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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by rakiru, total drawing time 2 : 17 : 1

rakiru 2004/7/8 - 1:57:8
;_; In memory of my fat (ROUND) hammie, Chico. She's all curled up in a ball and washing ^^ *love love*. I know the bg is very plain, but I didn't wanna ruin the picture with my non-realistic-bg-ness. -_- murr..no talent in the background-making area whatsoever. Feel free to C&C.
mao 2004/7/8 - 2:18:19
EEEEH. It's Chico! Aw, it looks just like her Hammie! It's like looking at a photo. ^^ I wanna squoosh her again. ;3; (Pinch Tybby for me, will ya?)
kaira 2004/7/8 - 3:0:57
Aaaaa!!! It's soooo cute and furry ^_^ *huggles* I love how you made the corn and sunflower seeds ^_^ Awesome job!
coleslaw 2004/7/8 - 8:43:49
it is SO cute, i love it!! it looks JUST like a hamster!! :gawk: my ownly c&c would be that it looks a little unbalanced, based on the positioning of the feet. the foot on the right is turned in, and the one on the left looks either very small or barely touching the ground. but everything else is perfect! it looks alot like my old hamster, but she was a littl thinner (even when she cleaned) :D i love the corn and sunflower seeds! :sneezes:
sabaku-no-gaara 2004/7/8 - 8:57:26
:D I like this picture :) I could never do animal fur textures like that. Its so good :) kind of reminds me of a mouse I had to draw in art.

the in memory thing reminds me of my sister posting pic after pic on one oekaki of our cat hahaha..

FAT .... I like that! :P
heavenlystrike 2004/7/8 - 13:24:34
what a cute hamsteer! so adorable ;_; I can't keep hamster, they all die with me...thats me with animals -_-' but then i give them to HappyWaterBottle's family and they liiiiive! omigod I love the hamster so muchh! its so tiny and adorable ;) great job ;D
kaiomi 2004/7/8 - 14:46:36
awwww!!!! *cuteness overload* It's soo fuzzy and adorable! I don't think we can have hamsters in Hawaii if I'm not mistaken *pouts* I wanna have one now!
maggie_sue 2004/7/8 - 19:57:56
...so...cute. I dont' see what coleslaw's talking about with the feet, look fine to me, just look like the hamster is hunched over ready to nab some goodies. My only crit is the subject matter is so nicely rendered while the background is blank. Other than that, lovely job! :)
milkshake 2004/7/9 - 3:43:45
awww...cutest...darn...thing..ever *_*
senobdec 2004/7/9 - 5:12:50
Wow, that is great. Really wonderful coloring and the texture on the fur. I can see what coleslaw's talking about, the center of gravity is typically symmetrical with the feet (and here the feet are to far to the left - the hamster's right)
rose_reverie 2004/7/9 - 6:31:42
omg!! wahhh so cute... and so awesome! i love the way you did the fur - it looks very realistic. soooo cuuuuteeeee and adooraable ^^.
mitsu 2004/7/9 - 14:12:46
*squeal* That is so very adowible~! I wish I could take him home with me. :D Heh, I like hammies, too, just of a different sort. ^_^
irkyturkey 2004/7/10 - 6:41:18
awwww this is the cutest thing to come across the TACo for a long time..what cute little eyes and ears and feet..hehehe :D the corn is really drawn well, the background fits the picture nice and plain, besides its all about the fat hammie :D
enshoku 2004/7/11 - 19:37:51
Omg, I just want to eat it right now. XD;; It looks so freakin real. I just want to grab it out of the screen and chew on it. XD The details are godly. o_o
bbh 2004/7/11 - 22:55:20
Cute! Yay, a fuzzy little bundle of...FAT joy!!!! You did great!
z1ggy 2004/7/12 - 6:12:28
Adorable realism. Too cute for words ^^
kiwi 2004/7/13 - 17:25:40
ACK!!! Fuzzy Fat Fluffieness!!! *glomps* It so adorable!!! How on earth can you draw it's fur so well?!? It looks so real and squeakie and aaaaaaaaaah!!! Lookit the paws!!! CUTE!!! *implodes*
lorelai 2005/1/16 - 16:5:17
Hall of Fame-ed, Congratulations~!

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