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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?

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(moved) (link) Oekaki by draco_plato, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 40

draco_plato 2004/3/9 - 2:13:12
*coughs* Well at least I managed to fit in someone standing for a change. And there are three people...kudos for that....>_< oh! I resumed twice so there are actually two hours or more missing from the time -_-;;;
kaiomi 2004/3/9 - 3:27:47
*bows to draco in awe* YOU RULE!!! I luv the dude in the middle...he's soo cute! *glomps tightly* everything is just perfect ^^
kodocha 2004/3/9 - 7:36:33
*standing ovation* AMAZING!!!! I really like the people in the background. There so pastel. Now for a question or two. Is that dude in the middle an assasin? And why don't you draw girls much? (Same question for me... why don't I draw guys much?)
monkeyman 2004/3/9 - 10:49:20
magnificent!!! absolutely amazing!! its so professional! WOW!!! this is GREAT draco!! i pay homage!!!
milkshake 2004/3/9 - 14:25:40
DANG that's good! *_* The guy in the middle is great, nice sword.
coleslaw 2004/3/9 - 14:49:26
holy wow! i love it!! great, great job on everything!!! the guy standing is a really great touch, and the girl on the left is beautiful! i really like it, it's very dramatic :) awesome!
naty 2004/3/9 - 17:55:38
@0@ egads! thas so frontcoverofamanga material! <3 it all. the soft bg really brings them out too. Yes the girl is pretty, but i prefer teh..heh ..*drools* ..well u knows XD Marvelous compostion! Awesometastic work! ^0^ *worships Draco*
rakiru 2004/3/9 - 20:57:13
WHOAH....so official looking o.o;; and it's full of beautiful people..your lines are so nice and clean!!! *loves the colouring*
skee 2004/3/9 - 21:45:34
Reminds me of One Peice..... REALLY AWSOME!!!!
moppet 2004/3/9 - 21:53:15
Yeah, I love the clothes that you make they are always so origonal. You should show them off more. but its really great i like the contrast of blue on one side of the guy and then the pink on the other.
skee 2004/3/9 - 22:27:56
Thinks* THis really does look like One Peice well that might be y cus i just read there new manga today but i still say it does...*
luck 2004/3/9 - 22:31:5
I <3<3<3 You're too good :O I love the guy in the bg... He's beautiful. The composition is awesome, the colors are awesome...

And so shiny XD
coleslaw 2004/3/10 - 14:16:45
sorry, i just wanted to comment again because i think that moppet has a REALLY great point, all of your characters' clothes are always SO original!!!! and i always love the noses and mouths o_o awesome, awesome job!!!!!!!
blueflame0 2004/3/10 - 15:26:6
dang you Draco, how do you outline it...WHAT TOOL? Lol. Its really great Good Job man.
padalyn 2004/3/10 - 16:33:31
i seriously just want to go up and hug that guy in teh middle, i have a feeling that it would majorly piss him off


(moved) (link) Oekaki by artisticenigma, total drawing time 3 : 7 : 41

artisticenigma 2004/3/8 - 22:3:28
Hmmm I wonder who this could be? *smiles innocently* The reference image I (kind of) used can be found here: [link] The picture took a bit less than the 3 hours on the timer, because I took a break for dinner in the middle of it. Well, I hope you all enjoy. I just wish it were as warm here as it looks in the pic.
duo-san 2004/3/8 - 22:25:7
*o* Wowies!!! Tis HOTT!!! Well...I don't know who it is but I like it by the look of the reference piccy!! Awesome job at realism!!
stardust 2004/3/9 - 9:23:2
im goin out on a limb here.... is it gakt? *shrug* i LUV ur picture! XD realism is ur thing! the shading is EXCELENT! i luf the hair. =3
milkshake 2004/3/9 - 14:27:0
woa, great realism. I'm drawn to the ear, that is one good ear!
coleslaw 2004/3/9 - 14:50:11
holy wow! very cute >:D i love the necklace, and the face is perfet!!! everything is perfect! *chants* hall of fame, hall of fame!
artisticenigma 2004/3/9 - 15:24:32
Thanks everyone. ^_^ It is indeed Gackt, though I guess I picked a rather un-Gackt like photo of him to work from.
naty 2004/3/9 - 17:57:2
O.O woah!!! He so lifelike! *touches screen* eek! ish reallll! ^.^ Great job, he look very yummy in this! :P~
padalyn 2004/3/10 - 16:34:13
0_0 soo... nice... and lifelike *worships*
midnighttailmon 2004/3/10 - 17:59:0
*screams* GACKT! *attacks*
ok, I'm done. ^^; this picture really... Gackt...
*clears throat* ...this board is seriously Gackt-deprived. >3 I love his hair and how blue his eyes look... and... Gackt.
bbh 2004/3/11 - 18:46:23
Neeyyaaa!! Omigosh this rocks my socks off...!
laurie-kay 2004/3/11 - 20:30:13
*squeals fangirlishly* KWEEEE!!! *agrees* We need more Gackt...I mean, I would draw him myself, if I could actually make realism turn out half decent....which is exactly what you did!!!! This is so perfect....
dakkichan 2004/3/12 - 5:32:41
*gasp!* Gackt! Omg! The skin tones and the lips are so well done!
tarren 2004/3/12 - 19:38:9
O.o You know, I looked at it and screamed :D GACKT!!!! My parents were looking at me funny >> ; Awesome work! It's really realistic!
mika-kun 2004/3/13 - 15:10:3
o_O....never heard of him, great pic all the same, like the way you did the necklace doohickey
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:26:31
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^


(moved) (link) Oekaki by mika-kun, total drawing time 2 : 50 : 49

mika-kun 2004/3/8 - 16:6:34
...and on Thursday's the cap'n would buy pancakes......which was good!
milkshake 2004/3/8 - 16:23:23
*_* WOW, awesome perspective! The earth looks amazing too. lol at the quote...pancakes...^^
hanna 2004/3/8 - 20:40:14
why are you so good at perspective? @_@ I have to draw a two-point perspective for art class soon- a little help? :-D

beautiful picture btw :) WOW
kougra_girl 2004/3/8 - 20:47:45
thats sweet! its like, i dunno but its really cool! i like the view!
rakiru 2004/3/8 - 22:1:53
Whoah........CRAZY GOOD! I love the details on the ship's surface! *gapes at the greatness of the pic's perfect proportions* wow....the earth bg puts me in awe...WOW! AWESOME PIC!!
monkeyman 2004/3/9 - 10:53:21
WOW!! this is freakin awesome!! excellent work on the perspective! great work!!
coleslaw 2004/3/9 - 14:50:43
haha! awesomej ob, i love it! the ship looks so old :) great job, i love the perspective!!!! :D
naty 2004/3/9 - 17:59:11
Woooh! I love the rust effect! *o* Mika you truly are the pro at these mechanical things. *bops head* yep ^^ The Earth looks so gorgeous too! I is jealous! :} *runs off with the world* ...^O^ bwa ha ha!
embo 2004/3/12 - 17:45:40

mika's too good. ;_______;
gleeful1 2004/3/28 - 10:51:59
whoa! o.O it's great to see something different from all the pics of people on the board. *__* i simply <3 the textures!
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:26:40
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by rakiru, total drawing time 2 : 48 : 38

rakiru 2004/3/5 - 1:19:55
Eh, a tad sketchy and messy...like Rikku herself XD. Blah, I can't draw machinas or bgs for that matter..ouch. -.- *sniffs* whyyy?
peachestah 2004/3/5 - 4:31:10
aww this is really good~ i like the ur style of shadin ^^ and ur bg ish fine!!!
kodocha 2004/3/5 - 14:12:16
Thats amazing! I love the dirt/oil on her face! Also the little shine and well the whole face is cool!
syzygy 2004/3/5 - 16:5:21
Thats really good and very well done! You really know what youre doing ^^ I like it much. Your background is awesome, down doubt yourself ^^
kiwi 2004/3/5 - 16:42:53
Wai...! that's sooo cool!! I love how you shaded her overalliething and her gloves and her goggles and her hair and nya~ XD I love how you positioned her on the page and she has such a cute face! I love the controliethingies behind her too ... especially the joystick like thingie... I'm trying to read what's in the corner...but I don't remember which characters mean what ^^; I'm still too new to japanese...but very nice work on everything! do more FFX charas! ... please?
sakura 2004/3/5 - 17:27:59
o.o I love you! -hugs tightly- Rikku is the most awesome! E muja drec beldina! ( al bhed tranlation: I love this picture! ) yes.. said enough I acn speak al bhed, with out a translator o.o;;

I love the smudgyness of dirt on her face and the apron and gloves, and the background doesn't suck! It's really good! -saves piccy- Totally awesome!
coleslaw 2004/3/5 - 19:0:4
holy @#$%!!! i love it! the face is perfect, the hair is perfect... hell, the whole thing is perfect!!! i LOVE the shading and the entire composition, it's really really nice!! i love the whole thing in it entirity :O
monkeyman 2004/3/5 - 20:46:36
holy krap!!! this is freakin awesome!!! excellent lineart coloing. i really like the coloring, especially how she kinda looks gritty and has some greese on her. the highlights and shadows are very well done
mao 2004/3/6 - 5:6:41
AHHH!! hammie, that's so cool!! meow~ your artwork = rox. ^^
milkshake 2004/3/7 - 11:31:21
wow, I love this, especially the hair. great job!
mika-kun 2004/3/7 - 11:44:0
Gorgeous and so well drawn.....bloody marvellous!!!
heavenlystrike 2004/3/7 - 13:17:35
iiiiii RIKKU! aaaa me like alot its so great! go rikku go rikku go go go rikku :D the shading is so greattt *_*
gleeful1 2004/3/28 - 11:3:36
wow!!! the coloring is really nice and the bg just makes this pic rock!! \(^o^)/
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:26:49
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by artanis, total drawing time 37 : 47 : 4

artanis 2004/3/3 - 7:21:43
lol @ timer XD... a tad off XD
anyway--- hey guys! sorry I was gone for so long... ;_; I've been looking around the board, and it seems like everyone's gotten better since when I was last here... I guess I'll have to work hard to catch up! ^_~ About the picture... um... I love shi painter! Kudos to the mods for getting new programs ^____^
ketsuki 2004/3/3 - 15:14:44
awesomeness ^______^~ the clothing and the skin is amazing and I love that thingie on her head. and i love the soft glowy bg!!
maggie_sue 2004/3/3 - 16:22:30
reminds me of the original white mage class from FF.... coolies.
coleslaw 2004/3/3 - 19:20:58
omg, i think you just caught up with half of us (and you surpassed me o_O) this is so awesome! i can't get over this, it's perfect. i HAVE to save it! it's REALLY pretty, great colors! *chants* hall of fame! hall of fame!
tarren 2004/3/3 - 20:51:37
Is this FFX-2's Yuna? Anyways, awesome job :D This should be moved to the Hall of Fame :D:D:D
peachestah 2004/3/3 - 22:2:37
the costume looks reali good! and i like your style 2 ^^ draw more~~
kiwi 2004/3/4 - 0:15:0
Wai! the softness of the whole pic is like...wow! I love her outfit and the shading is awesome! Her costume looks kinda like a jazzed up white mage robe! cool!
draco_plato 2004/3/4 - 0:26:50
Sugoi!! It looks like a painting! I love it, I can't praise it enough! Hail-ho, hail-ho.
monkeyman 2004/3/4 - 20:1:25
great anatomy!! i really like the outfit too!
rakiru 2004/3/4 - 22:23:56
Whoah! PRETTY! Reminds me of the ffx-2 white mage dress sphere!!! PRETTY PRETTY!! *drools and oogles at it* O__O niiiiiicceee..
amystery2all 2004/3/5 - 13:30:2
Argh.. this is just amaaazing, so mooch talent.
mika-kun 2004/3/7 - 11:45:35
B-yootiful!.....and then some!
gleeful1 2004/3/28 - 10:56:7
i luv the pose, coloring, place, feel, accuracy... i luv this whole pic!!! *o*
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:26:57
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 2 : 16 : 23

maggie_sue 2004/3/2 - 21:59:38
meep meep, take some time off, I was playing with the lighting muchly.... Ummm, this was partially inspired by the song "All for You" by Jonah 33, the layout was taken from a picture I have in my room called "Forgiven." Also, somewhat driven by "Passion of the Christ" movie, haven't seen it yet tho-although I have read the Book :) Many inpirations in this pic, lol, even the "I Do" on the shirt if from my roomie's tattoo.
hitotsu 2004/3/2 - 22:50:51
unless i'm wrong, its my belief that ur still using a mouse?! *envies* omg~ this is just, plain amazing ♥ I haven't seen the movie (yet) but i LOVE the concept of this picture. nice lineart, nice colouring, great job on the folds ^~
draco_plato 2004/3/2 - 23:4:26
O_O the shading....cool....I like how it's conveying a sort of movement yet not. It looks very natural. The folds are really great as well.
artanis 2004/3/3 - 7:32:37
I absolutely love her pants. The shading and everything is great ^_^
kougra_girl 2004/3/3 - 14:5:53
yea wot artemis said lol. this is very nice! like how u even showed the holes in his hand *nods* i just now noticed the cross in the bg. that is very nice to! ^.^
kougra_girl 2004/3/3 - 14:13:46
artanis*** gah sry >.<
ketsuki 2004/3/3 - 15:18:32
whoa~ clothing...folds...oi. kinda scary ^.^"" but I love the solids and the theme has a very deeep meaning <.<"" so scary but true. very very nice and effective.
hanna 2004/3/3 - 15:37:30
you use a MOUSE?! I love the picture- especially the background. Stellar! =3
maggie_sue 2004/3/3 - 16:25:18
lol, hitotsu knows-I don't think I'd know what to do with my extra time if I had a tablet, lol.
kiwi 2004/3/4 - 0:24:6
done with a mouse?... >_< I need to gain some of your awesomeness skills! like right now!!! the whole feeling of this pic is really deep by the way. Kinda makes one think about ... a whole bunch of stuff y'know?
syzygy 2004/3/4 - 0:45:31
Beautiful, beautiful work. Exquisite, even. Though, the text makes me wonder somewhat.. makes me sad..
monkeyman 2004/3/4 - 20:4:7
absolutely amazing coloring!!! especially on the pants! its wonderful!!!
coleslaw 2004/3/5 - 19:4:24
this is so terrific, i really really love it!! great job on the clothing, i love the positioning of you both, and everything is just so .. great :)
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:27:4
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^

(moved) (link) Oekaki by tearlesereph, total drawing time 4 : 49 : 42

tearlesereph 2004/2/27 - 23:47:59
La Rosa
ketsuki 2004/2/27 - 23:50:53
LOVELY~~ So THIS is what you've been working on for so long. It's pretty =) and yes, your bg is a success. It's very sad. I love love love the softness of the pic. Keep drawing!
viva 2004/2/28 - 0:17:24
Absolutely awesome!Err... what do the words say? I can't really make out the last two words at the top.. Anyway, I like the way you shaded the shirt and rose! The rose.. looks great...as well as the abckground. nice.
tearlesereph 2004/2/28 - 0:20:11
I kinda wanted the words to fade into the background.. I guess I faded them too much ^^;; it says

"don't touch me with your dirtied hands...
... broken and used, I know where I stand."
celestialchild 2004/2/28 - 1:44:45
This is beautiful. All of your cool colors just blend together so nicely, and that rose is fantastic! Wonderful job.
kaira 2004/2/28 - 3:7:46
ooo... I like this ^_^ I like her hair... *wants blue hair herself* And I like the expression too... just conveys that message... awesome pic! ^_^
coleslaw 2004/2/28 - 9:27:59
holy crap!! this is so gorgeous! i LOVE the rose, it is SO beautiful... i really love the petals.. geez! everything is so perfect about that rose, i can't get over it! awesome hair and shirt, and great job on the whole picture!! i REALLY love it!!
heavenlystrike 2004/2/28 - 13:48:34
this is soo pretty it should really go in the Hall of Fame...the flower is so pretty the girl's expression is wonderfully perfect and the words adds such a nice touch...its perfect!
monkeyman 2004/2/28 - 20:51:29
this is VERY pretty, beautiful even!! excellent work! i love the rose to its WONDERFUL!!
hanna 2004/2/28 - 21:53:56
phenomenal! I love how the colors just flow together and the coloring's too awesome. I love the rose, the hair and the cloth ^_^ I love it!!
gleeful1 2004/2/28 - 22:6:4
ah, so lovely and the pain in this pic is so clear. the placement of her hair and how u made it kind of limp and tangled is very well drawn and colored. wow, great coloring and the rose is perfection.
midnighttailmon 2004/2/29 - 15:47:50
wow, beautiful. I love the rose (its form, colour, and the way you coloured it) and how the hair looks almost wet. The lineart is also great, and... wow, I just can't get over how that rose looks. Each petal is perfect... and the expression on her face fits everything so well (or is it that everything fits the expression on her face...?)
kiwi 2004/3/2 - 16:38:33
Wai...everything just fits with this pic.... the rose in the background is incredible with all of it's veins and thorns and shading and stuff, the girl's hair is beautiful and the textured background and writing and the lineie things on the bottom and top of the pic work so well! everything just draws you into the girl and her rose... so prettiful!
naty 2004/3/2 - 17:56:20
Holy moley! :O That is undescribable! The wet hair contrast the rose! *0* i really have no words! Obscenely gorgeous maybe!
hitotsu 2004/3/2 - 23:18:43
holy crap~! *loss for words* this is sooo good T_T im super envious...lol, awesome awesome colouring, lineart, background, rose, writing, EVERYTHING~! ♥ you need to draw more
james 2004/4/6 - 22:45:53
cool drawing.... would you consider being an artist for my web site (view my bio)
evilragdollsrock 2004/4/7 - 22:9:41
hello im lauren im new. i love that it is amazing! out of all the pictures ivve seen, that one has got to be my favorite...so much talent...
tearlesereph 2004/5/10 - 0:41:46
omg, I had no idea this was moved to here... I spent half an hour looking for it in the other rooms.... *Awwh* It's in the hall of fame now.... *ish ridiculously happy*

(moved) (link) Oekaki by bakamilphy, total drawing time 5 : 14 : 53

bakamilphy 2004/2/27 - 19:11:4
I died again. Now Im alive again. X3~

The real reason is my computer gives me problems that wont let me open the Shi Oekaki-thing.. which makes me mad... because I NEED to Oekaki, and I need to Oekaki at TACo. X3 and I NEED the shi painter...

Alas, I used the old painter doodle Oekaki. Erol from Jak 2 ^^;; I realized hes really fun to draw, Im not exactly sure why though. I didnt use a referece for this, I wanted to see if I could remember stuffs from the last time I used one drawing him. Stuff is off, but it really doesnt matter much. Waah...didnt end as good as the sketch was, but.. feh... I hope this is polished X3~
hanna 2004/2/27 - 19:14:3
*Hooray for the revival of bakamilphy!*
I've always loved your work and never understood why you didn't approve of all of them! -_- Your style is so sharp and unique, and yes, of course it's definitely polished!
kougra_girl 2004/2/27 - 19:23:3
coleslaw 2004/2/27 - 20:18:12
awesome! you're getting soooo much better!!!! awesome tones, great everything! the eyes are in alignment.. *halelujiah chorus* XD great job! i've always really liked your toned works!! great, great job ♥
heavenlystrike 2004/2/27 - 20:48:43
eeeee this is too great i think im gonna faintttt *faints* the tones are more than awesome...*faints again*
monkeyman 2004/2/28 - 20:57:1
this is SWEET!!! excelletn work on the lineart and i really like the tones also!!
celestialchild 2004/2/28 - 21:14:23
This is excellent. Your art always looks so complete and full, and your tone abilities are astounding! I particularly like your balance of complementary colors in this. Great work.
embo 2004/2/29 - 13:22:12
milphster!! i can never get enough of your awesome toned pictures! this is such a cool profile! i hope shii works for you soon ;____; emby want see more milphy art :D
milkshake 2004/2/29 - 14:27:58
wow, great tones!
midnighttailmon 2004/2/29 - 15:50:15
I'd say this is polished-worthy *.* those tones are seriously kick-monkey.... and the lineart... waah, there's not enough I can say about this... it's so... cute.
kiwi 2004/3/2 - 16:44:53
Your usage of tones is worship worthy! *worships* It's so incredible how you know where to put which level of tones in certain places and his hair, skin helmetie thingy and clothes and everything and blah!! just to awesome to name specific things!! You should make a tutorial thingy and share your awesomeness with the world!!! ... or just us ^o^
hitotsu 2004/3/2 - 23:20:19
omg, you keep getting better, and better, and better~! @w@ wonderful lineart, and your just too good with tones ^_^; you've improved soo much when compared to works from say a year ago~you've got lots of talent. care to spare some XD?

(moved) (link) Oekaki by kunika, total drawing time 3 : 48 : 43

kunika 2004/2/26 - 5:13:22
The timer is wrong; I took liberal [and long] breaks. I was originally going to make this a gift, then I changed my mind into making it my 40K hit pic [at deviantART], then changed my mind AGAIN, and made it my upcoming kiriban, for my official website. So yes. La. The face is a little off, but otherwise, I think it turned out okay.

Oh, and I came here, because someone told me to visit, and remind people I'm not totally dead? To them: Yes, that is me, the person with the 'kaki in the examples page. ^^; Wow, TACO has grown up. Last time I was here, the applet still only had one layer...

I should'n't have done this. I should be either sleeping or working. Seriously. x_x
caym 2004/2/26 - 6:49:13
O_o great lineart, texture, colouring, great everything ! I'm not worthy to compliment on this, but wow. And I want that hat.
sakura 2004/2/26 - 7:37:13
-has a heartattack- Do you know how godly this is?? This is extremely good!! My gawd this is beautiful!!! The lines are beautiul and the colouring is soo different, but good. This is too awesome! The lineart just BLOWS my mind to pieces and it's so professional like. Beautiful!! Truly!!

...I'm sorry to say this, but.. FEEL THE WRATH of my BENDY STRAW! I shall now suck your brains out of your head. -pokes you straw, but flees in fear of awesomeness-

I'm saving this picture ^_^
draco_plato 2004/2/26 - 10:18:53
O_O OMG........WOW.......you are........awesome...
naohiro 2004/2/26 - 10:37:34
Wow. This is gorgeous. ^^
mariemaia 2004/2/26 - 14:15:17
*gasps* ::bows:: I am not worthy of being in your presence. I DEFILE YOUR ARTISTIC TALENT!!! *cries*
coleslaw 2004/2/26 - 15:16:50
oh my God. this is unbelievable!!!! it's perfect. i have to save it, it's so inspirational!! i love the lighting and the coloring is ace!! wow, this is so great.
mika-kun 2004/2/26 - 15:29:15
Goddamn...that's so cool!
kiwi 2004/2/26 - 16:2:38
!... This is so incredible...I'm speechless! Wow!! the lineart is awesome! and the colours and shading and the texture on the sparklieness is no amazing! I love how the line width varies in certain places and how detailed it is like with the seams for the hat and the small curls in the hair...even the texture used for the shading and the HIT! this is so ... great... now I feel so insignificant when I look at my stuff... incredible... draw more!!!
embo 2004/2/26 - 18:3:46
oh my g0d. angle, lighting, facial features, color scheme, well-comprised hues, AND DETAIL O________O this puts the polished room to shame! absolutely --stunning-- ;o;
shleigh 2004/2/26 - 18:8:26
is it even possible to draw this good! O.O
tarren 2004/2/26 - 20:59:51
O.o You. are. awesome. XD I love your colours :D:D:D:D:D and I want that hat XD
mitsu 2004/2/26 - 22:46:1
Teh colors and lines and eberyting, is leik teh awesomestest! So good it completely overpowered my verbal skills. :3~~~~~
heavenlystrike 2004/2/26 - 23:27:39
this is just too awesome to describe how i like it in few words *___*
ketsuki 2004/2/26 - 23:54:52
Incredible *speechlessness*

Your lineart is amazing. The colouring is awesome. *steals hat and boi away* *runs*
kaiomi 2004/2/27 - 2:43:56
everything is perfect!!! Is that a rabid chocolate bar behind you? *steals pic and runs away like a lunatic* MUAHAHAHA!!
monkeyman 2004/2/27 - 17:14:6
truly a masterwork of art!! this is extremely beautiful! i wish i had more descriptive words of how extravegent this is!! excelletn work!!
kodocha 2004/2/27 - 18:16:18
I feel as if I am in the mist...of a pro. You are wonderful. I love this. Everything. Everthing is perfect.
insomniel 2004/2/27 - 23:2:36
wow, THE kunika?!!! lovely lighting effects, i love how the picture looks so antique and muted.
gleeful1 2004/2/28 - 22:25:13
omg, i totally freaked out when i saw this pic. this doesn't even LOOK like it was done on oekaki. it looks like a proffessional painting or maybe an ad for an anime. even though u didn't draw much of the character, i can tell u already that the character design is NEAT. also, the lineart color and ur lineart is so awesome. nice color scheme and the textures are very well done. i like EVERYTHING about this pic!!! lol, i even like how u made the numbers and placed them. oh, i think it was a good idea that instead of making the light like a single ball of light, u made them kind of crystalized to add a magical effect. yup. u rox my freakin sox off!
megs 2004/3/1 - 0:35:2
d0000000000de *_*~~~~ Kunika, your art kicks @$$~ @O@! This is absolutely incredible O_O~ I absolutely -adore- the linework, and the textured coloring is just mindblowing, seriously *_*~~~
look 2004/3/16 - 1:40:6
Love the hat! great design! and great detail and coloring!

(moved) (link) Oekaki by peanutsweeper, total drawing time 3 : 29 : 34

peanutsweeper 2004/2/22 - 21:2:43
^^ Hi there--I doubt anyone remembers me...I haven't drawn here in about a year. Pwi, Timer's off, I was flomping around while I drew it. Just a little picture to say 'hello again!' ^^
sakura 2004/2/22 - 21:15:15
I think I remember seeing some of you artwork a LOOONG time ago, but it's nice to see such wonderful art on here! -hugs- Welcome back 8D
monkeyman 2004/2/22 - 22:7:14
i dont remeber you but your art looks superb!! i like the buttons!!! great work!
stardust 2004/2/22 - 22:58:48
*squeals* eee! so cute! ^^ im gonna be ur own personal screaming fan-gril from now on k? =P how adorable! kinda reminds me of my Rp character ^^;;.....wow.... that makes me wanna draw her really bad =^^=.... im off to do that then =P cutersom piccie! i really luf it!
mitsu 2004/2/22 - 23:29:17
ohm my gosh! I remember you! You've improved so much ^_^ Cute dude... I love the costume :D
maggie_sue 2004/2/23 - 1:1:24
Peanut man! I remember you! What up? Your art has definitely improved, nice coloring!
padalyn 2004/2/23 - 5:51:14
*runs and glomps* this is so cute!
kodocha 2004/2/23 - 19:22:5
....woah. This is VERY good! I love the thick lineart! Hello again! I think I may have seen you. Do you remember me? Well anyway I also think that the hand has some issues. The middle finger and ring finger seem too far apart. But, thats just my opinion. To get to the point I'd like to welcome you back! Welcome! (Did you notice the new painters? Shii Painter and Shii PainterPro?)
peanutsweeper 2004/2/23 - 19:25:55
Peanut man? Peanut girl I hope...^^;
Eep! screaming fangirl...O.O
peanutsweeper 2004/2/23 - 19:29:14
Oh, kodacha...I think I remember you, yeah. ^^;; Yeah, I have hand issues, you're right on the fingers. ^^ And yes, I like the new programs! Very nice!
bbh 2004/2/23 - 21:45:30
OoOOoooHHhHhh! I love the outfit! How cute! *fights back the urge to hug it*
kiwi 2004/2/25 - 19:9:4
Wai!!! cute cute! I love his outfit and his shirtie thingies and his wingie and tail are cuteness!! aw, I wanna make a plushie of him XD

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