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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 5 : 15 : 58

tayley-chan 2004/2/10 - 2:43:59
*Massages her hand* Whoo boy, that one took a while...

But it was worth it. I'm damn happy with how this came out. It was a kind of different pose for me to try, using a slight upward angle to the veiw so you seem to be a lil' bit below the character... I think I did a pretty good job on it.

I didn't spend QUITE as much time on this pic as it says. I had a couple interutions and such. I'd say take about an hour, hour and a half of the time. Yeah, that sounds about right.
padalyn 2004/2/10 - 6:54:23
WOW! this is great, the shading and angle are definatly at best- good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kodocha 2004/2/10 - 7:11:25
WOW! Its so PERFECT! How do you do that *drools* its so smoothe! Oh wow its so .........oh man words fail me. Its just that good.
mitsu 2004/2/10 - 19:17:4
Sweet character design! The design on her staff looks really spiffy. :3
cherber 2004/2/10 - 22:12:21
Everytime I see one of your pics, I shake my head and curse under my breath, because you're SO DARN GOOD! I am SOO jealous! I love houw smooth you get your image and teh design of the staff, and the knives (tools?) on her arm. Just so amazing! 0)_(0

insomniel 2004/2/11 - 2:32:51
very awesome design. really, how do you get the lines so smooth?!!! the people want to know.
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 9:53:40
It took me quite some time to reach the current level of smoothness in my oekakis... I manage it via using the watercolor tool for the line work and tidying it up afterwards with the wiht tool set to the same "A" value as the watercolor tool.

It also doesn't hurt to be a bit obsessive compulsive ^__^ heh
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 10:1:3
or, you know, the WHITE tool works as well >_<
coleslaw 2004/2/11 - 18:26:51
i am always amazed by how amazingly clean your work is. it's unbelievable to me how smooth everything is in all of your pictures. i don't see anything wrong here, other than her profile is much too drawn out and it looks awkward. other than that, everything is perfect.. i love the buckles on her arm, that's a GREAT effect. the 3 knives and the katana are wonderful, and the shading is amazing!! and the hand is GREAT!!!!!!!! awesome glove, awesome everything! great hair :D this is amazing!
gleeful1 2004/2/11 - 19:53:49
oh yes, u should be exremely happy with this. i can never get enough smoothness in ur pics and this one.... *__* awesome job w/ the shading on her weapons (metallic look w/ the glint and all). o_O i also like the design on the weapon she's holding. yup yup! *drinks up the smoothness*
cessy 2004/2/11 - 20:9:48
Such.... smooth... lines! Man, you are the godess of smooth lines and awsomeness and yeeees. And that hand totally rocks my socks. I love the design on the sword/stick and great work on the anatomy itself. Although I agree with coleslaw that the profile sticks out a bit too much (I don't know if it's your personal style or not) but the nose should be smaller, and the upper lip should be brought back so it only sticks out a little bit from the lower lip. The chin also seems a bit short, but that could just be fixed by bringing the lip and nose higher a bit. Overall though, you drawings make me drool. Awsome job! :O~
cessy 2004/2/11 - 20:10:36
Sorry if I sounded rude ;________;
draco_plato 2004/2/11 - 21:23:17
Yeah, the smoothness is really dynamo, and the shading where the boob is, is really great. But yeah I agree with the whole profile thing, but you tend to always do that so I just assumed it was a style thing?
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 21:45:21
The profile thing is pretty much a style thing. I've tried drawing profiles with noses that don't stick out as much and have hated how they turn out. So out-sticky noses it shall allways be, I'm afraid. Heh
monkeyman 2004/2/14 - 12:50:49
the smoothness is unreal!! sweet!!! i love teh coloring too!!! after that im pretty much speachless.

(moved) (link) Oekaki by amethyst-citrine, total drawing time 2 : 49 : 57

amethyst-citrine 2004/1/28 - 0:25:15
How do you let go of someone you loved for so long. - Amy.
chrislagace 2004/1/28 - 1:22:45
ee its sooo good ^_^ you always have a nice touch when u color. *envy* ^_^
kodocha 2004/1/28 - 7:41:54
Wow! I love your little stories that go with your picture.
pif 2004/1/28 - 10:21:24
i really like her lips, they're gorgeous!
lorelai 2004/1/28 - 10:49:48
i have no idea, and if you ever find out, let me know :(
kiwi 2004/1/28 - 13:35:50
oh...*huggles amy* it's never easy and never will be eh?
embo 2004/1/28 - 19:18:9
:( STOP BEING SO SAD ;____; but keep drawing this beautiful pictures okay? hehe :D
jake316 2004/1/30 - 1:19:44
Love is a flame. It can warm your hart, but it can also burn it. But time heals all wounds, so let it be on your side. PS Sweet pic, keep up these cool drawings, and cheer up ^_^;
maggie_sue 2004/1/30 - 14:9:17
You have been kickin' out some of the most beautiful 'kaki's lately that you have ever done. All of them, the linework, the coloring, lovely. This is no different. Honey, if you would like to talk, have someone listen, or even if you want some prayer, you are more than welcome to message me either on yahoo or aol IM-the nicknames are in my profile.
draco_plato 2004/1/30 - 19:55:39
heavenlystrike 2004/1/31 - 23:6:9
i have no idea for your question, if only i knew! I ENVY YOUR TALENT SO MUCH! someday could you do sumtin for me *puppy eyes* you have so much talent i think im gonna faint *faints*
ayadragonsheart 2004/2/1 - 2:12:49
uh.... um well he left not me so idno, anyhoot i love the bubbles. and the hair is pretty as well.
jack 2004/2/4 - 20:3:36
wow, the shading is beautiful!
gleeful1 2004/2/12 - 17:17:23
gorgeous and powerful... it's touching and deep. ur such an amazing artist! *___*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by cherber, total drawing time 1 : 13 : 5

cherber 2004/2/9 - 23:34:19
Transported to another world....
embo 2004/2/10 - 2:25:33
oh wow O______O cherber this is DEFinitely one of your best! great great job with the bg, especially the mountains, and the mood is so serene. good color scheme--very well harmonized. The girl's pose and shading are very good also, although if you had used a smaller tool to shade her jacket, that would have been a better idea.

overall wonderful pic! so glad you put it in polished :o)
padalyn 2004/2/10 - 6:55:32
i 'gree with embo, its really serene and the bg is awsome, i love all the colours you used in it!
mitsu 2004/2/10 - 23:9:28
Looks like paradise... so calm and beautiful. I especially like the grass and trees in the background. :]
naty 2004/2/11 - 14:23:20
OoO IT'S SO ENCHANTING! When i look at this, i'm at peace! <) The background is so spectacular! i love the reflection and the grass is ace and looks like real grass! =O Jebus how you do this!? you blend solids and watercolors so well it's quite frightening! *.* Awesome job Cherber! I'm sooo saving this on my pc when i get home! :D you've inspired me to work harder on my bgs. *love*
draco_plato 2004/2/11 - 21:30:41
So pretty.....that BG rocks....I am reminded vaguely of Hel from Matantei Loki (the whole scenery and reading a book part).
cherber 2004/2/11 - 21:59:7
Heh heh ever watch magic of oil painting? Those are my magic of oil painting "mighty mountains"! XD
monkeyman 2004/2/14 - 12:51:42
wonderful coloring!! i love the grass it must 'av taken forever!!!
kaira 2004/2/15 - 1:22:22
ooo... i luv the grass... the grass looks so real! ^_^ *pats the grass* Everything is else looks awesome too! I luv the way you did the refection thing in the lake... ^_^ awesome pic!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by quezzie, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 48

quezzie 2004/2/8 - 1:55:47
Started painting because I wanted to try rendering a nose. And then he/she/it happened. *scratches head* Blue hat, yay. The end.
yen 2004/2/8 - 2:6:39
O___O DANG. You are INSANELY good.
casper 2004/2/8 - 2:17:7
wow, that's awesome. Great. *thumbs up* love it
dt-adept 2004/2/8 - 2:33:18
OMG!!! SO REALISTIC! LOVE IT! I see like no faults in it! FANTASTIC! 11 OUT oF 10!
embo 2004/2/8 - 7:9:50

but seriously, that is the sexiest nose and lips EVER. (and beret :3)
selankatt 2004/2/8 - 7:17:21
It reminds me of the Rembrandt museum my friend and I went to in the Hague. Very classical looking.
milkshake 2004/2/8 - 11:27:58
OMG awesomeness! *falls over*
tarren 2004/2/8 - 11:44:47
*blink* this is awesome XD
padalyn 2004/2/8 - 12:54:8
i cant believe this is oekaki!!! 0_0
draco_plato 2004/2/8 - 15:23:23
heavenlystrike 2004/2/8 - 16:43:54
I love this!*____* lol its really really nice and looka the beret ^_^ lol! awesome job :3
chrislagace 2004/2/8 - 20:52:40
looks like painting *_* WAHHHHH

mmm flowy hair

The NOSE sooo nice the LIPS are too ^_^
mitsu 2004/2/8 - 23:9:57
*whistles* Now, THIS is an oekaki. :D I love the skin colors so much!!~~~ Looks like a real painting >:3
insomniel 2004/2/9 - 1:14:3
very very very cool. just like a real painting of a real person. awesome job on the lighting!
celestialchild 2004/2/9 - 22:41:55
Holy cowtails! This is beautiful! I love the pastel coloring; you're fantastic with realism.
megs 2004/2/10 - 7:42:29
d0000000de *_*~~~~~ I agree, I agree, this is fantabulous *o*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love the expression and the colors ye used *_*~~~~~~ Btw, just OOC, are ye the same Quezzie who used to frequent this board a long time ago ^^?
quezzie 2004/2/10 - 16:31:22
Tankoo so much for commenting!
Megs, in case you check: you got me. I remember you also (supahawsome art as ever)! TACo is always the first oekaki board I think of when the 'kaki itch starts. XD
megs 2004/2/10 - 17:31:5
Quezzie - Awesome ^O^! It's always really cool to see familiar faces around here ^________^!! But yeah, yer art is kicking butt as always XDD Ye should visit more often >:E!
cherber 2004/2/11 - 22:3:9
Wow...looks exactly like a pastel or soft oil painting. Soo beautiful! Love the way you rendered the lips and hair, and everything!
cherber 2004/2/11 - 22:10:52
I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks this, but this one is definitely a good one for the hall of fame, eh folks?
gleeful1 2004/2/12 - 16:38:44
duh, of COURSE this is hall of fame material. anyways, i was going to comment on this yesterday night, but it was late and i didn't want to be interupted on my comment of ur pic because... u are so f_ _ _ ing talented and i just am moved so much by what u draw! this looks as if it was painted. *.* i am such a freak over paintings, and to see an OEKAKI as if it was painted... now THAT is inspirational. she looks like an american factory worker from the industrial revolution. ^o^ it's hard to pull off expressions if ur not going for the happy look, the sad look, or the angry cliche expressions and going for the subtle kinds. u pulled it off well b/c she doesn't look boring at all (not staring vaguely. some other people *cough*me*cough* who attempt these kinds of in-between expressions get plain, dull, boring faces.) i just luv the way u used the colors *points to neck area and nose area and cheek area*. they seem to be different colors from the usual skin tones, and yet, blend in so well, but also at the same time adding something more to the depth of this piece. great shading on her lips and her nose looks incredibly life-like. the way you've made her hair seems to indicate wind behind her and maybe serves as a pointer to where she is and what she's looking at (u know.. like, the location's climate). there's a graceful quality to this pic as well. the tilt of her head.. the shading... all very well put together. i just can't keep staring - i can't believe that this is an oekaki and my brain keeps on telling me this is a painting. wow, i am eager to see ur next pic!! X)

(moved) (link) Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 1 : 10 : 4

mitsu 2004/2/1 - 13:27:22
Let's dance under the stars, Mr. Oekaki! :3
embo 2004/2/1 - 13:39:43


gaaah the tips of her hair are so gorgeous. i lovey you :3
insomniel 2004/2/1 - 13:53:56
wow. where do you get such cool ideas for character design? i love her gaze, very realistic. and her dreads are awesome!
kougra_girl 2004/2/1 - 15:9:28
o.o omg that is so cool!!! i luv the eys and the tatoo on her cheek and her hair and the bg and OMG!! *dies*
ayadragonsheart 2004/2/1 - 15:31:36
lol yah what embo said. nice work. i love how you used to contrasting colors of yellow and purple to great effect here. and the bg is candy for my imagination. nice work... but i also have a nit pic. i can see why you placed this in the doodle... the ends of the hair and chest are a little uncongruent witht the rest of the pics soft-ness.... though if you had fixed that i would be yelling polished room or hall o' fame.
selankatt 2004/2/1 - 15:36:56
I personally feel that the somewhat rough looking textures of the tips of her hair add a lot to the picture.
But that's just me.
happywaterbottle 2004/2/1 - 15:50:39
wow, this is so perfect. I really love her eyes and lips^^
caym 2004/2/1 - 15:55:45
What is this doing in the DOODLE room ? It seems like everything revolves around the amazingly captivating eyes : the more you move away from the eyes, the more it's sketchy. I find it very cleverly done : how wherever you look, you can't help going back to this bewitching stare. There should be a special "Hall of Super-Fame" for stuff like that.
monkeyman 2004/2/1 - 17:14:9
absolutely mystifying!!!! wow, you are amazing mitsu!!!! the face looks realistic, despite the color!! excellent mouthe and i really like the contrast of the hair. also the tattoo actually looks like its on the face!!! superb work!!!
mitsu 2004/2/1 - 19:22:51
Oh my, my pictures are so controversial! :F About the ends of the hair: I dunno, I just thought it looked cool with the harsh almost-solid tips. :3 Though I can see why it might be perceived as a flaw. As far as eyes go, yes I really like eyes. Though they're not my best subject, I think they're probably one of the most interesting features of the body--or face, at least--because they're the only part that seems truly alive. Heh, "windows to the soul" and whatnot. I'm glad everyone likes the colors, as that's why I was originally attracted to oekaki: you can do something colorful without the kind of time commitment I feel obligated to make when actually painting or using a full-fledged program like Photoshop. Okay, ramble time is over. >D
padalyn 2004/2/1 - 21:18:18
the hair is the best part! i love how it gets so much brighter, like she has glowy beads entwined in her hair or something :D
megs 2004/2/2 - 7:22:31
d000de, I agree with the other people who were saying this - why the heck is this in the Doodle Room O_O?! A most excellent piece *_*~~~~~~ I love the blending of warm and cool colors, and doode, the designs on the face *_*~~~~~~ The hair tis nifty too XD Again, excellent piece ^____^~
tarren 2004/2/2 - 9:18:5
beautiful ^^
coleslaw 2004/2/3 - 15:23:42
i'm glad this picture is now where it belongs :D i love the tips of the hair, i would never think that was a flaw. the skin is wonderful! everything is so great, awesome job!!
jack 2004/2/4 - 19:54:49
awesome...great hair and skintones
gleeful1 2004/2/11 - 23:39:22
i like this! lovely eyes and gorgeous shading. *_*
lili 2005/1/31 - 9:28:37
Kewl! The eyes are so intense! And the tips of the hair look like tiny little fireballs! The shading is great, too! Really pretty colour scheme. *Thumbs Up*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by irkyturkey, total drawing time 5 : 7 : 13

irkyturkey 2004/1/17 - 8:7:16
hey im still alive ! yay! ..meh what ever..reference used, C&C welcome..
kodocha 2004/1/17 - 8:49:34
WOOOOOW! Its so good!!!
troubled_youth 2004/1/17 - 11:44:54
hall... of... fame... it looks like a photograph!!! omg! *_*
mitsu 2004/1/17 - 12:57:5
Really goot job! But who is it? :p He kinda ugly, though your picture is pretty. >:D
dt-adept 2004/1/17 - 17:51:50
Definite candidate for a Hall-of-Famer. GREAT job.
kiwi 2004/1/17 - 19:1:18
wow...that looks so real! just like a photo! wow...that is so awesome! at first I thought it was something matrix-y ^^;
selankatt 2004/1/17 - 19:14:12
He looks so familiar. It's driving me CRAZY.
Who is it!? :O
Excellent work, by the by.
kaira 2004/1/17 - 20:1:49
very nice.... but there is something bugging me.... and it's driving me insane!!! What do the words say??? I must know!!!! *stares at the screen* grrrr.... still can't read.... very good pic though ^_^
mitsu 2004/1/17 - 20:38:16
kaira, it says "Baby when your [should be "you're"! :p] in the same room with me, I can't move..." :D The more I look at it, the more I love those glasses.
monkeyman 2004/1/17 - 20:38:19
drawing...nowaaay! excellent job! his voicebox thingy looks a little to pointed, but some people are like that. the ear is great as is everything else. the nose looks kinda funny but i dont know why, maybe its just me. excellent job!!
coleslaw 2004/1/18 - 13:42:37
i think this is great! the nose is wonderful, not everyone has a perfect nose. :D great job on everything, really, super nice shading, great neck and mouth and everything! awesome job on EVERYTHING :D
hanna 2004/1/19 - 10:58:2
WOW you are so talented o_O
i was wondering what the words said too and hehe i cheated by enlarging it >_< it says "baby when you're in the same room as me, i can't move"
look 2004/1/19 - 19:52:46
that looks almost like a photo
draco_plato 2004/1/20 - 0:32:56
First time I saw this I thought it was a photo, then I remembered that you can't upload photos here. *PHWA* YOU ROCK!!!
coleslaw 2004/1/20 - 16:42:3
sorry to double post (i seem to be doing that too often all of a sudden...), but this picture, every time i scroll past it, makes me start singing "video killed the radio star", and i thought you had to know that. thanks, because i love that song and now it will be stuck in my head for over an hour. :O

(moved) (link) Oekaki by selankatt, total drawing time 1 : 20 : 55

selankatt 2004/2/6 - 12:6:51
ipod love 2
treespirit 2004/2/6 - 12:39:21
awesome!! I love your style. And I love drawings of couples! XD I love it! Oh, And great background by the way.
padalyn 2004/2/6 - 13:4:17
aww another awsome cute picture!!
such cuteness :D :D :D
and great bg
insomniel 2004/2/6 - 15:53:39
wow, very cute! i love their expressions the best. and that's one awesome background! *loves stars*
kodocha 2004/2/6 - 17:51:49
This is so......wonderful! *is lost for words*
mitsu 2004/2/6 - 22:28:13
Woah, nice posing!!! Looks grrrrreat! :) I love the rosy cheeks >d
misu 2004/2/6 - 23:47:21
chic cheeks! XD this is awesome. they're so cute an in lourrrve... :3
monkeyman 2004/2/7 - 15:19:5
great job!! i like the pose and the folds in the shirts!
embo 2004/2/7 - 16:51:50
ahhh lovely warm colors. Their poses are so well comprised and cuddly hehe. :3 i love the idea and the shiny red cheeks >:D
enshoku 2004/2/7 - 17:19:23
That is so cute. O_O

(moved) (link) Oekaki by jester, total drawing time 0 : 59 : 21

jester 2004/2/1 - 12:27:47
Comment or Die!
embo 2004/2/1 - 13:1:36
lmao you're crazy. this is really trippy though O___O love the monochrome appeal.
kougra_girl 2004/2/1 - 15:12:3
it looks like a shamrock! *saves for good luck* :D
ayadragonsheart 2004/2/1 - 15:23:7
i'll have to try imatating your style sometime... looks a little time conssuming but nifty.
caym 2004/2/1 - 16:0:9
Did you grow tired of the Oekaki Circle ? Anyway your art is still fascinating, and the question remains : how on earth does he do it ?
draco_plato 2004/2/1 - 16:9:51
Wow......@_@ You could get lost in that.
jester 2004/2/1 - 16:53:58
I'd like to see someone Imitate my Style...
If you got MSN Messanger I can walk you through the steps...
monkeyman 2004/2/1 - 17:20:47
amazing!! its hipnotizing (sp whatever?) excellent pic!!
mogily 2004/2/1 - 18:7:27
WHOA. o_o
padalyn 2004/2/1 - 21:24:13
o no i might die if i dont comment! *comments*

ahh i want to poke this
megs 2004/2/2 - 6:17:27
Psychedelic, d000de XD For some reason the way the it turned out, it almost looks like a pair of butterfly wings to me XD;;; But yeah *_*~~~ A most skillfully done pic *_*~~~~~
mitsu 2004/2/2 - 20:25:43
Hrmmm interesting! It reminds me of the graphical effects on Windows Media Player. :p I don't have MSN, but it would be really interesting to see how you did this. Mayhap you could e-mail it? :D
jester 2004/2/2 - 21:33:7


Animation Of The Creation

drackon 2004/2/3 - 4:55:12
I choose death... DOH!! I COMMENTED
coleslaw 2004/2/3 - 15:31:3
lol, it's like eddie izzard: "CAKE OR DEATH?!!" "uhh... cake please." "oh, alright then. (to next person in line) CAKE OR DEATH?!?!"

*cough* anyways. this is so great! genius :D
jack 2004/2/4 - 19:58:53
wow, amazing work...its quite different from what I usually see here, but great nonetheless
kaira 2004/2/5 - 23:15:53
*stares* ...ooo dizzy.... @_@
gleeful1 2004/2/11 - 23:49:5
i shall comment: OMG, whoa. it's nice to see something different from all the other people pics. pretty freakin cool picture! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by dai-fuku, total drawing time 2 : 50 : 49

dai-fuku 2004/1/25 - 22:9:17
::crawls away::
artanis 2004/1/25 - 22:55:30
óż! indeed! XD I LOVE his hair!!! and his eye... oh, and his hand too XD Lovely picture! the colors are gorgeous... and so is he ;D

artanis 2004/1/25 - 22:56:22
O_o hey... where it has the "óż!" ... that was supposed to be a heart...?
rikanu_chan 2004/1/26 - 21:31:59
Such a pretty man! w00t. Good job on this! - Gives cookie. - Yaaaay. :D
amethyst-citrine 2004/1/27 - 17:38:8
Ooooh so Yuu Watase-ish. I'm in love with his mouth. *_* - Amy.
tarren 2004/1/27 - 17:45:4
why does he have a band-aid on his nose ???
dai-fuku 2004/1/27 - 18:32:19
He's really Michael Jackson? o_O
::munches on cookie:: Dankies. ^-^
amethyst-citrine 2004/1/28 - 0:38:57
Wowow -- I just noticed -- the tonage on those cards is such an awesome idea!! *_* - Amy.
kiwi 2004/1/28 - 13:40:43
he has dragonie wingies on his head!!!! I want! *starts tugging his wingies* this looks so great! the scaleyness of the wingies and the strandieness of his hair and the toneieness of the cards and the shadows and highlights and that little heart! I likie very much! I wanna make a plushie out of him ^__^
embo 2004/1/28 - 19:22:28
ahhhh the hair is so lush..and floofy...and detailed O__________O *crawls in and takes a nap in it* yum yum yum <:O
maggie_sue 2004/1/30 - 14:13:43
Woot woot, lovely! I like the dragon wings on his head, lol, so cute. Very nice piccie. Lol at Artinis, 0162 0189 doesn't work here, lol. Neither does the star, ace, music note... any of that stuff. There's got to be anothe rway to do it. Anywho, I am just going crazy about the hair, I can never do such fine hair *looks above at her 'kaki* wowzers.
heavenlystrike 2004/2/9 - 20:53:45
lol sooo cute as always ^^' lol i love the lil wings on the head so funnn you wanna grab them i love your artt soo muchhhh and im gonna steal your lil face like that :3 lol! oki im giving it back... /._.
bbh 2004/2/20 - 11:29:53
I love it! *gives thumbs up* It's spiffy-ass! XD

(moved) (link) Oekaki by tukuyomi, total drawing time 1 : 0 : 20

tukuyomi 2004/1/11 - 2:17:52
I'm back, after how many years?
I feel kinda bad for leaping into the polished room right away, but it certainly wasn't a doodle. You can see how lazy I got with the background when I realized that I was missing valuable FFXI time drawing this.
You can all figure out who it is, right? Gods, I hope so...
selankatt 2004/1/11 - 4:9:38
my preciousssss
embo 2004/1/11 - 5:1:46
*bites off your finger*

DAMNIT YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE BG'S THIS GOOD. D:< i like how everything is so dark and then there's that little spot of yellow. there should probably be more yellow lighting on gollum's body though. awesome job :O :O :O
caym 2004/1/11 - 8:57:12
The background reminds me of a cartoon and the silhouette of a comic book. All very pretty and stylish. The lighting is so subtle, it's amazing !
draco_plato 2004/1/11 - 10:31:38
omg......no....way..........that is like.....wow.....only an hour....? *passes out from amazement*
hitotsu 2004/1/11 - 11:24:14
lol...my preciousssss XD omg the background is tooo cool o_o; and Only in an hour? ahh..*dies* *lives again to comment* This looks kind of like pixel art ^__^ which btw is very cool. I think the atmosphere works well, and the subtle lighting is a really nice effect. Great work ♥
monkeyman 2004/1/11 - 15:36:57
awesome job!! so dark and then teh moss and ring...COOL!!!
troubled_youth 2004/1/11 - 16:17:30
those hobbitses tooks our precious... we will get it back...

evil you, being able to do such awestriking backgrounds. hah, my new word is kawaii. not kawaii, but totally awesome cool... uhm... yea. i like it. XP
midnighttailmon 2004/1/11 - 18:8:37
wow... all those dark colours... the background... the glowiness of the ring... that's just insanity. It looks so... wow. *is at a loss for words*
mogily 2004/1/11 - 22:25:29
oh wow. o_o that is cool.
tukuyomi 2004/1/11 - 23:55:28
Yeah, I did want to give him some lighting of his own, but I couldn't get it to look right. I took it into Paint last night and touched it up. It was something I'd wanted to do in Paint for a while, but Paint doesn't have masking, so...
gleeful1 2004/1/13 - 16:24:12
u are amazing! *_* i like how u made the rocks stand out and the lighting is smack-dab perrfectisssss!!
lorelai 2004/1/24 - 11:24:19
knocked me flat on my rear. awesome! moved to hall of fame, congrats!
legolasbowking 2004/1/25 - 0:1:47
I love LOTR like heck!
jtmantey 2004/1/26 - 18:53:39
thats pretty cool have you seen all the movies.
dekutree64 2004/2/24 - 23:51:29
TUKUYOMI-CHAN!!!!! I've missed you so!! I remember ye so clear but it has been forever! great pic! congrats on the Hall of fame witch you so richly deserve for this~!!
squirtle 2004/2/26 - 0:31:27
Woops sorry Tukuyomi-chan that was me Squirtle on that Dekutree comment there!!! Deku-chan in my big brother you see^_^; and he snuck his user name in on me! ^_^ welcome back again~!

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