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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(168) () Oekaki by dorothyblueeyes, total drawing time 3 : 13 : 29

dorothyblueeyes 2006/10/12 - 5:37:4
The Caterpillar on the Huge Mushroom,in Alice in Wonderland.: When I thought of the mushrooms,I thought of this wierd texture of mushrooms,and even the underside;it seemed most renderable in black and white,and the textures of the mushroom would show the best.I think I am getting better,with this one,on my "sensitivity"with the drawing pad.And my "sensitivity"with Oekaki software,too.I used to do pen and ink,many years ago,similiar to this;you have no idea how difficult this is to do,in real ink and pen.You had to be an overconfident,perfectionist to do black pen and ink(and brush,often)work;I used to be.I no longer am so well-nerved.NO mistakes;no erasing,no covering up.--and the diluted ink,with a brush,for watercolor,in this,would also be a nightmare;ink runs,blots,and does not always do what you want;lots. I used to LOVE doing that kind of work;I was SICK!(no,just young.)I am drawing and painting now,more than I have done in years,so maybe I'm getting better.But I wanted the delicate lines,in black,white,grays, for this. It is NOT perfect,but it was late at night,and I could not go outside,and hunt down a stray mushroom,to copy. ADVERTISMENT for Oekaki: Oekaki has given me back my desire to do artwork,because of it's ease compared to real 3-D mediums,which are more expensive,messy,time-consuming,and take up a whole studio of space.Otherwise,I probably would not be DOING artwork again.I am one of the "old"artists,who did everything from scratch,oils,watercolors,ink,ect.Guys,it was HARD.It was expensive. Ok,the old ways are great,but they are often too complex. I finally found the best side of technology; ART TOOLS. Anyone you know,gripes about how we do not need computers,you tell em,we artists do NOT want to go back to "the good old days". Learning that way is good,but not forever. I love this new theme, going to read the book,look for cute stuff.
mika 2006/10/12 - 22:1:39
Wow, you've really made those textures work for you there, I wish I could run my fingers over the screen and feel them, caterpiller guy is spot on too ....he has that slightly adorable yet not too trustworthy look about him....:)
I'm reminded of the old black and white Sunday paper 'funnies' when I see your work .....and in this endless sea of anime it's a definate breath of fresh air, I must insist you keep it up!
clua 2006/10/14 - 7:23:5
wow soo cool!
nice work dorothy!
---alice in wonderland?
i want to try too!!
dorothyblueeyes 2006/10/14 - 9:48:47
Thanks for the comments;I'm almost 60,I remember reading "Lil Abner" and "Pogo Possom"and the old comics in the newspapers,and comic books: I have to admit someting. During mostly the 70's,I did do comic books,wrote them and drew them.Published.We never made very much money,so everyone got out of the bizness. Me too. I worked as a cooking teacher,most of my life,and did art on the side. Yeah,I used to ogle all those old ink illustrations. sigh.Must have rubbed off.
mika 2006/10/16 - 10:15:28
I can't actually say I know Lil' Abner and co because I'm from the UK and we didn't get them here, but before my obsession with Calvin and Hobbes I used to read things like 'The Broons', 'Beano', 'Monster fun' which heralded from the early 50's-60's, oddly enough I am trained in cartoon art and illustration and yet never do any of it (well rarely...).....:)

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