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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by maggie_sue, total drawing time 3 : 12 : 23

maggie_sue 2003/12/6 - 23:49:30
I'm really surprised this turned out ok... let me know if you see anything I missed-I took a ton of breaks because I was getting tired of working on it. I used this screenshot: [link] enjoy!
maggie_sue 2003/12/6 - 23:56:33
ah crap.. I forgot to blur the background more. *smacks forehead*
insomniel 2003/12/7 - 0:19:54
this is absolutely amazing. it looks straight out of the movie! wah, i love dory! *makes whale sounds*
star00girl 2003/12/7 - 0:23:31
OMG!!!!!!!! this is great!!!!!!!!
Dory:"I shall keep u and name u squishy and you shall be my squishy
ketsuki 2003/12/7 - 0:27:56
WAH! *hugs jellyfishies and fishies* So kawaii! Looks like a scene RITE outta the movie! You are so incredibly good at this >_______<
ironicmonkeyy 2003/12/7 - 0:46:51
..did you copy the screen shot without having it on the picture, or did you draw over it? o_O just a question..
sandra 2003/12/7 - 0:48:11
ay, you and your magical powers of patience!
monkeyman 2003/12/7 - 1:2:59
holy cow!!! thats amazing!!! great movie too!
good job and the bg looks fine!
draco_plato 2003/12/7 - 1:23:54
It's from that movie that I didn't see cause it's about a fish...THIS IS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! It actually looks like a screen cap or something, too cool. Although...it's a movie about a fish....
celestialchild 2003/12/7 - 1:32:37
O_O This is amazing! I am in awe! Beautiful colors and shading!
maggie_sue 2003/12/7 - 2:11:39
Actually, I looked at the screencap and drew it. "I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine; he shall be my Squishy."
kaira 2003/12/7 - 2:52:24
Ahhhh!!! Kawaii!!! ^_^ I wanna touch the jellyfish too!!! lolz ^_^ great work you have here ^_^ it looks so real too... jelly fish... *stares at the pretty jelly fish* ^_^
kodocha 2003/12/7 - 9:53:3
WOOOOAHHH! That is crazy good!
hanna 2003/12/7 - 14:19:44
i shall call him Squishy
and he shall be mine
and he shall be my squishy!
kinako 2003/12/7 - 15:6:1
wow.. that is so cool! you did this so well, it looks like it's almost straight from the movie or something! great job! *o*
naty 2003/12/7 - 19:23:22
EGADSSSS!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS REMARKABLY STUNNING!!!!!!!! lol no pun intented. Oh i love Dori!!! You are very admirable! *admires* *saves*
look 2003/12/8 - 0:53:47
its so realistic! the color is pretty! and their expression is awesome!
blueflame0 2003/12/8 - 20:59:59
aweeeesome!! DORY!!! yay! Just keep swimming!
hitotsu 2003/12/8 - 23:3:48
*0* and don't you use a mouse?! *envies*
mitsu 2003/12/10 - 21:24:6
So cute and beautiful I could eat it! No really... but I won't because I suspect pixels taste rather bad. ;_;
Anywho, I adore the expression on Nemo's dad's face. Very nice sense of depth going on here, too, with the jellyfish in the background. They're just blurry enough to look real but out of focus. :o
twil 2003/12/14 - 15:40:47
Gods! Such a cool pic! DORY! ^_^ so kawaii!
sugarhigh 2003/12/16 - 22:21:50
AHHH!!! IT LOOKS SO.... REAL!!! wow!!! thats incredible!!! It looks like its right out of the movie!! **is amazed** AWESOME JOB!!!
gleeful1 2003/12/19 - 23:29:47
this tunred out more than okay..... this turned out BRILLIANTLY!!!!!! u captured the moment just perfectly - from their extreme expressions to the fading effect in the bg. *_*
blue_bubbles 2004/1/17 - 19:19:27
i love Finding Nemo!Also i have the movie.As well i love the pic it is mi fav 1 i have ever seen!!!
troubled_youth 2004/2/24 - 21:52:57
SQUISHY!!! ah.. yes, sorry for that. amazing, I am so jealous ;-;

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