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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by kunika, total drawing time 3 : 48 : 43

kunika 2004/2/26 - 5:13:22
The timer is wrong; I took liberal [and long] breaks. I was originally going to make this a gift, then I changed my mind into making it my 40K hit pic [at deviantART], then changed my mind AGAIN, and made it my upcoming kiriban, for my official website. So yes. La. The face is a little off, but otherwise, I think it turned out okay.

Oh, and I came here, because someone told me to visit, and remind people I'm not totally dead? To them: Yes, that is me, the person with the 'kaki in the examples page. ^^; Wow, TACO has grown up. Last time I was here, the applet still only had one layer...

I should'n't have done this. I should be either sleeping or working. Seriously. x_x
caym 2004/2/26 - 6:49:13
O_o great lineart, texture, colouring, great everything ! I'm not worthy to compliment on this, but wow. And I want that hat.
sakura 2004/2/26 - 7:37:13
-has a heartattack- Do you know how godly this is?? This is extremely good!! My gawd this is beautiful!!! The lines are beautiul and the colouring is soo different, but good. This is too awesome! The lineart just BLOWS my mind to pieces and it's so professional like. Beautiful!! Truly!!

...I'm sorry to say this, but.. FEEL THE WRATH of my BENDY STRAW! I shall now suck your brains out of your head. -pokes you straw, but flees in fear of awesomeness-

I'm saving this picture ^_^
draco_plato 2004/2/26 - 10:18:53
O_O OMG........WOW.......you are........awesome...
naohiro 2004/2/26 - 10:37:34
Wow. This is gorgeous. ^^
mariemaia 2004/2/26 - 14:15:17
*gasps* ::bows:: I am not worthy of being in your presence. I DEFILE YOUR ARTISTIC TALENT!!! *cries*
coleslaw 2004/2/26 - 15:16:50
oh my God. this is unbelievable!!!! it's perfect. i have to save it, it's so inspirational!! i love the lighting and the coloring is ace!! wow, this is so great.
mika-kun 2004/2/26 - 15:29:15
Goddamn...that's so cool!
kiwi 2004/2/26 - 16:2:38
!... This is so incredible...I'm speechless! Wow!! the lineart is awesome! and the colours and shading and the texture on the sparklieness is no amazing! I love how the line width varies in certain places and how detailed it is like with the seams for the hat and the small curls in the hair...even the texture used for the shading and the HIT! this is so ... great... now I feel so insignificant when I look at my stuff... incredible... draw more!!!
embo 2004/2/26 - 18:3:46
oh my g0d. angle, lighting, facial features, color scheme, well-comprised hues, AND DETAIL O________O this puts the polished room to shame! absolutely --stunning-- ;o;
shleigh 2004/2/26 - 18:8:26
is it even possible to draw this good! O.O
tarren 2004/2/26 - 20:59:51
O.o You. are. awesome. XD I love your colours :D:D:D:D:D and I want that hat XD
mitsu 2004/2/26 - 22:46:1
Teh colors and lines and eberyting, is leik teh awesomestest! So good it completely overpowered my verbal skills. :3~~~~~
heavenlystrike 2004/2/26 - 23:27:39
this is just too awesome to describe how i like it in few words *___*
ketsuki 2004/2/26 - 23:54:52
Incredible *speechlessness*

Your lineart is amazing. The colouring is awesome. *steals hat and boi away* *runs*
kaiomi 2004/2/27 - 2:43:56
everything is perfect!!! Is that a rabid chocolate bar behind you? *steals pic and runs away like a lunatic* MUAHAHAHA!!
monkeyman 2004/2/27 - 17:14:6
truly a masterwork of art!! this is extremely beautiful! i wish i had more descriptive words of how extravegent this is!! excelletn work!!
kodocha 2004/2/27 - 18:16:18
I feel as if I am in the mist...of a pro. You are wonderful. I love this. Everything. Everthing is perfect.
insomniel 2004/2/27 - 23:2:36
wow, THE kunika?!!! lovely lighting effects, i love how the picture looks so antique and muted.
gleeful1 2004/2/28 - 22:25:13
omg, i totally freaked out when i saw this pic. this doesn't even LOOK like it was done on oekaki. it looks like a proffessional painting or maybe an ad for an anime. even though u didn't draw much of the character, i can tell u already that the character design is NEAT. also, the lineart color and ur lineart is so awesome. nice color scheme and the textures are very well done. i like EVERYTHING about this pic!!! lol, i even like how u made the numbers and placed them. oh, i think it was a good idea that instead of making the light like a single ball of light, u made them kind of crystalized to add a magical effect. yup. u rox my freakin sox off!
megs 2004/3/1 - 0:35:2
d0000000000de *_*~~~~ Kunika, your art kicks @$$~ @O@! This is absolutely incredible O_O~ I absolutely -adore- the linework, and the textured coloring is just mindblowing, seriously *_*~~~
look 2004/3/16 - 1:40:6
Love the hat! great design! and great detail and coloring!

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