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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(9558) () Oekaki by umi-chan, total drawing time 1 : 26 : 11

umi-chan 2007/1/20 - 22:42:48
she's blond ! -_- just random practice with shading and watercolour ^^
sabii 2007/1/21 - 1:19:25
your faces are allways so pretty *o*
melville 2007/1/21 - 12:23:55
Wow, I love her lips! They look so plump and i love the purple where they meet instead of using black.
cretin 2007/1/21 - 13:21:41
Great job on that hair! :O I like her lips, too.
dorothyblueeyes 2007/2/3 - 23:53:2
lovely model...blond???is this you??Very nice, just one comment; do you like to draw other types of faces?Maybe someone with wrinkles?Or not so perfect?You're so good,you could branch out,and do other types of faces, too.Keep up the good work.

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