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(9866) () Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 0 : 23 : 38

dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/3 - 2:14:27
Dr.Chaplin,Peace Health Family Clinic,Eugene,Oregon,and Dr.Conty,Oregon Medical Group,Two of the Worst Family Doctors of Eugene,Oregon : Discriminate against disabled seniors,patients,who are on Medicare,and deny them vital services They need,under Medicare,to function and remain independent and out of nursing homes.

I just wanted to do portraits of these two bad doc tors,cause I am so personally fond of them.Dr.Chaplin sends her patients with orthopadic problems to psychiatrists to make decicions,and Dr.Conty is so dumb,he still sends orthopadic conditons to podiatrists.Both of them deny power wheelchairs to orthopadeic,senior patients,who have a long history of bad,orthopadic feet problems,that other doctors take seriously,in the past,and tell them that "I do not want you to become dependent on a wheelchair"(even if the patient has HAD A WHEELCHAIR,MANUAL,FOR MANY YEARS,awarded by other orthopadists.

I give my "medical malpractice,legally"award to these doctors."Sending a patient to a psychiatrist,for medical,physical problems(in appropriate treatment for a disease,which is medical maltractice,)"and misdagnosing a disease,not diagnosing correctly. Causing pain,injury,lack of indenpendence,and suffering to seniors who are physically dependent,and need to be referred to decent orthopadic treatment,and denying equipment to the disabled who need it,and are legally entitled to it, under their Medicare. Causing disabled seniors to either die in their homes,because they will not give them mobility devices they legally are entitled to,or causing them to be put in to rest homes,(because of this)so they cannot remain independent in their own homes.

Go ahead, sue me for Libel. It is all true.This is one of my favorite protraits.Hope you all like Eugene,Oregons', medical situation for disabled seniors who are dependent on Medicare. This is it.It is very hard to find a good doctor in this place.
dorothyblueeyes 2008/4/3 - 2:18:46
(p.s.,sorry this is so crude,guys; i have very bad tendonitus,in both arms,carpal tunnel,which ALSO IS GOING UNTREATED,FOR MANY MONTHS,by doctor Chaplin,or either of the few doctors i see here.They just ignore it.I have such bad pain ,i cannot sleep at night.People tell me,"you have to start tying alternative medicine,"guess that is the only thing left.
sankyu 2008/4/3 - 9:15:36
I think it's brilliant, especialy that horrible smile.
Also, you make, as we internet people say 'a good rant'.
Fight the power.
lorelai 2008/4/23 - 14:8:56
i've been fighting with Blue Cross for the past few months too and finally just had to switch over to Kaiser. healthcare in general in the USA is in the dumps, even to people in their 20somethings like me who are paying out the ass for them. ::sigh::

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