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 Acceptable Use Policy


Using or's services to send, perpetuate, or otherwise promote spam is strictly prohibited. Should we become aware of a customer facilitating the circulation of spam in any way (i.e. doing it directly or indirectly, if the is used without customer's permission and used for such purposes, or if the account is compromised due to a security hole in third-party, non-Rydia software/scripts running on the account, and subsequently used for purposes of spam and abuse), we may terminate the customer's account without warning, and the customer may be held legally responsible for any resulting damages to Using any other services to perpetuate spam while a customer of is also grounds for cancellation. To put it succintly: WE. HATE. SPAM.


We recognize that there a lot of potential adult material on artist websites. Our policy on adult-themed content is generally quite lax as long as the customer takes the appropriate measures of adult verification (we require at least a large warning page, and strongly recommend password protection), and does not include any illegal material (i.e. child pornography) on their site, whether they are hosted on's machines themselves or not. We reserve the right to make case-by-case investigations for special cases. We do not welcome pages that solely host adult content with no artistic endeavors.


There are many things one can use a account for which are not illegal or explicitly unallowed, but still qualified as misuse of your account. In general, a customer's Rydia account resources are meant for, and only for, the customer's material hosted on the account. strongly encourages, as part of its Artist Webhosting program, that you own copyright (or have permission from the copyright owner) over the content on your website. We do not allow illegal content or potentially harmful material in any shape or form in accounts.


Customers of cannot use their account space for anything that causes harm to the service or the other hosted members of the community. If you have any questions about this requirement, please contact us prior to making an account. Should any third-party CGI script, cron job, or any poorly-formed command initiated by a user's account affect Rydia's service to its other customers, we may opt to suspend the account until we investigate further and consult with the customer.


Using's resources to engage in illegal security-related activity, such as misuse of computer resources, piracy, forgery, hosting warez and serial numbers, stalking, harrassment, or any illegal/malicious behavior is strictly forbidden. Accounts found to be participating in any form of the above, even if it is not expressly named above, will be suspended immediately and investigated. We reserve the right to shut down, without prior warning, any account we investigate and deem to be involved in illegal activities, whatever the reason. Additionally, we reserve the right to involve legal or law enforcement.


Our privacy policy is very simple: We do not resell the information you provide us. Period. Your information will only be used to help us service your account and your needs. We also never share your data unless, in the event of a subpoena or search warrant, may voluntarily provide legal authorities with requested information. We may need to provide your information to third parties that process your domain (our registrar, WHOIS) or parties that process your payment transactions (Paypal). communicates with its customers almost exclusively by e-mail, and due to the unique community structure of our particular webhosting service, we may use your primary non-Rydia email to contact you about developments and major additions at We will not send out mass emails designed purely to advertise a new service or optional feature. We may offer opt-in mailings that request a reply; subscription to such mailings is completely voluntary.

If our privacy policy changes at any time, we will post about it or notify our customers via email.

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