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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by sexylyon, total drawing time 1 : 37 : 41

sexylyon 2004/2/9 - 4:27:57
unknown 2004/2/9 - 4:34:27
THATS REALLY GOOD. I LIKE IT!!~ :D it has a nice feeling to it.. nice job
amystery2all 2004/2/9 - 6:32:57
..Oh my god! This is like.. too awesome! And you're new? It's so blended and detailed at the same time.. wow..
aibyouka 2004/2/9 - 8:20:38
Whoa o.o It's pretty and kinda creepy at the same time, what is that? :x
nakisa 2004/2/9 - 10:51:29
Sorry, I *had* to move this to the polished room, it's soooo purdeh! *.* I hope to see a lot more of your work in the future ^___^
hanna 2004/2/9 - 15:39:19
you mean this wasn't on the polished room in the first place? O_O
sexylyon 2004/2/9 - 16:23:28
grin... thank you guys!

um, was it supposed to be in the polished room? i was just messing around - insomnia, dontcha know. the i-dont-wanna-go-to-work-on-monday thing.

its purdy, isn't it? although i have no idea how the guy feeds himself, with arms that long. maybe they have to feed each other....

tarren 2004/2/9 - 17:2:22
my GOD there is something wrong with you. you call THAT SCRIBBLAGE?!?! *faints* sooo good
ironicmonkeyy 2004/2/9 - 22:2:43
quezzie 2004/2/9 - 22:13:56
Aw, don't cry, oekaki thinger. X3
Sweet fuzzy opalescent colors, I love the shimmery quality.
celestialchild 2004/2/9 - 22:44:11
O_o You call that scribblage? Well you can make me scribblage any day. This is captivating! Your color distribution adds an interesting effect.
mitsu 2004/2/9 - 23:6:29
Colorific! "O" I love the hint of a cityscape in the background. :D Gorgeous color selection. *melts*
sandra 2004/2/9 - 23:35:22
The colors, the colors!!! *stares* Those are some really NIFTY atmospheric effects there.
ayadragonsheart 2004/2/10 - 3:41:57
wow.... just wow.... i think thats the only thing i can say aboot this.... wow.
megs 2004/2/10 - 7:44:29
Scribble my...er...ahem XD; This is a most incredible piece *o*~~~~~~~~~~~~ The colors, the background, the absence of lines, all of it *_*~~~~~~~~ I love lineless CGs :3! Awesome awesome work ^O^~
milkshake 2004/2/10 - 10:24:6
*cough, splutter* ok I wasn't actually eating anything when I saw this but I'm sure if I was I would have choked on it! you call this a scribble?? It's AMAZING!
naty 2004/2/11 - 14:26:2
*dies* I want your talentedness! i really do! ^0^! This is gorgeous! it all pops out at you and stuff! @.@
dt-adept 2004/2/11 - 20:19:17
WHOOOOOAAA!!!!!! THAT IS SO GOOD!!! It's like some futuristic-fantasy world that could be in like some FF game! YoU'RE SO GOOD!!! 11/10 if it were possible.'

cherber 2004/2/11 - 22:12:22
I love this piece because it is just soo awesome, an it deserves to be well remembered. Love the background, the subject, very creative and the colours are earthy, but not boring. Truly awesome!
gleeful1 2004/2/12 - 17:5:43
whenever i look at this pic, it takes me to a new world. it's kind of like Will in His Dark Materials series when his fingers are *SPOILER* (well, not a huge spoiler...) cut off and all he says is "ah... ah..." in shock and pain and... something else that's disbelieving that his fingers are stumps. well, this pic is exactly how Will felt - including the pain. it's painful to see this pic because of the talent u display and the high quality of the pic. *o*
mushynoodles 2004/2/13 - 1:3:17
this looks so professional! awesome awesome awesome...
monkeyman 2004/2/14 - 12:52:37
incredable!!! wow!! its so detaile!!! its spectacular!!!!
look 2004/2/25 - 1:46:17
That's beautiful!!! the color and lighting is so beautiful!
kj 2004/3/28 - 20:14:49
this looks so cool!!i love the diffrent mixes of color!

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