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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by monique, total drawing time 2 : 53 : 3

monique 2005/7/6 - 3:13:22
I give you, Kyoko, and Riyoko Nimori!
artanis 2005/7/6 - 10:28:55
Cute! I love the guitar, and the kitty is adorable. I have those boots ^_-
mika-kun 2005/7/6 - 14:24:39
You certainly seem to like doing these....and that's cool 'cos we get to see 'em, great chars and outfits as always....:)
lorelai 2005/7/6 - 19:48:44
Are these Gaia avatar commission and/or requests? Just a heads up, I think i'm going to start requesting that commissions/requests etc. go into the Gift Room, due to how fast the other rooms move and how often we get Gaia avatar pictures :/ just wanna spread the love around :)

(278) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 0 : 53 : 39

shadrad 2005/6/28 - 15:46:31
For Pyro_77, cuz I wanted to draw her something to make up for being so annoying on the phone today.

Problem is, I accidently hit the submit button too soon. =( So its not exactly how I wanted it.
pyro_77 2005/6/28 - 18:42:21
LMFAO! how fun!


(moved) (link) Oekaki by truthofheart, total drawing time 14 : 33 : 39

truthofheart 2005/6/28 - 12:14:52
dedicated to my cool friend Karen who's in love with wood elfs
truthofheart 2005/6/28 - 12:16:3
EEP!!! wrong room wrong room! please if some one can, move this to the gift room!
truthofheart 2005/6/28 - 12:22:1
holly cow batman! that was fast! thank you grand mystyrious helper!
shadrad 2005/6/28 - 12:54:52
I thought you said in the test room that you couldn't shade....hmm...this seems like good shading to me!

I <3 the hair and pose. And the shirt. I really like the shirt for some reason.

(277) (link) Oekaki by lamra, total drawing time 1 : 19 : 8

lamra 2005/6/27 - 19:27:27
>< gah it didn't turn out like i wanted but.. This was all the effort towards Sebastian Jones :D such an awesome friend! :3 we're always going to be best friends forver! X3

(276) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 1 : 29 : 27

mika-kun 2005/6/23 - 16:7:42
An object of the surreal for the surreal.
jakusama 2005/6/24 - 10:23:52
whoa... this is really nifty.... very cool... are you making a tutorial over this?
lorelai 2005/6/24 - 11:5:30
Yes, in fact, that tutorial is sitting in my inbox right now ... must... put together...tutes...
surreal 2005/6/24 - 11:33:28
ahh! look its my name! :D
shwee, that looks so real too. o.o;
I am just amazed at how you do this .. you're brilliant. <3
embo 2005/6/24 - 17:14:20
the clever and meticulous shading makes my BRAIN hurt.

lorelai 2005/6/25 - 2:25:0
OK I SWEAR I AM NOT CRAZY but i'm positive that this oekaki has changed. stop toying with my mind!! ;o;

(274) (link) Oekaki by emerald, total drawing time 18 : 57 : 49

emerald 2005/6/21 - 19:26:55
Time is off. Subtract about,15 hrs or so... This is Lily Potter, age 14, Giggling at James during summer vacation.

This goes out to Christine, because its her favourite character to RP
C&C always welcome.
jakusama 2005/6/25 - 23:25:33
I really like her hair in this, but then I like hair that falls all over the place easily. C&C you say? I'm no master, but I can try. First thing I see is her ear isn't quite in the right place... the place where the ear comes out of the jaw bone (am I right on this or not? x.o) should be at the level of the bottom of the eye, so the topmost part of the ear would be in line with the middle of the eye. She's a tad bit disporportionate, her arms are rather skinny in relationship to the rest of her body but that could be your style, and if thus so, more power to you. *nods* I think those are the major points... hm... I hope that helps. I wish I were better so I could help you more.... ;.;

(moved) (link) Oekaki by shadrad, total drawing time 1 : 35 : 37

shadrad 2005/6/21 - 13:3:56
Happy (early) B-day to Donteatyellowsnow (I will force her online to see this!) and Happy B-day to all those with birthdays in June! June babies rule!

C/C please
happywaterbottle 2005/6/21 - 18:40:40
ooh this is adorable! the shading looks really good. if you could shade the hair that way, your picture would look even better. don't be afraid to make the shading on the hair darker :)
naty 2005/6/21 - 22:17:29
cute pigtails~ they look like little kindergarden kids ^_^! plus i love those snake straws <3! nice piccy :]!
mika-kun 2005/6/22 - 1:22:16
Hehehe, great birthday pic.....and so happy too, certainly made me smile!
lorelai 2005/6/23 - 11:19:19
I'll put this in the gift room for you.. :D

(273) (link) Oekaki by demo-demo, total drawing time 1 : 18 : 56

demo-demo 2005/6/16 - 18:42:24
madchen- Ich liebe dich
junge- Ist das richtig?
madchen- Ja
junge- Verlassen Sie du von Mein Kopf bitte

uh, the last line is probably a bit off on word order. i failed german for a reason.

Fur mein Freund, der Nathan
snoopywar 2005/6/16 - 18:54:51
I love these characters. Very awesome. ;)
ultraviolet_raiz 2005/6/16 - 19:8:34
Yay for german one. Heh. -proud she can understand that-
Anywho. Mein lieblings ist der junge.
demo-demo 2005/6/16 - 19:14:6
ja, der junge ist nett, aber mein lieblings ist das madchen.
german one was fun, but i refuse to take german two. that teacher was EVIL.
jakusama 2005/6/18 - 10:44:4
Parlez-vous francais, anyone? x.x lovely picture, just wish I knew what you said.
demo-demo 2005/6/18 - 17:31:18
femelle- je t'aime
homme- Cette droite est-il?
femelle- oui.
homme- enlever vous de mon tÍte

once again, word order is probably wrong, though i was always better at it in french than in german. i can't remember, is their word ordering the same?
jakusama 2005/6/20 - 22:42:3
Oh Merci, merci. I dont know if word order is the same, but I think the french is right... *scratches her head* I don't really know
happywaterbottle 2005/6/21 - 19:9:42
I'm francophone :D
well, your word order makes sense, except that I can't figure out what you mean by "Cette droite est-il". also, droite and tÍte are "femenine" words, so you should say elle and ma... but I dun wanna play the french teacher here ><
awesome pic :D I love the colors ^^
sayikura 2005/7/9 - 8:12:0
j'aime les diff. couleurs que tu as utiliser.
la chaise est une parte drole aussi.
: D

(completed) (link) Oekaki by mmbaroque, total drawing time 5 : 5 : 4

mmbaroque 2005/6/16 - 0:36:6
For Bananarana: Umeda-sensei from Hanakimi. (with cute little cross-dressing boy in backfround for no reason . . . other than he was cute at the time). Your own Umeda-sensei to help you recover from the ebilness of losing an oekaki. . . >.< We all know how painful that is.

The time is a little off, since I was working on and off.

Might erase cute little boy in background. What do you think? Anyway .... for yuuuuu, bananarana-sama.


(comments welcomed, btw.)
mmbaroque 2005/6/16 - 17:54:32
bananarana 2005/6/21 - 10:46:23
Erase the cute boi in the bg and die. T__T It's the small, crossdressing little ones that make me smile again after losing an oekaki. :D
And HanaKimi! :o I haven't read that in a long time. I remember when Dai borrowed off her discs to me, I ended up reading the thing all night instead of sleep. Needless to say I wasn't very attentive during class the next day.
Thank you. I'd draw you xxx, but (un?)fortunately that's not allowed here. Hehe.
... ::eats the blonde:: <3
mmbaroque 2005/6/28 - 14:54:37
I just couldn't stand my handwriting. lol. Just cleaned things up so it's all purdy. <3

It's done. That's it. Finito.

(271) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 3 : 0 : 56

mika-kun 2005/6/12 - 7:33:22
I forget who I made this for..........:D
surreal 2005/6/12 - 11:45:2
Holy .. holy .. ohmygod. WOW. -spazzes- Thats .. thats AMAZING. How in the world did you do that?! It's so, like realistic .. and .. I'm at a loss of words. I hate it when this happens. XD I'm sorry, but this is brilliant! You = god. :D <3
happywaterbottle 2005/6/12 - 12:32:36
so kewl o.o
emerald 2005/6/12 - 14:38:10
Maggie-Sue? I'm guessing thats who it's for.
kaiomi 2005/6/12 - 16:52:42
I worship your drawings. Oh good gosh your perspective skills are amazing. ^_^
maggie_sue 2005/6/13 - 0:56:30
Holy cow, you took me seriously? OMG I love you! you sweet thing you...thankies! I wuvs it muchly! :D That's fabulous...never knew my name could look so good....?

(moved) (link) Oekaki by blumeaniandglove, total drawing time 0 : 47 : 32

blumeaniandglove 2005/6/11 - 17:57:14
this is for Demo-demo. it's her gaia avatar done jhonen stlye. we're his stalkers. :3nod:

c & c if you want to
demo-demo 2005/6/11 - 18:3:38

*g* i love it. thank you, lotses and lotses. and i LOVE you!

ha ha, poor jhonen has the weirdest stalkers.
blumeaniandglove 2005/6/11 - 18:5:43
yes. together you and i shall...make him sign our books. >.>
demo-demo 2005/6/11 - 18:6:45
*hides* i just remembered that i was on TACo haitus.
uh... i changed my mind? *sheepish grin*
blumeaniandglove 2005/6/11 - 20:40:59
it was moved....ok

(270) (link) Oekaki by sakura, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 18

sakura 2005/6/10 - 21:50:24
Just messing around.

e.e tis been a long time since i've been here! I've missed you guys! e.e
sakura 2005/6/10 - 21:51:39
grah.. tis also for a friend e.e forgot to mention that. Considering it IS in the gift room. Don't ask about the blue kiss on his neck ^^;; it's a long story <3
lorelai 2005/6/11 - 12:2:39
It's a wonderful gift and a wonderful oekaki in general! :D
emerald 2005/6/13 - 18:7:34
Kawaii...Bwue kwisses! Kiss.Ssik

(269) (link) Oekaki by monique, total drawing time 2 : 29 : 54

monique 2005/6/3 - 0:37:51
This is for neverletmego on gaia. or whoever looks like this...
truthofheart 2005/6/28 - 13:39:8
awesomely cute!! :3

(268) (link) Oekaki by idgit, total drawing time 2 : 29 : 6

idgit 2005/6/1 - 18:20:29
This is a picture I drew for my pal [link] I love his photography and, quite frankly, the guy is sexy. xD So, yeah, here's my attempt at drawing him, and also my first attempt at Shii.

I was, orginally, going to draw him doing something completely different, but couldn't get he pose right, so yeah. *shrugs*

C&C always welcomed.

(completed) (link) Oekaki by dark-angel, total drawing time 2 : 7 : 7

dark-angel 2005/5/25 - 18:45:8
I finally finished my picture of Zechs though I had to do it again and ran into a few size issues. I used comic style shading. Hope you like it Dre! Sorry it's late. Happy Graduation! Thanks for being my Senior Sister.
lorelai 2005/5/25 - 18:52:23
That's cool, glad you finished it man! :) Just reminding you that you should probably reference link the picture you used (this happens to be quite a popular picture and many people can tell where it comes from) :)
dark-angel 2005/5/27 - 16:54:18
Oops, sorry the picture is from [link] I just forgot to post it 'cause I was in such a rush (not a very good reason either way sorry).
dark-angel 2005/5/27 - 17:54:4
I forgot to save it as completed so

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