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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by sunkite, total drawing time 5 : 33 : 44

sunkite 2004/5/11 - 8:45:33
decided to actually put some effort forth in an oekaki drawing for the first time.. haha as you can tell, i slacked off in the end.. oh well. sloppy sloppy :P
looks kind of demented.. lol
sunkite 2004/5/11 - 9:0:35
gehh.. its hard making images look anatomically correct when youre double jointed.. apparently my sister can't bend her arm like the upper right one, but i can ._. hahaha. im a freak lol :[ oh well.
jellybean 2004/5/11 - 9:52:58
yeah, im also double jointed. Besides the doubly-jointed arm, that is one great pic! fantastic shading and i love the expression! also, cool bg!!!

kaiomi 2004/5/11 - 11:38:52
Omg!!! The coloring is just awesome! I love the skintones ^_^ very very nice job!
milkshake 2004/5/11 - 13:7:37
wow great pic. The colouring is wonderful, and the arms and hands are perfect...I can bend my hand like that too, I wasn't aware that it was wierd O.o
pie 2004/5/11 - 13:58:29
*bends* I can put my hands like that too, I think O.o The coloring on this is simply brilliant, especially the skin.
coleslaw 2004/5/11 - 15:11:43
that arm is mostly possible. :)

i love this picture, the dress is so beautiful, so is her expression and her hair, the lineart is beautiful, and the coloring is amazing!! especially the skin coloring. beautiful, i'm very impressed O:
tayley-chan 2004/5/11 - 16:49:58
I'm hynotised by those eyes.

This is in the doodle room WHY?
tim_kai 2004/5/11 - 20:5:17
Quite frankly, I would like to know that myself. This is NOT doodle room material. You need to get that fixed immediately. There is just SOMEthing about that pose that is so endearing. . . sorta a mix of longing and resignation.
obiewolf 2004/5/11 - 20:48:33
this is..well... lovely! the skin tones are so nicely done and the bars and background are really abstract. i dont think this belongs in the doodle room ^^
senobdec 2004/5/11 - 21:25:51
Friggin awesome. Although... I'm not double jointed but I think I can bend my wrist that way... then again, I have huge hands. The shading on the face and clothes is awesome. The "droopy" BG and the bars is really cool. POLISHED ROOM at least.
mao 2004/5/11 - 23:18:18
this is DEFINITELY polished room material! it's so cool. o__o the colouring really makes the pic stand out. you can shade and highlight perfectly! the bg is interesting too, hehe. (i can bend my arm like that, btw. it's not hard. x_x;;)
kaira 2004/5/12 - 2:55:35
This is awesome!!! ^_^ I love the expression... and I can bend my arm like that too!!! ...but then again, perhaps I'm just weird, after all, I do have an uneven amount of bones in my hands (one has 6, and the other has 5 XP) Awesome pic!
sunkite 2004/5/12 - 4:41:15
hey! thanks for the comments everyone :] im glad you liked it! i'm glad i'm not a freak after all then! haha. i usually don't put much effort forth in oekaki drawings, but since people seem to like it when i do, i think i'll do it more every so often =] thanks again! i appreciate your comments! (i wasnt sure if this was polished room quality so i just threw it in the doodle room to be on the safe side hehe)
artanis 2004/5/12 - 14:34:10
aw! She's adorable X3 The shading on her face is gorgeous ^_^ I do that- the arm position- all the time on the swings (yes, I love to swing! XD) Her eyes are so very pretty ^_^
irkyturkey 2004/5/14 - 3:36:4
wow this is absolutely gorgeous! i LOVE the colours, very beautiful..
gleeful1 2004/5/25 - 0:31:5
nice coloring! i like how she seems to glow and she looks really sweet and nice! =)
lorelai 2004/9/19 - 14:13:26
Hall of Fame'ed. Congratulations!

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