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(9750) () Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 1 : 18 : 33

dorothyblueeyes 2007/9/26 - 1:1:53
"MY EXPERIENCES AT PEACE HEALTH HOSPITAL,EUGENE,OREGON,WITH MEDICARE".--I'm so physically disabled,feet,I can;t hardly walk,and orthopedic doctor,dept,says to me;"You don;t have PAIN!"gives me arch supports,throws me out.

I had to threaten the administration,cause the regular clinic neglected my eye infection so badly,did not send me to eye doctor for months,I was desperate;oozing,puffed up,sick eye.I had to get MACHO,or risk losing my eye.It worked;they got me an eye doctor,cause I threatened them losing their insurance thru neglect.And,yes,I'm never going to get a good foot-doctor,or a private one.Not on Medicare.

Yes,foriegn artists,this is America. I'm 60 yrs. old,on disability, on Medicare.Doctors in America HATE MEDICARE,and most refuse to take it.Only place you get get em to take Medicare,is county hospitals,period.Forget trying to get private doctors to take it. So,all the county and community hospitals are overloaded,cannot care for everyone. You wait HOURS to get into your appointment,and then your doctor has fifteen minutes to whisk you thru the appt.;face it,in America you have to have LOTS OF MONEY TO GET DECENT HEALTH CARE. I know that if I get a catastrophic ailment, or disease,I will die,because the medical system will let me die. Maybe it;s like this in other countries,too(any comments on this?)All I know is,in all my experience,(California doctors all refuse to take Medicare at all,AND Medi-caid insurance.You're stuck with illegal aliens.)if you don;t have a lot of money,or very expensive medical insurance(NOT an HMO)in America,if you get seriously ill,they will let you die. I probably should not expect America to be any different than the rest of the world; old people have to have a lot of money,or you';re in trouble.I guess it's just human nature. Anyone from other countries,I would like to hear your expereinces too. Just curious about your care of the elderly,and disabled. Probably just the same,sigh. Nothing changes. The cartoon was meant to be stark,simple.
sabii 2007/9/26 - 10:49:28
you get the point through quite well! here in latvia it's much worse.. the waiting list is huge, the doctors are grumpy and are only ever going to do something for you if you bribe them. oh and the whole medical system is a mess and is very old fashioned, still stuck in a soviet-type atmosphere.
lorelai 2007/9/26 - 16:55:44
I am also of the opinion that in many countries it is MUCH worse. Bribery, horrible facilities, poverty, corruption and greed.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/10/4 - 2:5:5
Gee,I'm sorry,Sabii. I guess I do have it better.That's for sure.The thing that galls me,is that America TELLS EVERYONE, it's so great here,and since there is this extreme wealth here,the huge amt. of wealth in the US, stays STUCK UPSTAIRS, with the one percent of the population. The mass of Americans are becoming like everyone else in other countries;poor. Like,it does not do much good to live in such a rich country,cause most of us are never going to HAVE ANY of it. Plus,the cost of living is very HIGH. iF you want to survive at all,you have to move to a very poor,undeveloped state(and those are all being exploited,too) that does not have quite such a high cost of living.

Im sorry to bitch,when we have more than other people.I am lucky,I guess.But the "rich get richer,and own evrything"-factor is SO EXTREME, now,in America, there's no middleclass hardly anymore;it's now all the struggling,poor class. We're getting so much more like Latvia,it's not a lie. The Good Old Days of America, Land of Opportunity, are pretty much over. Our govt. is HUGE,powerful,wealthy,and we all have no control over it at all;it's just a dictator ship of sorts. If Latvia is that way,I'm sorry,but it's pretty much the same here.
jakusama 2007/10/8 - 0:33:39
First of all: I love the emotion in the picture. And then second: let's not blame the *doctors* for it, though. They can't help it. I'm very close to a lot of doctors, and I know that its really the government. doctors are sued more and more often for malpractice, even when its not their fault, so the industry is losing perfectly good doctors because the malpractice insurence is so high. therefore, the few remaining doctors times are limited and have to cost more. if people would stop sueing and the government could 1) protect patients more from bad doctors and 2) protect doctors from pointless sue-fests, I think all costs would come down. (I'm not defending your doctor, I don't know him/her personally, but I am defending all doctors that might be lumped into this category.) :)
dorothyblueeyes 2007/10/26 - 2:49:47
I know enough about the AMA and the "medical politics"to know that it is their huge organizations that have a lot to do with it.Yes,the govt.too.People en mass do not have THAT many winning law-suits against doctors and hospitals;it's very hard to win a big suit.I KNOW individual people in the US get stuck in huge,crooked HMOS,who's main business is to take money,and not give it back.Did you know,the medical profession has the very highest income of all the professions?OK,I realize that malpractice insurance is bad against doctors.But doctors are not helping PATIENTS anymore,they only take care of THEMSELVES,and their huge medical conglomerates.THAT is why people are so agreived against doctors;what are THEY doing,about this whole mess?Nothing.Doctors and their huge organizations just look out for themselves,now,and ignore what is happening to their patients.

Include dentists in that,too.I've been sick for months,and finally had to pay an extractionist(old infected root canal) a huge heap of money,and none of my Medicare would have paid for it;I would have died,otherwise.(Oh,and none of the doctors could find out what was wrong,all that time.)NOBODY in the medical or dental profession would have saved me,had I not been able to borrow that huge amt. of money to pay for it.No,emergency rooms do not handle that;they give you pain medication,and send you home.My eyes have been opened,in the last few years;if you get sick,you had BETTER HAVE MONEY.Whether you are in the US or anywhere else;or else you better stay young and healthy.

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