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Today's Oekaki Highlight: A shout out to returning and faithful friends of TACo, who have graced us with some awesome drawings: senobdec, blacklight, solcress, p_b, umi-chan, ri-su, mogily, piffle, and congrats to Hall of Famer sabii!

The Theme Room's subject right now is: The Holidays. Because...aren't you happy they're coming up?


(moved) () Oekaki by mitsu, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 9

mitsu 2003/9/24 - 19:29:54
I'm sure I'll end up hating this in about an hour but...
I've always thought the default palette seemed rather ugly, but after seeing all the colors together, it looks kinda neat. X]
firetiger59 2003/9/24 - 19:53:31
Um... that's AMAZING! *passes out of a heart attack*

Regards. ^_^
sanjiyan 2003/9/24 - 20:9:35
You're right, the defauly palette really is ugly, tthat's why I never use it. Just a shame that the oekaki doesn't have a save settings option so I could save my own palette and brush settings.

However, you did a wonderful job here, I can't believe it, AWESOME.
purple-panther 2003/9/24 - 20:56:0
that's FREAKIN AWESUM!!! HOW DID U DO IT IN THAT AMOUNT OF TIME????? arrrrggg!!!! ur talent makes me look like i am nothing but a puny little no talent, amature artist (which i am)...*also passes out due to heart attack* Some one call an abulance or something! dont just leave us here!! lol
she's soooooooooooo pretty. how u did it, i shall never know. SOMEONE MOVE THIS TO THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!
cessy 2003/9/24 - 20:57:37
OMG,I love this sooo much! It looks as if it was done with just colored pencils! I <3 the colors! :O And wow! I love the eyes, and the smile! And I'm so very saving this! XB!
treespirit 2003/9/24 - 23:8:3
Mitsu, you are a genius! I would have never thought to use those ugly colors. You did such a good job with it,, and made it so beautiful. You are such an amazing artist. ^_^
mitsu 2003/9/24 - 23:12:53
Awww... *feels embarassed*
Buuut, I was thinking, I wonder if there's a way to get an animated Oekaki App on TACo? I really have no idea at all about implementing that kind of thing, but it would be really cool! Judging from comments on this pic and others, I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes seeing how others work. *crosses fingers*
Then again, I'm not sure I want to everyone to see the embarassingly bad prelim sketches I make. =p
mushynoodles 2003/9/24 - 23:22:30
beautiful beautiful colors!!!!!!!!
treespirit 2003/9/24 - 23:57:10
Yeah, I love being able to watch animations. I get embarrassed about people seeing mine, but I still choose that option, because it's just so neat to watch.
embo 2003/9/25 - 0:1:6
this is SUCH a beautiful pic, and i really agree with you on when you put all those colors together, they look so nice. GOD this is so the kind of picture i could imagine seeing on my calendar for the month of july. its such a happy lighthearted picture. wonderful job!!! :o)
sanjiyan 2003/9/25 - 0:15:14
Oekaki has gotten so advanced, you know. I think TACo should look into upgrading to some of the newer versions of oekaki.

Let us come back and work on the picture using a password. This allows collabs as well. Whiteboards allow group participation, and will also display how an artist draws, step by step.

But all that cool stuff is up to the staff of TACo. And frankly, who am I to complain. I'm not, really, just suggesting. :)
insomniel 2003/9/25 - 1:32:35
like people said, a work of art you could hang on your wall and people would be like, "whooaaa..." and you'd be like "whoaaaa... that's oekaki, dude." and they'd be like... "whoaaa..." yeah...
padalyn 2003/9/25 - 7:54:1
*cant take eyes off this* @_@
lorelai 2003/9/25 - 12:45:50
new applets is definitely in serious consideration :D :D
hitotsu 2003/9/25 - 15:23:34
WOW! *0* ~~~~!!!!! *is at a lost for words to describe its greatness*
coleslaw 2003/9/25 - 19:11:49
omfg! that's so cool! i've never thought of using those hideous colors besides when i was just starting (aka when i sucked and depended on those colors for all pictures) also, i love animation... i love using it, even though i'm a little shy about people seeing how i draw .. it's kinda nerve racking. also, i'd love to do a collab. w/ someone someday.. i'm not sure who, really, but that would be cool! i'd do one with anyone who asked :) i really hope we can get animation soon! that would be MONDO cool!! no lie!!

i can't get over how incredibly amazing this is, i could never ever ever ever draw anything like this, especially not make all those colors look as perfectly natural and believable as you did. it looks as though i could walk outside and see someone like her out on the street, that's how perfect the shading of the picture is. WOAH!
twil 2003/9/25 - 21:36:46
So pretty!!! that's just so cool and very colorfuly! Makes me think of Mermaids for some reason. I like the markings on er face, and definatly her eyes. ^_^
psychowithagun 2003/9/25 - 22:9:57
I'm really blown away by this one. It came out really great. I love everything about it.
gleeful1 2003/9/26 - 20:18:24
i can't believe that u managed to pull this off! using all those really nasty colors and blending them is SUCH a great idea. not only did u manage to draw something out of them, but u managed to make it very beautiful. u are just oozing w/ talent. ^.^

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