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Dormando's Oekaki, also known as Doekaki, is a replacement for the CGI programs that came with the original "poo" oekaki. It was difficult to install, configure, and style. Since first writing this software (around December 2000) there have been several other oekaki CGI programs and applets written. I continue to maintain this for fun, and plan on slowly adding more features. Enjoy :) - Dormando

DOekaki is packed with all the modern functions of oekaki (draw) bulletin board systems, with a few exceptions: a lot less bulk, much more optimized, and much simpler setup. You just need CGI enabled - no MySQL, no PHP! Some of DOekaki's features are demonstrated below.

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Default main page
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Admin-level Control Panel
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Moderation Mode
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Styled DOekaki example (See links below for more examples)
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  • Picture Escrow System: Users pick what they want to do with the picture *after* they draw it, not before. They pick what board to put it in, whether or not to save the animation, or whether to save it for later altogether.

  • Internal multiboard support: There is no need to make multiple installs of doekaki! Put it up once, and make new boards from the administrative interface. Real simple.

  • Ability to move pictures between boards: If a picture is missplaced (in the 20 minute doodle room instead of the 60 minute doodle room), simply MOVE it to the right place! Cuts the possibility of a user having their work outright deleted because the moderators feel it is out of place.

  • Simple interface and install: Set it up quick, no need for a MySQL database or uploading a hundred php files. Put up a few files, make a few directories, set the permissions and you're ready to go. The interfaces should only get cleaner, easier to use between releases. A design goal is to try to keep too much frivolous crap from creeping in.

  • As secure or as anonymous as you want it: Set the board to anonymous mode so that anyone can draw and post - or, set it to accounts mode and require that all users register an account, verify their email, or get membership approved from the administrators - or all three!

  • Customize moderator privileges: Six built-in privileges to customize each moderator/administrator's powers, plus the ability to make custom privileges - this opens up new possibilities such as View-Only Galleries, Moderator Picks, special membership boards, and Private Journal boards. Moderators will NEVER SEE the admin options that they don't have authorization to use in the control panel!

  • Easily Stylable: Know a little HTML or some CSS tricks? Then styling DOekaki to your own needs/taste will be a cinch with the template editors. Don't know enough to use the template system? Not to fear - DOekaki is already tastefully styled by default ;) Plus, downloads of different colored themes will be available on, accompanied by easy-to-follow upload instructions!

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