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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(9907) () Oekaki by ellinora2, total drawing time 0 : 32 : 39

ellinora2 2008/7/8 - 14:16:37
This is me, i just got dumped... so everything is kinda blurry. trough the tears. ;( <3
mogily 2008/7/11 - 17:42:3
I'm so sorry :( I can see how you placed your emotions into this piece. keep putting those feelings into art! it's very therapeutic.
mika 2008/7/13 - 3:42:36
If he/she had the nerve to dump you then they probably wern't worth the effort anyway.
jakusama 2008/7/26 - 13:33:14
Aww, I'm sorry about that. And I agree. They weren't worth it. But I'm hoping you feel better now - drawing out emotions always helps me to let go of them, and this is an exceptionally emotional piece, so I'm hoping maybe you were able to let go of some of it now. :) Hang in there!

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