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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by megs, total drawing time 8 : 44 : 37

megs 2004/3/11 - 8:25:46
Title: On The Balcony

d00000de, Shi-Painter is UBER NIFTY *_* I've been meaning to try it ever since I heard that it was 'installed', so to speak~~ I love how it blends the watercolor ~~~ Unlike the other Painter thing, it doesn't matter whether tis a tablet or a mouse, it still blends really easily *_* But yeah XD The time for this is off by a little as I took tiny breaks here and there (nothing more than 30 minutes total though :x) So yeah ^^ *flees*
draco_plato 2004/3/11 - 9:47:20
omg that's like the best oekaki ever!! *drools at greatness*
caym 2004/3/11 - 9:58:25
This is so soft and beautiful and dreamy and diffuse and... overall great.
monkeyman 2004/3/11 - 12:22:53
wow! this is amazing!!! the folds in the shirt are wonderful!! they look so real. the lighting and hair the hainds !!! everything is magnificent!!!
hanna 2004/3/11 - 15:39:10
Wow! I love the colors that you used- they all sort of flow into each other. I love the phantom-y effect on the girl! =3 I hope you oekaki more wonderful things =D
hanna 2004/3/11 - 15:39:10
Wow! I love the colors that you used- they all sort of flow into each other. I love the phantom-y effect on the girl! =3 I hope you oekaki more wonderful things =D
amystery2all 2004/3/11 - 16:32:36
The intricate patterns and the details on her clothes are so impressive! The whooole picture is impressive!
midnighttailmon 2004/3/11 - 18:59:36
Wow, that's really nice. Her face, clothes, the lamps in the background, her hair, the colouring, the lineart...
ah. It's all good. I'll just say that. ^^; I especially like the way you did her sleeve there. The folds are awesome.
kougra_girl 2004/3/11 - 19:17:30
thats REALLY pretty! i luv the bg too! the lights are SWEET!! i like her hair to!
laurie-kay 2004/3/11 - 20:27:46
Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! *squeals* This is so uber awesome!!!! You have such a big fan now....^.^'
dakkichan 2004/3/12 - 5:41:7
Oh my goodness @_@ I'm in awe, that green tint gives such a mystical feel and that lighting is just awesome!
embo 2004/3/12 - 17:43:54

this makes my stomach tinkle :O effervescent-like and so so dreamy ;____;
syzygy 2004/3/13 - 0:5:31
Three words: Hall of Fame. This is so gorgeous.. Im so envious! Shes so pretty, and everything seems so.. perfect.. you are a master! *bows*
mika-kun 2004/3/13 - 15:16:54
Gorgeous, excellent pic and excellent bg....very professional looking...
mitsu 2004/3/13 - 16:29:18
Soooooo soft I must pet it. Yesssss...precioussssss... :D
enshoku 2004/3/14 - 14:16:7
O_O Wowies... pretty..
gleeful1 2004/3/28 - 10:43:39
ah... so lovely.. everything seems to glow, giving it a soft and airy feel to it. the detail takes my breath away.
lorelai 2004/4/12 - 9:26:18
Hall of Fame-ed! Congrats!! ^_^
senobdec 2004/4/14 - 16:6:23
Much as I hate to critique this... is it just me or are her legs and arms just a tad too long (her hands are kinda small too....). This is beautiful. I love the coloring and the the BG is superb...
yuki 2004/4/19 - 21:53:24
er.....your porportions are kinda really way off...
-_-u normal human legs don't look like that.... but anyhow, pretty nice pic, eerie feeling
megs 2004/5/2 - 23:51:54
senobdec and yuki - I appreciate your unasked for criti...er, opinions, but I hate to tell you that unfortunately I was working off of anime proportions ^^. I agree that the forearm of the arm is too long, but as to the legs, what female in anime -doesn't- have unusually long legs, ne ^^? But yes, again, I appreciate that you felt obligated to bring these 'mistakes', if you will, to my attention, even if I don't agree with their validity ^^.

To everyone else, simply so that it cannot be said that this isn't present on this image, I ask (now let me put this nice and big so no one can miss it), PLEASE DO NOT CRITIQUE THIS. One more time, just for repetition sake - NO CRITS PLEASE. Thank you, have a nice day ^^.
afroanime 2004/9/2 - 10:20:43
how did u do this so well?....... *cries*

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