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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(2732) () Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 5 : 41 : 17

tayley-chan 2008/6/2 - 21:2:14
Oh.Em.EFF.Gee! Teh dramas is unfoldin!!

Reth, at this point, has just woke up from a night where parties happened and has no idea why the heck Yoruko is all up ons. Nor that Hiko's in the doorway. Fun times...Fun times ^_^

This picture exploded from a plot-bunny-bomb a friend dropped into my head yesterday. It sparked a LOT of thought concerning RICS and sparked many a plan that will DEFINITELY help this thing finally get up and running proper. ^_^

Also... I realize, upon finishing and posting this thing, that it's really quite risqué and may be pushing limits for this board's rules... so if I've pushed the envelope too far with this please DO wipe it from the board, it's been promptly saved to my hard drive for my own uses anywhos so no worries and apologies if I did cross a line ^^'
purrdy 2008/6/5 - 19:17:26
Boobies! Hell yeah! Beautiful clean line art and color, Tayley. =D
sankyu 2008/6/6 - 9:41:52
Stop scaring the kids! :P
larstar 2008/6/17 - 11:37:46
The cleanness! :O I love your art :3
artanis 2008/7/3 - 15:49:2
hahahaha this looks like a potentially bad situation!! their expressions are fantastic... and your shading and lines are so amazingly precise, as usual ^_^ that translucent sheet is an awesome detail.
mogily 2008/7/11 - 17:35:6
haha, oh wowee. quite a scene! love how clean and neat everything looks.
jakusama 2008/7/19 - 23:23:53
I LOVE this. I laugh everytime I see it. Your lines are always so clean, and your shading is exquisite. Fabulous work, and I love the expressions. Especially his. Fabulous!

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