Welcome to Rydia TAC Oekaki (Rydia TACo)

Rydia TACo General Rules must be observed and respected AT ALL TIMES.

This is the page you should bookmark when linking to Rydia TACo! Please read them all before posting any oekaki drawings on the board - failure to abide by rules WILL get your oekaki drawing deleted, and may result in a ban from the board. Thanks to all the regular TACo members who have helped us enforce these rules! You guys rock!

Regarding Polished Room artwork: For your reference, here are six general examples of Polished Room caliber works. Again, it's not based entirely on skill. It's about refinedness and effort~!

If you don't take the time to read the rules, just remember: non-spam pictures posted with good intentions, please. We WILL NOT HESITATE to delete anything that violates this rule and ban repeat offenders, with or without warnings.

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