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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by azure, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 13

azure 2004/3/15 - 20:27:12
Ahem...it did take over an hour, hehe. Anyway, its a girl at night who is 'apporached' by that man behind her. Thats that... comments and crits appreciated ^_^
azure 2004/3/15 - 20:29:23
Ahem, er. Approached, yeah. Thats it... ^_-

padalyn 2004/3/15 - 20:43:49
guy behind her- i find kinda really really scarry *runs away from him*
girl- she looks so pretty, her hair and eyes and overall shading are extreamly well done :D good job
mitsu 2004/3/15 - 20:52:51
Definitely one of my favorites of yours! I love her hair. :o
rakiru 2004/3/15 - 21:7:11
...freaky, but pretty! I love her hair!!! She's so pretty!!! ...is it just me or is that guy kinda cute in an odd, psycho, twisted way?
azure 2004/3/15 - 21:14:49
Thanks ^_^ Kind of cute? O_o I guess he is...in an psycho kinda way, hehe. Oh, I did some writing that you can see in the animation...its not much, yet it says what shes thinking ^_^
draco_plato 2004/3/15 - 21:20:14
AH!! This is so good!! It looks like a real pic from an anime!! Great coloring, so smooth!!
hanna 2004/3/15 - 22:27:25
It's...so...perfect!! That guy looks so evil and she looks so innocent =3 Shoo! It really does look like you cut out a pic from an anime and glued it on the comp! :)
dakkichan 2004/3/16 - 0:48:44
Wow...this is so pretty! Her eyes are very captivating and the night color tones are well done. ^^; Wow, that guy has dirty fingernails...I really like the shading on his Jacket collar.
look 2004/3/16 - 1:39:11
that's scary... the girl looks like yuna. :) very nice shading
pie 2004/3/16 - 12:59:1
Its beautifully done! The girl looks so innocent and pure!, the guy's going to give me nightmares though *shudders*... hehe.
embo 2004/3/16 - 15:55:20
you know what's my favorite part about this? it's when you say, "crits appreciated" HAHAHAHAH EXCEPT THERE IS NO REMOTE POSSIBILITYR(#W*$)(@*$@ O____________O

most impressive azure, most impressive indeed. >:O >:O >:O
naty 2004/3/17 - 0:5:18
O.O! And you are what!? a super drawing machine? ok! Jebus! I'm in awe! oXo Remarkable, i love everything about it! Esp the guy's yellowy teeth xD Grandtastic work!
coleslaw 2004/3/19 - 6:46:30
wow, critiquing this would be outrageous.. what could i say, that the hair is a little too perfect and you should tone it down a little?? o_o;

seriously, this picture is perfect. the way you drew her is amazing, the shading is phenominal, her hair is beyond perfect, the guy behind her is a great touch without looking like you threw him in at the last minute, and the coloring is over all phenominal. i love how the sky actually fits in with it, because the skin has a bluish undertone to it.. it's really amazing, totally and utterly perfect! the lineart is amazing, her face is perfectly proportioned, the hair is too perfect to even think about.. i can't get over this picture. the shading is phenominal, knocked my socks WAY the hell off.. knocked them through the wall and into the next room o_o; there's no way you could stop me from saving this, unless you come here, stand next to me, and shoot me in the head o_o;
azure 2004/3/19 - 19:49:52
Wow...thanks! ^_^
enshoku 2004/3/20 - 14:28:40
I love how you shaded the hair. XD The coloring is awesome, I ran out of words XD It's just great!
senobdec 2004/3/20 - 15:16:33
Actually I do have a critique (not the quality of the art per se since it is very good) but rather... why is she crying and not completely freaking out and screaming? That's what I would do if someone grabbed me at night and smelled bad (yellow teeth extrapolated). I would do other things too, then end up in a fetal position on the floor, praising this pic's awesomeness. Yes, all that for one measly compliment {;p> . Look! I'm a beatnik! I have a goatee! No offense intended.
coleslaw 2004/3/20 - 20:32:48
you're a funny character, senobdec :D
senobdec 2004/3/21 - 1:11:47
I'll take that as a compliment coleslaw. Also, I just noticed, awesome cross-hatching on the face and neck of the girl. But if you did it there, why not on the face of the guy (who incidentally is really cool looking... kinda like Alucard from Hellsing). Finally, the guys fingers seem to be crossed.... that doesn't make much sense as it isn't particularly natural or comfortable, but it's a smally quirk.
mika-kun 2004/3/21 - 5:59:13
'kin awesome....so professional.....
milkshake 2004/3/23 - 16:53:39
wow, looks great, especially how the white of the eyes stand out. I can't believe I didn't see this one before!
ayadragonsheart 2004/3/24 - 14:57:43
oh wow! so evil! mweheheh! I luf the eyes to death!
gleeful1 2004/3/27 - 14:38:23
my fav. pic from u HANDS DOWN.
amethyst-citrine 2004/3/28 - 17:34:36
I LOVE IT. - Amy.
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:25:29
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^
z1ggy 2004/4/19 - 13:36:12
Wow I'm not surprised! Such expression, detail and care ^^
yuki 2004/4/19 - 21:54:41
CREEPY MAN!!! ::::>o<::::: WAAAAH!!!
cherber 2004/4/23 - 5:33:40
OK, so is this the point where she turns around and knees him in the groin? Heh! Excellent work!
syzygy 2004/5/7 - 22:36:5
If you watch the animation, it says "Sometimes its better to smile... right?" ^_^ Anyway- my Godsh, completely and utterly awesome. Thats more than I could ever hope to aspire to. Pleeeaaseee keep giving us wonderful pics like these!
lenapo 2004/5/21 - 16:4:1
beautiful! i love how the eyes stand out from the other dim colours

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