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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by tayley-chan, total drawing time 5 : 15 : 58

tayley-chan 2004/2/10 - 2:43:59
*Massages her hand* Whoo boy, that one took a while...

But it was worth it. I'm damn happy with how this came out. It was a kind of different pose for me to try, using a slight upward angle to the veiw so you seem to be a lil' bit below the character... I think I did a pretty good job on it.

I didn't spend QUITE as much time on this pic as it says. I had a couple interutions and such. I'd say take about an hour, hour and a half of the time. Yeah, that sounds about right.
padalyn 2004/2/10 - 6:54:23
WOW! this is great, the shading and angle are definatly at best- good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kodocha 2004/2/10 - 7:11:25
WOW! Its so PERFECT! How do you do that *drools* its so smoothe! Oh wow its so .........oh man words fail me. Its just that good.
mitsu 2004/2/10 - 19:17:4
Sweet character design! The design on her staff looks really spiffy. :3
cherber 2004/2/10 - 22:12:21
Everytime I see one of your pics, I shake my head and curse under my breath, because you're SO DARN GOOD! I am SOO jealous! I love houw smooth you get your image and teh design of the staff, and the knives (tools?) on her arm. Just so amazing! 0)_(0

insomniel 2004/2/11 - 2:32:51
very awesome design. really, how do you get the lines so smooth?!!! the people want to know.
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 9:53:40
It took me quite some time to reach the current level of smoothness in my oekakis... I manage it via using the watercolor tool for the line work and tidying it up afterwards with the wiht tool set to the same "A" value as the watercolor tool.

It also doesn't hurt to be a bit obsessive compulsive ^__^ heh
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 10:1:3
or, you know, the WHITE tool works as well >_<
coleslaw 2004/2/11 - 18:26:51
i am always amazed by how amazingly clean your work is. it's unbelievable to me how smooth everything is in all of your pictures. i don't see anything wrong here, other than her profile is much too drawn out and it looks awkward. other than that, everything is perfect.. i love the buckles on her arm, that's a GREAT effect. the 3 knives and the katana are wonderful, and the shading is amazing!! and the hand is GREAT!!!!!!!! awesome glove, awesome everything! great hair :D this is amazing!
gleeful1 2004/2/11 - 19:53:49
oh yes, u should be exremely happy with this. i can never get enough smoothness in ur pics and this one.... *__* awesome job w/ the shading on her weapons (metallic look w/ the glint and all). o_O i also like the design on the weapon she's holding. yup yup! *drinks up the smoothness*
cessy 2004/2/11 - 20:9:48
Such.... smooth... lines! Man, you are the godess of smooth lines and awsomeness and yeeees. And that hand totally rocks my socks. I love the design on the sword/stick and great work on the anatomy itself. Although I agree with coleslaw that the profile sticks out a bit too much (I don't know if it's your personal style or not) but the nose should be smaller, and the upper lip should be brought back so it only sticks out a little bit from the lower lip. The chin also seems a bit short, but that could just be fixed by bringing the lip and nose higher a bit. Overall though, you drawings make me drool. Awsome job! :O~
cessy 2004/2/11 - 20:10:36
Sorry if I sounded rude ;________;
draco_plato 2004/2/11 - 21:23:17
Yeah, the smoothness is really dynamo, and the shading where the boob is, is really great. But yeah I agree with the whole profile thing, but you tend to always do that so I just assumed it was a style thing?
tayley-chan 2004/2/11 - 21:45:21
The profile thing is pretty much a style thing. I've tried drawing profiles with noses that don't stick out as much and have hated how they turn out. So out-sticky noses it shall allways be, I'm afraid. Heh
monkeyman 2004/2/14 - 12:50:49
the smoothness is unreal!! sweet!!! i love teh coloring too!!! after that im pretty much speachless.

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