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(10015) () Oekaki by dorothyblu, total drawing time 0 : 28 : 34

dorothyblu 2009/7/1 - 3:38:31
MISERABLE ALL NIGHT,WITH RAMPAGING YEAST INFECTION-the doctor's answer to every sinus infection,"drown everything in antibiotics,so it kills off all the yeast in everyone's body!"even 2 doses of diflucan have not cured it.so, have to go back to doctor tomorrow,for horrible pelvic exam.You guys should get this!especially you male doctors.and i have red headed skin, so i'm on pain killers right now
blacklight 2009/7/3 - 17:37:8
I apologize that this may not be the best place for health advice, but.. the forums are down. heh.

aww, i'm sorry to hear you're in a lot of pain. I have a word of advice for you though. The thing is, antibiotics kill off a lot of your good bacteria allowing overgrowth of unfriendly fungal yeast which is tough stuff that has an annoying ability to linger all over the inside you, so if I were you, I would work in some good bacteria with probiotics, or find additional ways to help with your problem like herbal / anti-fungal anti-viral plant extracts and try to take it easy on sugar because yeast LOVES sugar... Because I have experienced what being over prescribed pharmaceuticals can do to your internal systems, I felt a certain need to share this knowledge with you..
dorothyblu 2009/7/6 - 0:28:51
I am taking probiotics, but I do not know which anti-fungal plant extracts to take. I have never heard of them. Do you just ask the local health food store? Also, the pharmacist told me, Oregon has much worse fungal infections like this, that are harder to get over than the other states.I suspect it is because Oregon has more humidity and damp, and lots of rain. I'll go ahead and ask about the plant extracts. Thanks.
blacklight 2009/7/6 - 12:52:15
yeah, I live in western Washington so I understand. Lots of moisture and fungus here too. ^^

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