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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(4838) (link) Oekaki by paultheodore, total drawing time 0 : 29 : 18

paultheodore 2008/10/31 - 12:24:52
lived ehs
jakusama 2008/11/21 - 19:14:18
Haha! You're around! I love your little doodles, they're so interesting. I really like the color gradient you used here. It's quite nifty.

(completed) (link) Oekaki by senobdec, total drawing time 3 : 13 : 47

senobdec 2008/10/16 - 14:8:23
WIP. Hopefully, a tribute to Joe Frazier when done.
Tips on proportions and figuring out posing welcome. Currently, his left forearm is a little high, should be covering his left abdomen and solar plexus.
here's a couple of pics: [link]
and a youtube HL [link]

jakusama 2008/10/18 - 21:18:53
How cool! I can't wait to see the finished product! I'm loving the lines so far. Quite impressive.
senobdec 2008/10/20 - 20:58:55
senobdec 2008/10/21 - 19:40:30
jakusama 2008/10/22 - 11:33:41
This is fun! Everytime I come back to TACo, it's changed! I like how it's coming along, and I've always been envious of your shading technique. Can't wait to see it next! <3
mika 2008/10/25 - 1:48:17
Looking good so far, and your track record says it'll be excellent when finished (.....if you finish it...lol)
senobdec 2008/10/31 - 23:8:59
senobdec 2008/11/10 - 11:28:47
jakusama 2008/11/21 - 19:15:3
*cheers on* you can do it, you can do it finish iiiiit! I love how it's coming along, and it's quite a treat to get to see it in various stages of being finished.
senobdec 2008/11/27 - 17:22:55
senobdec 2008/11/27 - 17:40:16
oops, oh well, can't finish it.
kelli 2008/12/2 - 19:11:52
aww...it was looking so good too
jakusama 2008/12/3 - 10:55:19
Aww... it's still pretty awesome. I wish I could have something like this and say "Oh well. Darn." It's really cool. And it was such a treat to get to watch you update, and see how your 'kakis come into creation. :)
senobdec 2009/7/20 - 21:21:32
Sorry guys, forgot to comment. Yeah, was just working away at it, my little brother needed the comp for his physics homework, so oops.

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated :D.

(4836) (link) Oekaki by solcress, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 52

solcress 2008/10/15 - 1:3:59
jakusama 2008/10/18 - 21:19:27
Cool! I love the line impact! Really cool. :) Starbucks!

(4835) (link) Oekaki by blacklight, total drawing time 2 : 9 : 51

blacklight 2008/10/12 - 20:7:28
blargh. It's been ruined somehow. It got saved bad, but I may as well post it here.. It would have been pretty cool but oh well.

Music doesn't always soothe the soul.
Sometimes melodies better left for dead
Can crawl into ones ears and hearts,
rattling every nerve and head.
lavalizard 2008/10/15 - 16:48:56
Neat character:). She looks like someone who'd play dark haunting songs in a basement. I like that kind of music:)

Music that doesn't soothe the soul... You mean like those horrible contemporary songs they play at department stores and such? UGH, I hate when those get stuck in my head and repeat endlessly for days *_*
jakusama 2008/10/18 - 21:23:41
If it saved bad, I can't tell. If the shading is broken, it looks really cool with the picture. Really neat picture, and I love the difference in the eyes, and the hair is pretty cool.
mika 2008/10/25 - 1:38:51
Like hell it is!......'Tis still awesome, and even more awesome to see a post from you again...:)
dorothyblu 2010/9/20 - 20:34:39
oww,I love it.You can really do it.

(4834) (link) Oekaki by golden, total drawing time 0 : 33 : 12

golden 2008/10/12 - 7:52:48
Seriously... What is up with the escrow function? I save it, I re-open it, and what comes up looks like two copies of the picture overlapping each other. I've tried opening it about 50 times and it always comes up like that. Why, why oekaki? What can't we get along like the old times?
jakusama 2008/10/18 - 21:25:36
It seems to be doing that, lately. I'm always afraid if I save, it might not save the right way. Screencaps are amazing, so then we can at least see it. :) Good luck next time! I love your stuff. <3

(4833) (link) Oekaki by winds-of-fate, total drawing time 3 : 17 : 18

winds-of-fate 2008/10/11 - 18:2:55
Eh. Not my usual level of detail, nor my usual style. I wanted to do more with it, but as I don't think you can lengthen an existing oekaki, I won't bother.
jakusama 2008/10/18 - 21:28:3
Oekaki seems to... be sick sometimes. I reccomend screencapping at each save, so if something DOES happen, you can at least upload it to photobucket so you can share a little bit of it. Sorry it didn't work. :)

(4832) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 0 : 53 : 59

artanis 2008/10/7 - 19:10:41
artanis 2008/10/7 - 19:12:13
whoops, forgot comment ^^;

this is a happy picture for me...
i hope you all have a wonderful night/day <3
jakusama 2008/10/9 - 0:48:15
Awwwww! It's so soft. The sketchiness actually doesn't detract from the cleanliness of it all - it's one of the things I find refreshing about your style. Shading is phenomenal as usual, love the hair and the lips and her eyes are amazing. Just... love it. <3 And yes, it's very happy. I really like the moon. It just gives a warm, fuzzy feeling. And after five hours of doing homework, it was a very pleasant thing to see. Thank you. <3
jennybets 2008/10/9 - 18:36:32
I really like how you are able to put a smile on the face and have it look right...I mean the eyes, cheeks, teeth, lips all go together and make sense. Some people (like me) have a hard time putting a smile on the lips and having it realistically spread to the rest of the features. Great job. This girl conveys youth and happiness!
golden 2008/10/11 - 1:5:46
Echoing jennybets, it's fun to see a picture were not only the mouth, but the entire face is smiling. It makes her look so happy. And it makes me happy when I look at it :D
mika 2008/10/25 - 1:44:36
You can't look at this and not smile.....it's jus' soooooo happy it make my tummy tingle...:)

(4831) (link) Oekaki by mika, total drawing time 1 : 51 : 15

mika 2008/10/6 - 12:10:56
Jus' doodling.
artanis 2008/10/7 - 19:14:36
i love how smooth this is... and those mysterious eyes...

lovely and elegant as always mika :)
jakusama 2008/10/9 - 0:49:48
YES more mika faces! God, your eyes are always so killer. And the lips. I agree, very smooth and pretty. Still love the eyes. Really intoxicating, like I can barely look away from them to watch the textbox to see what I'm typing. The light spot looks really, really natural. Which is weird to say, I think, but I find it really cool. Nice one!
ellinora2 2008/10/31 - 15:4:59
How do u get it all so smooth? :P
mika 2008/11/10 - 15:56:15
Pen tool on about 10-15 opacity and learn to draw with the soft eraser set about halfway........on Shii doodle that is!
embo 2008/11/15 - 6:43:49
da shiiit
love those angry glarin eyes

(4830) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 0 : 19 : 27

artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:46:17
sankyu 2008/10/3 - 20:0:30
and I did make a wish.

4 AM is a great time for making wishes, and thankyou.
jakusama 2008/10/3 - 22:51:19
It's beautiful... that's kind of what the sunset looks like off my balcony. Beautiful. <3
mika 2008/10/6 - 12:12:58
My wish could be that scene from my balcony........actually a balcony would be a start.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 15 : 12

russianruler 2008/9/27 - 19:49:55
darkness rising..............
jakusama 2008/9/29 - 12:11:28
Woohoo! Another neat piece. Love the lighting, again. You have quite a way with it. I love seeing your work, but I really think you should check out the rules so you don't get any pictures deleted. The moderators have a rule about one picture per room per day. And for this picture, maybe you meant to put it in a different room? It's severely under the time limit for the polished room. If you're unfamiliar about the time limit requirements for the rooms, check out this link: [link]

Also, check out the rules, here: [link]

The polish room is mainly for pictures that take on the order of an hour to complete. The idea is to work really, really hard on one picture, and then post it to Polish to show it off. Even if you worked really hard on it, fifteen minutes doesn't seem like it should be here. Maybe the timer was off and you spent more time? Sometimes it does that, but there are still two pictures posted in the same room in a day.

It would be really cool if you would tell us a bit more about it... I really don't know anything about you. All I see is a link to your website. So next picture you post, be aware of the rules and time limits, and tell us something that went through your mind at the time. I'm not trying to be mean, I just don't want your really cool stuff to get deleted because you forgot some of the rules. :D
russianruler 2008/9/29 - 16:15:15
i know the rules fairly well and i really hope that my stuff dose not gets deleted but if it must you are the boss... although i prefer it be moved...
i think the one per day rule is kind of well lets say unnecessary but i will or at least try to keeping the limit

i will of course oblige to your rules since you are the moderators and of course owners of this domain

about my work i think the picture itself says something so i do not usually write a page explaining it

and my web page that i attach as a signature is just my thing i do it everywhere if you dont mind...although if you do i will gladly change it

although sometimes my work is under the limit i really do not know what happened here i spent a deal of time here hmmmm..... idk ill remember to put an extra umf in to my time next time

thank you for your crit
~ me

mika 2008/9/30 - 8:33:55
It's 1 pic per room per day not 1 pic per day, and as for the rules being unnecessary.......interesting..... -as you have proved they are necessary to stop you flooding the boards with half finished pics.
russianruler 2008/9/30 - 13:36:9
well maybe you are right maybe not im to tired to argue

(4829) (link) Oekaki by ri-su, total drawing time 0 : 37 : 21

ri-su 2008/9/22 - 19:15:33
just a quick sketch of story-characters :) they're trying to blackmail their city.
jakusama 2008/9/24 - 10:30:50
Woohoo! More pictures! I really like the soft glow to the sketchiness.
artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:8:2
i love your characters :D

(4828) (link) Oekaki by kelli, total drawing time 1 : 10 : 39

kelli 2008/9/14 - 15:25:7
who likes color?
I do, I do!
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 20:21:28
Whoa! It's an explosion of color and shapes. Love it! The more I look at it, the more I can see. Very cool!
mika 2008/9/17 - 8:23:40
Me, me, me!
Hey there's a fried egg on the left.....cool ;)
artanis 2008/10/3 - 16:8:29
i <3 fish !!!

(4826) (link) Oekaki by z, total drawing time 0 : 19 : 40

z 2008/9/6 - 18:15:55
Had to get something out, good or not. Forgive the low quality. >3> Comments are fine, but no critique, please.
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 20:22:37
Haha! Oh man, that's totally how I feel sitting in class. Watching the clock... sometimes I even oekaki when I'm in the class. Hehe. Love the hair, actually. And I don't know that the quality isn't up to par, I rather like the sketchiness of it.

(4825) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 35 : 46

russianruler 2008/9/4 - 18:2:56
ice troll not finnished i got realy tired of him and desided its not worth it
jakusama 2008/9/16 - 20:23:15
so... will you finish it then? It looks like you had a good start though! Neat use of color.
russianruler 2008/9/17 - 12:12:9
i will not finish it

(4824) (link) Oekaki by russianruler, total drawing time 0 : 8 : 2

russianruler 2008/9/3 - 18:31:13
speed port of ben franklin very sppedy very slopy very cartoon c&c welcome
jakusama 2008/9/3 - 23:25:38
Hehe glad you're drawing. You can also save your work if you want to continue it later. :) Great start, I can't wait to see your finished works.
russianruler 2008/9/4 - 14:48:33
omg i can save "*BASH HEAD IN TO WALL*"

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