out (vancouver is supposed to RAIN, isn't it?!?!)
my favorite part is usagi's hair :D
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:30:2
lol....the one behind the snowbank made me project my coffee half-way across the room......awesome!
jakusama 2008/12/22 - 22:34:21
Omg omg omg! You have NO idea how happy all the sailor moon oekakis are making me. This one just screams fun, and it totally looks like something the girls would do. Massive love, I'm giggling. I love seeing them in all the different styles, too. I really like this one, and it seems to fit their natures perfectly. Love it.
golden 2008/12/23 - 12:53:30
This looks just like a movie still! Wonderfully drawn. Agreeing with jakusama, I'm loving the Sailor Moon pictures around here.

(9985) (link) Oekaki by gleeful1, total drawing time 0 : 31 : 40

gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:15:19
i got a tablet for $30 dollars yeahhhhhhh XDDDDD
it's my second day of drawing with it; it feels unnatural to me right now >o<
haha isn't it kind of sad that i spent probably 10 minutes messing around with the box tool? i have NEVER used the special effects in the Tools tab since day one of my oekaki adventures. >>''''''
winter break is HERE. i get one month off, so maybe i'll draw more here <3 is everyone doing okay?? it's only a few more days till the big man squeezes himself through YOUR chimney!
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:18:22
Tablets are great once you get used to them.
Big guy squeezing down my chimbley........probably after nicking my stuff :- must prepare traps!

Love the loose style - she reminds me of Liza Minelli (sp?)
jakusama 2008/12/22 - 22:33:3
love the hair. just. Love it. Wish my hair did that. I love how whimsical the style is. It's quite enchanting. Eyes are killer. <3

(9984) (link) Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes5, total drawing time 2 : 13 : 44

dorothyblueeyes5 2008/12/19 - 23:43:44
voice picture: God this was hell to do! I didn't mostly by my voice, with Dragon NaturallySpeaking software,; you can order the pointer to drag the tools around and paint and draw with it very crudely. But it is really hard to do . I kept doing it over and over, because the whole drawing Vanishing! Was vanishing! It disappeared! I worked on a really good geometric abstract that was very involved, and really looked great, and for some reason suddenly I hit the wrong thing and it vanished completely Bogarde -- oh, God! How frustrating. For some reason, you cannot even race anything or the whole drawing vanishes; so using voice software to draw with is very crude; you can only draw up, down, right left and upper and lower left. So everything is square; oh and I can't use anything except the one pointer the other tools do not work. So, drawing with your voice, with this software is very limiting and it is slow; and you make one mistake, and your whole complicated drawing painting vanishes. Since I have fibromyalgia so bad in my arms and elbows and hands and shoulders I was trying to see if I could substitute voice software to draw and paint with it seemed like a good idea at first. Maybe if the software was a little more approved, it would be very possible. I can tell the pointer to go up and down all over, it clicks it double clicks, and often it clicks on links and he gets me around the Internet and I don't have to use my hands; so it is very helpful but it's slow and it's clumsy and it makes a lot of mistakes; if it doesn't recognize your voice, which happens a lot then the orders don't come through right or they don't come through it all never mind if the mass it's much better to use your hands ha ha and. But I'm writing all this right now with my voice -- look Ma, no hands! Like I say, I bet you could change this software and revamp it to draw and paint with your voice; very weird. I had to read its stories to get used to my voice. But it's very helpful; I don't have to do all that typing anymore, but I can't do now; I can e-mail my friends and leave notes on websites and even do a lot of writing with my voice if I wanted to. You can also correct the spelling as you go along when it makes mistakes -- you can use your voice to press any key on the keyboard. Well I will keep going on; but it is very good software. It takes up a lot of memory I got extra memory for it. It is slow; you can make it go faster, but the speed is still a limited much more limited than your hands. Well anyway I'll stop writing I'm sorry I'm writing too much. Anyhow I'm going to try to be patient and see what I can do to use my voice to do drawing maybe I should do simple stuff at first; it does take PATIENCE. -- something I need to learn. Anyhow, it's nice to be back, cause I love this board and all of you your great artists and nice people too. (I still use my hands to draw in real life, but doing a lot of drawing on software is really too much for me at this time, with my hands, that is. Anyhow, I'll stop talking now ha ha).
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:20:33
WOWOOWOWOW you created this by voice? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FEAT! the colored texture sare wicked sweet too <<3333
i'm glad that you have the perserverance to draw even if it means directing everything with your voice. it is really interesting to see how you can verbalize the motions of your hand.
i really read through your looooong post. i hope that you are okay with your health!
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:28:13
Sorry to hear about your condition, I'm amazed at your patience at getting around how frustrating this must have been, 'tis good to know you are still around as your pics were always original (your commentry was always epic as well...;))
jakusama 2008/12/22 - 22:31:51
You're my new hero. You're... ridiculously patient and doggedly persistent with doing what you love in the face of wicked circumstances. That is SO impressive, and you've really inspired me. I think the piece is beautiful, and I'd like to think it was well worth the effort. Love the textures and everything, and I hope your health prospers. Much love.
blacklight 2008/12/30 - 13:33:49
WHOA...This is really neat!
I love the patterns, and it just goes on like, forever. It's amazing, like a map of the airport or mall, but, better. I like it.

(9983) (link) Oekaki by frosty_glow, total drawing time 2 : 17 : 39

frosty_glow 2008/12/18 - 23:23:10
another ariel because I wanted to do somemore practice work
snoopywar 2008/12/18 - 23:51:48
Love how soft and painty this one is.
dorothyblueeyes5 2008/12/19 - 23:54:44
this is a very beautiful painting, and you have a very nice effect of water; being in the ocean. Very nice
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:21:30
haha nice~~~ foamy oceans are the best. it makes the water have more personality.
golden 2008/12/20 - 16:14:56
OMG how wonderful. I love the concept and how you painted her face!
frosty_glow 2008/12/21 - 23:8:55
thank you guys so much!!!
jakusama 2008/12/22 - 22:29:4
This is awesome! Love it! I love the water, I think, the most. It's so uniquely depicted, and yet it seems so perfect for the softness of the picture. So warm... I bet she's toasty. (Unlike me.) Love the eyes, too. She's all like "Peekaboo!"
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:38:20
.....I thought the pic below was cool and was going to comment on it....however this pic kicked it's arse and stole the comment.
Simply put it's awesome, love the style -do more dammit!

(9982) (link) Oekaki by frosty_glow, total drawing time 1 : 46 : 54

frosty_glow 2008/12/16 - 4:1:41
I'm just practicing. I've been really sucking lately, and I hope this counts as... not sucking...
z 2008/12/17 - 16:35:32
Sucking? No, no sucking here. Just one totally beautiful Little Mermaid. x) The abdomen is incredible!
frosty_glow 2008/12/17 - 21:36:53
thanks! sorry that sucking comment
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:25:43
Awww! I love the little mermaid! I totally want to do a Mermaid Oekaki now. This rocks my world. I always wished my hair did the underwater float thing that Ariel's did. I'm so jealous of that, and you captured it really well. She looks like she's underwater. And I like how you made her fin have shiny scales. Very cool!
blumeaniandglove 2008/12/23 - 11:43:58
must be weird to be half fish.

this is very pretty :)

(9981) (link) Oekaki by piffle, total drawing time 1 : 58 : 36

piffle 2008/12/12 - 0:16:59
Fiiiiighting eeevil byy moooonlighhttt~~~

Venus looks really WEIRD.
bananarana 2008/12/12 - 1:28:21
oh goodness, it's coming back to haunt me! I just watched all of the Live Action on Youtube literally a week ago, and some of the anime as well. I absolutely adore their dresses, and I seriously want to have Mercury's. I'd kill to have it... @____@
golden 2008/12/12 - 9:5:28
I just love the fact that you used their respective colors to sketch them. Now I really want to make Sailor Moon fanart..!
frosty_glow 2008/12/16 - 2:9:55
I LOVE IT! I love sailor scouts
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:24:33
YES! Sailor Moon AND Twilight! Such an awesome day. It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the sketchy, andf the undertones of the senshi colors. Like they're not just outlined in black, they're outlined in black and blue, for Ami (who kinda looks like Alice in an awesome way) and black and green for Makoto. So pretty. You just made my day, my dear. Lovely lovely work.

(9980) (link) Oekaki by pif, total drawing time 1 : 47 : 52

pif 2008/12/11 - 1:17:47
My take on the Bella Swan ---> Bella Cullen transformation.

I <3 Twilight HAHAHAA (dork.)

Various ref. pics from Mucha artbook
golden 2008/12/11 - 9:11:53
Oh, that's pretty :) Now I haven't read Twilight, but I've heard enough of them to dare to guess that the upper one is Bella pre-Edward? I love her face. She looks cold, like you can only admire her beauty from afar.
pif 2008/12/11 - 20:42:53
i just realised i have 2 accounts... um.. are the mods able to transfer this oekaki over to my piffle account and just delete this account? @_@;
thanks in advance, either way
bananarana 2008/12/12 - 1:18:19
I haven't read the books either, but I did see the movie and my friend told me a little about the series. I like your depiction of her, though I'm also really surprised by how different she looks between the two figures. I thought she'd be pretty much the same save for a few extra... modifications, lol.
frosty_glow 2008/12/16 - 2:11:51
oh wow those eyes... I love the sketchy love put into this creation! these are wonderful, just lovely
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:23:1
I looooove Twilight. Beautiful Bella. I like how it looks like Freesia, too. I don't know if you intended the flowers on her dress to look like Freesia, but they definitely reminded me of that. Beautiful color scheme, love the ring, love the eyes. Mmm. Breaking Dawn. Beautiful work!

(9979) (link) Oekaki by bananarana, total drawing time 2 : 13 : 30

bananarana 2008/12/10 - 11:19:27
Err... let's pretend that my picture below was submitted 3 minutes earlier than it really was. >___>

Anyway. Not too sure if I like the coloring or not, so I went back and took a screen of just the lineart, lol. [link]
pif 2008/12/11 - 1:20:30
lmao she's so angry!
I like how you draw eyes
golden 2008/12/11 - 9:12:46
I can't decide which version is the best either. They're both awesome. Love the color combination :)
bananarana 2008/12/12 - 1:12:22
Thanks for the comments! : ) I actually drew this picture on my old laptop--I never realized how terrible the screen was until I saw it on a newer monitor! Ye gads, it's so... muted! It looks like I set the transparency really low, haha.
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:21:9
I like the softness here. I LOVE her expression. I'm like, laughing. It's so comical. And he's just got this big smile on his face. I like the colors, too. And I totally know what you mean about them looking different on two different computers. Very pretty!

(9978) (link) Oekaki by bananarana, total drawing time 2 : 25 : 21

bananarana 2008/12/10 - 0:2:17
where do I even start...? owo;;
Well, firstly, it's been years since I've been here, so hello again to everyone at rTACo.
Lately I've been in a drawing mood; my roommates are beginning to get annoyed with all the pieces of paper I'm leaving around the apartment, so I thought I'd dig up my tablet and oekaki something. Unfortunately, I never installed my tablet on my new computer, so it didn't quite work how it was supposed to while doodling (re: it didn't work at all). Oh well.
The pic was supposed to be a Harry Potter pic; if you look at the animation, you can see that I (very crappily) sketched him in there, but I ended up leaving him out since Ron and Hermione have... fluffy hair.
I can't say I love the pic (I don't hate it). Ehhhh
izzi-ink 2008/12/10 - 6:31:14
It's real nice.
I love how the line art is thicker when you outlined their shapes.

HAHA, i like Ron's expression:)
pif 2008/12/11 - 1:19:48
BAAH @_@ I love Harry Potter!! Ron is PERFECT. I love how you drew his hair

This totally put me in a fanart mood hahaa.
jakusama 2008/12/18 - 14:19:35
I love their expression! Sooooo classic! I can almost tell what they're bickering about. I love the background, too. I can never do nice backgrounds. You actually have a background, but it doesn't take away from the picture. So smooth, the shading and shiny is lovely.
gleeful1 2008/12/20 - 2:23:0
gosh, how could you fit harry in there?? it think the picture is quite busy as it is! hermione's expression is perfecto XD
mika 2008/12/22 - 22:19:52
Cel-shaded-alike goodness indeed!

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