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Javashout is an MP3 shouter written in Java (as the name implies). It is similar in functionality to shout, iceplay, WinAmp, liveice, and so on.

» News 1-10-99
  Version 0.2.2 released: see what's new in the Changelog
» News 11-21-99
  Version 0.2.0 released, sources released, see what's new in the Changelog

» Features
 » Reads a conf file (which is hopefully fairly straightforward)
 » Straightforward playlist
 » Remote administration (for live playlist rehashing, etc)
 » Ability to connect a second source and switch between sources seamlessly  » Ability to dump XML info on the song currently playing with a history of the last few songs

» The latest version of Javashout is beta 2.2, released 2000.1.10. Changelog TODO

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