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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(4690) () Oekaki by rae, total drawing time 0 : 18 : 11

rae 2007/7/12 - 11:50:22
guesses :)
z 2007/7/12 - 16:1:23
The eyes of a demonic polar bear in a snow storm.

A moustache.

A handkerchief tied into a bow with the knot erased.


Whatever it is, I like it.
epiphanymoonchild 2007/7/12 - 18:15:33
Two swallows flying to kiss each other, the eyes of a crying theatre mask, carvings in a jack-o-lantern, fish tail.
embo 2007/7/14 - 14:32:18
I was thinking moustache as well!
rae 2007/7/15 - 11:7:27
teehee. it's a nipple... and a curved wrist. i like the bird idea too though.
z 2007/7/16 - 12:32:16
..-turns her head to the side- Ahh, well. I still like it.
my_war_88 2007/7/24 - 9:12:58

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