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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(2598) () Oekaki by rose_reverie, total drawing time 2 : 33 : 2

rose_reverie 2006/8/27 - 3:24:43
lala~ @_@ yesss it's very... ... .. haha i gave up halfway in between and got lazy. you can tell because it's nto very good =-=;; haha.
i haven't been on here in forever @_@ i think more than a year @___________@;;. kaka. yes. o-o well. hope you like it. critiques+comments appreciated ^o^~!
sankyu 2006/8/27 - 6:55:17
Your, a little insane.. and so is your art - I like it X D
lorelai 2006/8/29 - 9:45:55
your faces are so GORGEOUS!
chrislagace 2006/9/8 - 11:53:42
this is real cool! i like this a whole lot
coconut 2006/9/27 - 18:37:37
*0* the colouring on the face is great~

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