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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(250) (link) Oekaki by snoopywar, total drawing time 0 : 48 : 17

snoopywar 2005/2/13 - 17:14:21
For Lamra!! ^___^
As a gift for a new friendship. ^__^
:3 Hehehe.

P.S. This is Riku from Kingdom Hearts, supposedly. It came out a little sketchy cause I was in a bit of a hurry. <.<;; Sorry. ^__^;; I'll make it up another day. Promise. <3
lamra 2005/2/13 - 18:9:1
OMG thankew!! ^^!!! This is too much!!! OMG <333333333 X.o *spasums*
it's beautiful, his expression his gold! I love it! i love it!! ><!! Riku!! <3 this is so good... I'm getting speechless...omg thankew so, so much.. you're so sweet and caring ;~; *faints and giggles with joy at the same time!* XD!
snoopywar 2005/2/13 - 18:32:48
lol. Glad you like it. ^___^=
Remember I said I'd draw a better one for you.
Promise. <3

(249) (link) Oekaki by denize, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 49

denize 2005/2/13 - 6:58:19
A present for Chezzie. ^^ Because... she writes Die x Kaoru!! Anyways... this is a little present for her. It.. went a bit wrong. -__-;;
snoopywar 2005/2/13 - 9:35:19
Wow. Its really nice. ^____^
happywaterbottle 2005/2/13 - 11:41:38
very well done oO I love this :3
sakura 2005/3/7 - 21:46:25
Ooo I istnatly knew that aws Die and Kao Kao xD Yay for Diru! -hugs them-

(248) (link) Oekaki by higgins, total drawing time 1 : 41 : 48

higgins 2005/2/11 - 16:10:51
To mom-
for sending me an awsome v-day care package.
and because your day is sucky.
snoopywar 2005/2/11 - 16:33:23
Aww. Thats nice. u.u
mika-kun 2005/2/12 - 16:33:52
I'm sure she will love it, hope her day gets less sucky...:)

(246) (link) Oekaki by sweater-morph, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 20

sweater-morph 2005/2/9 - 0:41:38
For Adam... <3 Tsuchii... Sorry Adam I dont know your sn on here... eh heh, hope you like it.. TT___TT I'm gonna miss you! D:
mika-kun 2005/2/9 - 13:30:33
Don't see you around much these days SM, that's 'cos you are doing the cool pics in here.....
sweater-morph 2005/2/9 - 23:5:20

Thanks, Mika
embo 2005/2/10 - 22:28:58
indeed sweater morph! we don't really see you anymore. This is a really cool pic.


(245) (link) Oekaki by happywaterbottle, total drawing time 3 : 38 : 19

happywaterbottle 2005/1/29 - 19:49:58
For Ri-su! one of her wonderful characters!
omg I loved drawing this, and I love the character, and I hope you'll like my pic n.n
had so much fun w/ the water and the sky n.n
It's like... the first time I color someone tanned XD I think it came out well ^^
oki, I shush now XD
ri-su 2005/1/29 - 23:29:7
oh my god! hes BEAUTIFUL!!!(and smexy xd!!) you are the besst!!!!!1! omg i love this!
i love his expression! and you drew his clothes so well! even though the bottom of his pants are longer and theyre all torn up, it dosent matter (coz you couldnt see from the pic i made of him xD;;;)
i like the waves inthe background aswell, with the purple mixed in with them, makes em' more shineyer and flows nicer! wikky clouds, too!
now i'm gonna draw something for you! though i dont know what to draw you....
and once again, thanks sososososos much for this.
i <3 it so much! *saves*
happywaterbottle 2005/1/29 - 23:58:46
hehe i'm really really glad you like it n.n
I had the comic strip opened so I could draw him the most perfectly as possible XD
whatever you draw for me will be very appreciated :D you can take 3 months if you want, I don't care, I'm patient XD
heavenlystrike 2005/2/1 - 19:17:28
this is so adoRABLE! i want candy now... ouh ouh ouh i cant help but laugh at his expression XD XD XD I love this pic...but i don't know if i should say wow to HWB or to Ri-Su...anyway great team work n_n ...this might look stupid, but i love the waves in the back...WAVES, MARRY ME AHH! *waves *
mika-kun 2005/2/9 - 13:28:16
Excellent job Miss Bottle....had me fooled for a few minutes then....;)

(244) (link) Oekaki by snoopywar, total drawing time 2 : 38 : 45

snoopywar 2005/1/27 - 21:54:5
Hey. This is a gift for my Japanese teacher, since she's getting married and going away to Tokyo forever I thought I would do something nice for her.

=.=;;; Though this can hardly qualify as nice, I put a lot of effort into it. u.u;;;
The colouring sucks, yes I know. I didn't know how to do it. And I was being a little lazy. ::sigh::

Maybe I will do another one for her, one that is better. Once I get my own tablet. :3 Hehe. XD

Anywho. Yeah. Thats it. u.u;;;
jellybean 2005/1/28 - 10:19:4
wow, thats gorgeous! i love the colors you chose!! you're definitely improving quickly--this is great! XD
mika-kun 2005/2/9 - 13:26:25
I think it has all the qualifications for being nice, not only is it a great pic, but the sentiment behind it elevates it beyond 'nice', I'm sure she will love it...:)

(240) (link) Oekaki by jellybean, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 44

jellybean 2004/12/8 - 18:7:54
does this qualify as a gift?
its for my mom because she says i never make her anything anymore. well shes wrong!
icky shading XD
c&c always welcome
watermelon 2004/12/8 - 18:48:52
ooo ur so nice to ur mom. wait, it the one in the red u? just so its clear. nice job :D
jellybean 2004/12/8 - 18:54:22
o yeah...
Im in the blue, the girl in red has a few wrinkles ^_~ haha...sorry...
mika-kun 2004/12/9 - 19:10:25
Aaaaw! that's real nice..:)
embo 2004/12/19 - 16:31:5
this qualifies as a gift indeed. it's very sweet of you to make something for your mom. :]
ironicmonkeyy 2005/1/26 - 23:31:17
Ahaha. Your mom has my birthday.
jellybean 2005/1/27 - 9:38:47
yep...that would be correct XD

(239) (link) Oekaki by monique, total drawing time 0 : 41 : 49

monique 2004/11/24 - 19:28:50
This is for A Katshia Person...
mika-kun 2004/12/9 - 19:9:6
Hey! I like this guy....cool indeed...:)

(238) (link) Oekaki by syzygy, total drawing time 1 : 31 : 22

syzygy 2004/11/24 - 18:0:46
To Tayley-chan

"Although the sun's gonna blow up eventually and we'll all fry--"

<<Berke Breathed>>
tayley-chan 2004/11/24 - 18:11:8
GLEE!! ^_^ This rocks me to the core! Yay for Opus! And for gift pics of Opus! and just YAY in general! ^_^
jakusama 2004/11/24 - 20:40:45
wow I love mucho much, and I owe Tayley a piccy myself for the Serry & Crystal one she drew me... and someday I'll get good enough to draw a worthy one. ^^ I luff Loggy's works!!
jellybean 2004/11/26 - 19:16:38
how cute!!!! :D
faeriekatt 2004/12/28 - 17:41:47
:gonk: :heart:

(236) (link) Oekaki by jellybean, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 11

jellybean 2004/11/14 - 23:33:22
for jaku, ok its not the polished and 3-d masterpiece you wanted, but im not very capable of making things look real heheheh...
c&c welcome
jellybean 2004/11/14 - 23:34:45
oh no i forgot the little triger ring!!! *dies* and also i must have forgotten the pinkie finger...oh great...
mika-kun 2004/11/15 - 14:38:25
Hehehe, oh no what are you like!, Jeli...:)
jakusama 2004/11/16 - 8:11:10
haha oh my god thats so cool >< Sorry I didn't notice it earlier... I don't check the gift board much... >.> not used to people making me pressies... :D I love this though.. it's really neat... *does the happy little dance as she saves, then does a happy little dance again* I feel like drawing you something now, but I can't draw, and I dunno what to draw. *pouts and thinks about it, then randomly huggles some more* thankie thankie!! :D I'll figure something out for you... *huggles more*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by saturnraven, total drawing time 4 : 7 : 48

saturnraven 2004/11/14 - 22:5:57
For Logan. You know why. I've decided to draw alot more of him, and hopefully you'll replace it with the one curintly in your wallet. God I wish I was a harem girl..
syzygy 2004/11/14 - 22:14:8
I love him... I love his green eyes.
But theres not a snowballs chance Ill give up the picture in my wallet.
*hugs him, bows, hugs him again*

(235) (link) Oekaki by rock_n_roller, total drawing time 1 : 30 : 15

rock_n_roller 2004/11/10 - 17:39:12
yay this is for my friend andrea..lol aka andre dre! haha fun! yes well we are birthday buddies cuz we have the same birthday..lol! november 14th! woop! but yes this is the card i am going to give her! so c&c is always welcm! thx bye bye!
mika-kun 2004/11/15 - 14:39:36
A homemade card is always better than a bought card, especially when it's this good....;)

(234) (link) Oekaki by zeldagirl, total drawing time 3 : 10 : 20

zeldagirl 2004/10/30 - 12:8:7
My Halloween gift piccie for my friends. o.o Messy I know.. XD This started as a really random doodle and when I started to make it better I got distracted x_X .So yesh... that explains the timer thingy. o_O
zeldagirl 2004/10/30 - 12:14:10
Bleah the broomstick looks weird. o.o the pose is weird. everytihng is weird.
kelli 2004/10/31 - 13:55:9
cool colors
mika-kun 2004/11/5 - 17:18:27
Wierd!?.....I think not......cool??...definately!..:)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by rock_n_roller, total drawing time 0 : 55 : 30

rock_n_roller 2004/10/23 - 2:38:45
man i havn't drawn on here for a while...just been busy with skool and crap..lol..well yes this is for my friend randy...he he! c&c if ya want to!
coleslaw 2004/10/23 - 8:20:45
Sure, I'd love to c&c it! :D You know me :D:D

First, the hair. Is his hair shaved below the ears? If not, you should draw some below the ears :O If so, you may find it beneficial to do a picture from an angle so that you can see that his neck and half of his head are shaved. The shading is nice, but it could be a little darker.

The face is pretty good, everything seems to be mostly in the correct place. The nose, however, is at a 3/4 view, and the rest of the picture isn't. Also, his jawbone is very lopsided...one side goes up much, much higher than the other. The ears look like little lumps growing out of his head, partly because of the lack of dark shading to seperate them, and partly because of their shape. If you want to keep the unrealistic feel (like anime or cartoony styled) then just do more of a C shape instead of a ( shape. If you were going for realism, then you should look at the actual shape of the ear. It dips a little from the head at the top, curves up and around, and the curve at the bottom is smaller than the one at the top. His forehead is a little small, which makes it look pretty unrealistic. Actually, the eyes may be a little bit high. Again, the shading here should be darker and there should be more of it.

His neck is pretty long, and the highlight curving clear across it is pretty unrealistic, simply because that would indicate that the thing you're highlighting wraps straight across his neck, or from one shoulder to the opposite corner of his neck. it should be more of a V that connects the dip of the collar bone and the top corners of his neck. Also, the right shoulder is broader and has more of a straight slope than the left one, and it's up a little higher, too. The left ont looks great, the right one is too boxy.

That's pretty much it, just shade darker! I can't emphasize that enough. It will look weird to you at first, but just try it. It will make a big difference in your pictures!
nakisa 2004/10/23 - 10:45:31
Moved to the Gift Room... as it's a gift X3
maggie_sue 2004/10/24 - 15:56:31
ok, since coleslaw gave you anatomical critiques, I'll help you a bit with correcting them. Ashley, when you watch the animation on someone else's oekaki, you usually see a bunch a scribble lines laid out all over the place before they actually start on linework and coloring. The lines are called line gestures. These gestures allow you to place the features, pose, and movement of your subject matter. When laying out the face, begin by drawing an oval shape and, depending on which direction your subject is facing, draw a verticle line down the oval shape that will go inbetween the eyes and also fall on the nose and the mouth-this is called the axis. Next, draw two horizontal lines that will place the eyes and nose. After you have that layed out, adjust the shape of the jawline by using the axis as a guidline to where the chin will be. Ears, depending again on the direction your subject if facing, will usually line up horizontally with the eyes, and the neck begins at the bottom of the ears. Now you have a face ready to draw on, but first, we must place the rest of the body. This is up to you, but it's helpful to draw circles where the joints will be (shoulders, elbows, knees, etc..) along with this line guesture, you could also start placing the hair and the clothing--this helps you know better where to place folds in clothing. This gesture goes on the bottom layer so you can fade the layer out and draw on the top layer. The guidelines are useful when placing facial features as well as poses and even foreshortening. It may take you longer this way, but you will be happy with the result. Just start with the gesture and build it up to a finished piece, and have fun with it. I believe there are tutorials that further explain what I have given you here, and they also have visuals that make the directions a bit more clear. Keep 'em up, I can't wait to see your next oekaki!
coleslaw 2004/10/24 - 17:28:53
Lol, me and Maggie_sue should team up more often >:D
maggie_sue 2004/10/27 - 13:23:41
...how 'bout no
embo 2004/11/27 - 19:59:58

great critiques anyhow you two. although, teaming up does seem a little out of hand. lmao.

(233) (link) Oekaki by spoonalshmee, total drawing time 1 : 3 : 49

spoonalshmee 2004/10/22 - 21:29:2
kaye 2004/10/26 - 22:57:17
Oooh..she looks like a child with an adult personality.
jakusama 2004/11/16 - 8:14:27
For some reason I just thought of 'Pearl' from 'The Scartlett Letter' because Pearl's always in red. EVen though she has light hair, her mommy's is black... o.O anyway that was my take... I like it.. its nifty.
syzygy 2004/11/22 - 18:33:37
You know *why* you thought it looked like Pearl? Because this pictures is scary in that evil doll kind of way... and Pearl was evil.

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